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Conversational explorations of all things embodied – yoga, trauma, martial arts, body therapy, dance, improv, tantra, bodywork, culture etc; featuring interviews with leaders from around the world, practical tips, adult language and immature humour.

with Mark Walsh

Founder of The Embodied Facilitator CourseEmbodied Yoga Principles, Integration Training and The Embodiment Podcast

227. Open Floor – with Lori Saltzman and Kathy Altman

Two of the founders of Open Floor join me to discuss the interpretive imperative, the West's rediscovery of free dance, open sourcing and the Creative Commons, the "university" model, sociocracy, connection as the key purpose of Open Floor, boundaries, dance-floor as...

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226. Movement and technology – With Wil Brown

Founder of the London Movement group Will joins me chat growing up on a building site, competitive sports, movement culture, social media, being "monk-like", downgrading technology, Jordan Peterson, comparisons, Parkour, fear, "what-why-how", philosophy, agism and The...

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225. The Neuroscience of Embodiment – With Amanda Blake

Embodiment coach and neuroscience teacher Amanda joins me to discuss body-oriented coaching, how to talk about embodiment, gaining "minimal trust", neurobunk, Amy Cuddy, trusting research, Wendy Palmer, empathy, embodied self-awareness, interception and...

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224. Health and Trauma – With Kathy L. Kain

Trauma educator Kathy joins me to discuss ortho-bionomy, psychosomatic symptoms, alternative vocabulary to "trauma", skin and trauma, digestive issues and poop, the split in the medical system, the basic narrative of trauma, Peter Levine, "triggering", bodywork,...

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223. Embodied Flow – With Tara Judelle

Yoga teacher Tara joins me to discuss mind vs brain, Anusara Yoga, John Friend, BodyMind Centring, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Tantra, kashmir shaivism, sensing vs feeling, Embodied Flow, why be embodied, "humaning", the business of yoga, yoga photography and Instagram,...

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2020 News and special offer

End of year wrap up, news for next year, and a special offer for the yogis. [iframe style="border:none"...

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222. Yoga Teaching – With Adam Husler

London-based yoga teacher Adam joins me to discuss yoga teaching, Jason Crandall, Michael Stone, the shadows of yoga, teaching vs practice, the economics of yoga, boxing, white collar boxing, confronting reality, entitlement, Instagram and image, social media, gender...

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221. The Axis Syllabus – With Frey Faust

Primary consolidator of the Axis Syllabus creator Frey joins me to discuss classical dance, the "currencies" of the body, injuries, anatomy and research, cat porn, human movement fundamentals, anatomical grammar, copyright and teaching, scientific axioms, learning and...

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220. Bodywork, trauma & feelings – with Steve Haines

Bodyworker and TRE teacher Steve joins me to talk yoga, variety, shiatsu, Craniosacral work, paradigms of bodywork, "energy" and mysticism, "safety", Stephen Porges and the Vagus Nerve, the freeze response, dissociation, discernment, where TRE comes from, how to make...

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219. Tracker Cop – with Conny Andersson

Tracking expert Conny joins me from Sweden to talk about his work. He describes his first job as a policeman, organised crime, the basics of tracking, philosophy, wide vision, meditation, hide and seek, curiosity, the secrets of being invisible, attraction,...

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Book out today + Stupidly special offer

Special podcast as my book - Embodiment - Moving beyond mindfulness is out today! Includes stupidly special offer for my shop page. [iframe...

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218. Non-dual Embodiment – With Judith Blackstone

Founder of The Realization Process, Judith joins me to discuss non-duality, the "ground of being", living within the body, the role of embodiment in awakening, embodiment vs mindfulness, the "rainbow body", working with centres and the central channel, identify...

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217. Fascia – With David Lesondak

  Fascia expert David joins me to discuss what exactly the fuzzy stuff is and why it matters. We chat anatomy, Tom Myers, the blessing and curse of fascial adaptation, how to avoid injuries, why people are obsessed with it, how working with fascia changes you,...

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216. Body-Mind Centring – With Katy Dymoke

Dance movement therapist and Body-Mind Centring teacher Katy joins me to discuss experiential anatomy, body systems, states of consciousness, the medical system, the learning approach of BMC, we do an exercise about accessing the stomach, visually impaired work,...

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215. Theatrical Poo Wizardry – With Atlas Talisman

Game designer and theatre director Atlas joins us to talk martial arts, what makes New Zealand special, Maori warrior culture, Open World Theatre, rewilding, "no training", personas and identity, immersive games and designing your own martial art. A lively, fun but...

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Body electric, embodiment poem – with Mark Walsh

A poem that combine many of the most famous quotes on the body from around the world - an extract form the upcoming book Embodiment - Moving Beyond Mindfulness [iframe style="border:none"...

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214. Ethical marketing – with Tad Hargrave

Conscious marketing leader Tad joins me to discus pricing, "collapse vs posturing", what a market is, why so many people have an issue with marketing, sales rip offs, unethical "arousing", networking, good will, sustainable sales, finding clients who are a good fit...

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213. Embodied Teens – With Susan Bauer

Author of The Embodied Teen Susan joins me to talk experiential anatomy, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and BMC, Janet Adler, Mary Whitehouse and authentic movement, Bali, how she started working with teens, adaptions to this and other groups, misperceptions of the body,...

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212. Biodanza, needs and giraffes – with Tracy Seed

Coach and trainer Tracy Seed joins me to discuss sober raves, therapy, grief, NonViolent Communication, requests, observations vs. judgements, the power of empathy, biodanza, giraffes vs. jackals, biocentric movement, generative postures, NLP and modelling,...

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Book extracts – with Mark Walsh

This a special podcast where I read extracts from my upcoming book Embodiment - Moving beyond mindfulness. Enjoy! [iframe style="border:none"...

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