The Embodiment Podcast

39. Giving yoga a somatic upgrade – with Beverley Nolan

Movement therapist and yoga teacher Beverley Nolan joins Mark to discuss why the body matters for therapy, Body-Mind Centring, Authentic Movement, embodied anatomy and feeling into various organ systems, embryology, what a somatic yoga looks like, trauma and trauma sensitive yoga (and if this can be taken too far), invitational language, culture, shallow vs. deep commitment, and more.

38. Deconstructing Yoga – with Trina Altman

Yoga and pilates teacher Trina joins Mark to give yoga a?stretch. She describes her journey from the corporate world, yoga in the USA (she’s LA based), a multidisciplinary approach, what’s missing from yoga, proprioception vs. interoception, exploration and play, “serious” yoga, scepticism, being a  customer, injuries, the east-west collision,, pilates vs. yoga, being a “somanaught”, healing vs. education, “classical” yoga teachers who just made shit up and Yoga Narcissistic Personality Disorder.



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