The seduction of magic

The seduction of magic

Special skills (real and imagined) are very attractive. The promise of learning advanced sexual alchemy, shooting Reiki chi from your fingers like a benevolent Yoda, having the ninja death touch or the psychic skills to see what mere mortals cannot – and a host of...

Brighton – EYP for coaches

Event: October 26-28th 2018 Brighton – EYP for coaches October 26-28th 2018 Embodied Yoga Principles for Coaches A weekend training to acquire a simple and powerful set of body coaching tool – with Mark Walsh and Jude Murray an EYP teacher guests Embodied Yoga...
The new barons of trauma

The new barons of trauma

When I started learning about trauma, it was an unusual thing to be aware of in embodied communities. I’d come across the realities of it in when doing humanitarian work in various war zones, so had got interested in it personally. My main mentor, Paul Linden,...

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