Dance teacher and bodyworker Erik joins me to talk ice hockey, Gabrielle Roth, the history of 5Rythms, Heller Work, how experience shapes us, injuries, what bodywork teaches us, children, puberty, Gay and Katie Hendricks, chairs, and working in school. A good conversation with an elder.

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Instagram:  @erikmiversen



About Erik

ErikIversen is a founding member of the 5Rhythms worldwide community.

He co-produced and was in the first training with Gabrielle Roth in 1981 and became

one of her first workshop producers out of Montreal in the 1980’s. Over the next 40

years, he taught the 5Rhythms as well as maintaining a one-one-one bodywork

practice; over time he integrated the wisdom he gained from hands-on work with the

insight from guiding thousands of dancers on the dancefloor. In 2016, he graduated

from of the 2-year Leadership and Transformation training at the Hendricks institute,

and is now a certified coach.  In 2017, Erik co-founded Kite Parade Co

( and in 2020, he designed the Somatomy™ series, a 3-Module

training that guides participants through an in-depth, experiential understanding of their

anatomy and offers powerful tools for creating deep presence and flow through

movement and conscious embodiment. 




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