The labour of love is finally available! Embodiment – Moving Beyond Mindfulness is out now on Amazon!

The book is a deep yet accessible overview of the field of embodiment. It’s also super personal and it feels somewhat vulnerable to be putting it out there, but I’m delighted in the final edit. Now obviously me and my mum love it, but it’s also been getting some good reviews. Like these:

“Embodiment is very much a cut-the-crap book, charged with poetry, iconoclasm, personal anecdote, and a passion for helping us all recognise the sacred aliveness of the body’s intelligence.” – Philip Shepherd, author of ‘Radical Wholeness’ and ‘New Self, New World’

“Mark has written a down-to-earth accessible classic that’s much needed in our often numb world. Let’s face it, sometimes he is a twt yes; but I’m an ex rock star and this book is marginally better than groupie sx, drugs and rock ‘n roll.” – Jamie Catto, film-maker (One Giant Leap), author, workshop leader, ex Faithless singer

  • This book offers you a no-nonsense toolkit, clearly explaining what the hell embodiment is and providing practical tips to help you to reconnect.
  • Illustrated with evocative poems and the author’s own story of war, love and loss; this book is a deeply personal overview of the emerging field.
  • It shows how yoga, meditation, dance and other embodied practices link together and offers a clear map to cut the hippie nonsense and makes sense of the complexity.

If you would like a peek first – your can get two free chapters and see some videos and memes from the book before purchasing then check out the book’s website.

One Day Special Deal

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Hope you enjoy the book. Buy it HERE.


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