The Embodiment Podcast

14. Acting, improv and touch with Rachel Blackman 

Rachel brings us the skills – the actor explains what improv is and why we could all benefit from it, we talk expanding your range and describes a play she did about terrorism and reconciliation. We discuss not knowing, touch, boundaries, massage, bodywork and The Embodied Facilitator Course. A fun one.

13. Getting yoga off the mat

A masterclass in making yoga more meaningful and getting it (or any other art) off the mat and into life. Some in-depth theory and very practical tools any embodiment teacher can use. The Embodied Yoga Principles method is presented, along with work on enriching asana ethics, community, learning theory and more. 

? An overview of the principles that underly effective learning transfer from the yoga mat to the rest of life.

? The practical “how” of making asana a much deeper and more useful practice. The nuts and bolts of an innovative, “western yet deep” approach to yoga.

? Pragmatic techniques for enhancing how much your personal practice impacts what you care about.

? Dozens of life-integration exercises you won’t find elsewhere.

? Simple teaching tools so you can help students enrich their yoga.

10: Soma, drugs and getting old – a somatic history with Don Hanlon Johnson

Somatic granddaddy Don Hanlon Johnson gives us a history lesson from the early days of embodiment in the USA at Esalen and the swinging 60’s, to modern politics and environmental concerns and the future of the field. We talk about diversity, East-West collisions, culture, LSD, education, ageing and more. He also presents a couple of lovely experiential exercises. A vibrant conversation.




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