For a while now people have questioned (fair enough) and mocked the fact that we deliver embodiment training online – on webinars, courses like FEC, and of course at the conference. Now, there’s pros and cons vs face to face, which of course I still appreciate…but maybe the pros of online aren’t so obvious…so here’s 5. It’s:

1. Stickier. With online courses you can spread out learning far easier to “drip feed” content so that it really lands. People need time to assimilate, and this doesn’t happen on intensives. Online is a much better way to integrate learning into people’s real lives as they’re much closer to their actual life as well.

2. Safer. At home, where nobody can touch you, and you can just turn your camera off, or evening pat your dog/partner, people feel much safer than in a room full of strangers. We have found that people can go very deep into online embodied work in the comfort and contained space of their own homes. Participants not having to travel and get stressed form this, makes a difference to the depth of a training too.

3. More accessible. As making embodied work accessible is literally my life’s work, a way of doing that that’s scaleable and doesn’t have venue costs (crazy in many cities) is a huge gift. Embodied work can be cheaper quite simply. The snobs who mock online learning are not aware perhaps of how many people can’t afford a face-to-face training, or get to it for other reasons (child care, disability, etc).

4. Greener. People don’t have to fly to courses.

5. Less huggy. Seriously, get off me hippies 😉 OK..I like some hugs. But not as many as I get on workshops if I’m not careful 🙂


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