Coming to love the archetypal father

A lot of my life has centred on first fighting, then coming to love the archetypal father. In a feminised society where boys are largely raised by women and masculinity mocked, repressed and despised, this is a hard journey. The world now embodies the supposedly...

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The first place terrorists win is in the body

Whatever the form, the purpose of terrorism is to produce a fight-flight state that perpetuates violence. Scared people hurt people, and hurt people hurt yet MORE people. This is the cycle of: violence-hindbrain dominance - more violence. This fight-flight reaction...

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We live in a badly self-regulated disconnected time

We live in a badly self-regulated disconnected time. Basically we're lonely toddlers in tantrum land. And yeah, me included many days. People buy shit they don't need and do shit that hurts them to fill a void that can only be filled by meaning and community. We are...

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A Sexy Embodiment Is More Important Than A Sexy Body

We all know someone who doesn't look like a magazine model, but is confident – and as a result, seriously sexy. Or we have a friend who's open, empathic – and drop-dead gorgeous because of it. Or maybe we know a leader who has presence, gravitas or charisma which...

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Coaching, Training and Trauma

By Mark Walsh This article is useful reading for any trainer or coach as it describes some of the signs and symptoms of trauma, and the effects it can have on learning. Trauma is incredibly common. For example, statistics show an 80% lifetime prevalence in the UK, and...

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Welcome to the new EFC blog

This will feature a mixture of written and video content from Mark Walsh and members of the EFC community.

To start with, here are some very recent videos showing EFC 2016 in action and examples of embodied coaching techniques:

Body listening coaching:

Contract coaching tool:

Relationship coaching:

4 Elements coaching:



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