Coaching Demos

Embodied work is highly experiential, so it’s often easier to show it than talk about it. With that in mind, we’ve filmed some new high quality clips of real embodied coaching work. These show how a wide range of issues can be addressed powerfully in a short period of time.

Please note that although we’ve focused on one-to-one (or couples) coaching here, the embodied approach can also be applied to existing embodied practices (e.g. yoga, tango, aikido) and to corporate group work.

Thanks to all those who volunteered to be in these videos.

Mark’s introduction

Session 1 (Julia and Alyona – being seen)

Session 2 (Daria – balance and grounding)

Session 3 (Lucia – embodied coaching tips)

Session 4 (Lucia – attraction coaching)

Session 5 (Roman – sustained action)

Session 6 (Inna – safety and trust)

Session 7 (Inna – devaluing)

Session 8 (Roman – beauty coaching)

Session 9 (Anton – raising the price)

Session 10 (Losing weight)

Session 11 (Pleasure centring)

Session 12 (Anton – bringing joy into life)

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