Bring the body into your work for powerful, deep and faster results

Transform yourself and become part of an incredible, growing, international community in the process.

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United States

Do you train, teach or coach others?

Great, then you probably know that the body matters.

As embodiment specialists, we can help you work pragmatically with the body, including in corporate and other ‘mainstream’ environments.

On this course, you deepen your own embodied wisdom and learn how to guide others on that journey. You’ll also connect to a supportive, diverse community of change-makers, community-builders and arse-kickers.

For us, this work is also about making the world a better place. A big reason things are screwed up is that people are disconnected from their bodies, which means they’re disconnected from themselves, others and the planet. Embodiment is vital for reconnection.

What can embodiment do for you?

Practical tools for coaching and working with groups


The ability to work in different settings, including mainstream ones

Principles that work across different cultures and belief systems – no gurus!

Creative freedom – you can express this learning in your own unique way

Personal transformation, including a deeper connection to yourself and others

A diverse, global learning community

The knowledge to work safely with the body

Career possibilities – enhance your existing work or move in a new direction

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