The hard truth is that we’re likely heading for a shutdown that could last months, with many people isolating and not going to their regular classes. Many small businesses and sole-traders can not afford this, so if you still want those people around on the other side of the crisis, here’s how to thank them for keeping your immune system in shape up until now:

– If you pay monthly membership keep paying it even if you don’t go
– If you pay weekly for a class message the teacher for their PayPal and set a weekly reminder on your phone to send them the cash
– Consider paying for a virtual 1-1 class with the teacher for them to keep you healthy while you stay home
– Seeing if body workers/ therapists offer gift certificates can help their short term cash flow and they’ll be there when things return to normal.
– If you’ve had a workshop cancelled tell the organiser to get in touch with me so I can help them make money as an affiliate of my online trainings. This is a genuine win-win
– If your teacher doesn’t know how to work virtually yet send them to this free event (500+ people signed up already):


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