Bring the body into your work for powerful, deep and faster results.

Transform yourself and become part of an incredible, growing, international community in the process.

Do you train, teach or coach others?

Great, then you probably know that the body matters. 

As embodiment specialists, we can help you work pragmatically with the body, including in corporate and other ‘mainstream’ environments. 

On this course, you deepen your own embodied wisdom and learn how to guide others on that journey. You’ll also connect to a supportive, diverse community of change-makers, community-builders and arse-kickers. 

For us, this work is also about making the world a better place. A big reason things are screwed up is that people are disconnected from their bodies, which means they’re disconnected from themselves, others and the planet. Embodiment is vital for reconnection.

“Embodiment is my obsession, my life’s work and my chosen field for helping to unfuck the planet, whilst enjoying the kick-arse circus of being human all the more. EFC has been built over the last five years from the sweat and tears of wonderful people. It’s well structured, well organised, tried and tested, and it really does the job. EFC has grown beyond my own flaws into something special and I love being a fire-starter in that.”

Mark Walsh, EFC founder and co-lead trainer

What is being embodied? Mark Walsh interview

What is the Embodied Facilitator Course?

EFC is a personal growth and professional skills training course. It’s been running for seven successful years. 

EFC lasts for seven months and is deep, intense and a lot of fun. It requires a serious commitment, which includes attending three in-person intensive modules (in the UK or other European locations) and three online modules, plus completing homework.

We work with posture, breathing, movement, and patterns of attention and intention. There’s a balance between exploring your own embodiment for deep insight into your patterns, and practical tools you can use with others.

Embodied work comes from different roots, including martial arts, body therapy, dance, mindfulness, spirituality, therapy and the arts. Our team come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Alongside embodiment leaders Mark Walsh and Alexandra Vilvoskaya, we’ve handpicked some top international guest trainers. Our facilitators have over 100,000 hours of experience between them. We’re confident EFC will put you at the forefront of this field.

Who is EFC for?


Coaches (personal and business)



Movement specialists (e.g. yoga, Feldenkrais, martial arts)


Body workers (e.g. rolfers, massage therapists)



Meditation and mindfulness specialists



Business specialists (e.g. managers, trainers, HR)



Therapists, psychologists and counsellors



Performers (e.g. dance, theatre, improv)



Activists and change leaders


EFC equips trainers and coaches with practical tools to work with the body; and enables body/movement specialists to broaden their perspective and move into other areas, such as business and organisational training. It also suits those who have experience in both business and body-related fields and are looking for a way to bring it all together.

What will I get from EFC?


Practical tools for coaching and working with groups



Principles that work across different cultures and belief systems – no gurus!



Personal transformation, including a deeper connection to yourself and others



The knowledge to work safely with the body



The ability to work in different settings, including mainstream ones



Creative freedom – you can express this learning in your own unique way



A diverse, global learning community



Career possibilities – enhance your existing work or move in a new direction


Course Features


Breadth – uniquely, we bring together the world’s best embodied approaches



Practice is the core – you won’t just learn theories



It’s intense – we give it our all and expect the same from you



Fun – we take the work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously



A carefully planned structure – we take you right through to working with others



It’s challenging – expect to get out of your comfort zone



It’s supportive – we have a high ratio of staff to students



Learning that sticks – we use modern behavioural change techniques


And of course, it’s not just about what you get. It’s about what you give. Contribution underpins all we do.

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Nice things people have said about EFC:

“Mark’s talent is in breadth of vision unmatched by anybody else I know. He can provide a learning experience which draws on many experts and many forms of embodiment understanding and skill, then integrates it all so that it forms a more whole process of change and growth.”

Paul Linden | Trauma Educator, Embodiment and Aikido Teacher | Ohio, USA

“As a coach, it’s brought a whole new dimension into my work, so that I feel I’m coaching from wholeness and coaching my clients’ wholeness in a full and direct way. That’s incredibly helpful for them; it helps them realise what’s going on. It helps me realise what’s going on. And that can lead to much better results, much quicker.”

Fiona Buckland | Coach, facilitator and writer | London, UK

“I got a powerful method and tools that I integrated into my coaching and group facilitating. I feel that my coaching is more precise and effective. The process is so powerful that clients achieve their goals in a shorter time and fewer sessions. The changes last, so there is no regression. As a person, I learned how to control my automatic responses. I become a more open and receiving human being.”

Avi Peled | Coach and group facilitator | Israel

“Mark has supported me to develop the more confident fiery aspect of my character, which is helpful in my web design business and my work as a yoga teacher.”

Ady Griffiths | Yoga teacher and web designer | Brighton, UK

“An incredible, deep study into how the way we move affects the way we feel and think. It’s been really valuable, both personally and professionally. If they taught this kind of thing in schools I believe we’d have a happier and more peaceful planet. But they don’t. So we need more peeps to learn and share it. It’s opened me up to a new level of understanding humanity, why we are how we are and what the hell we can do about it.”

Liz Peters | Actress and improviser | Brighton, UK

“EFC has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. It has impacted everything, most notably my parenting.  Learning how to look at habits and patterns, and how they show up in life is a powerful gift.  The course teaches you how to facilitate that awareness in others.   In the corporate environment, teaching self-regulation helps people to be calmer and more effective. My passion is helping people have a positive impact out of the office too – in their homes and communities.”

Steve Savides | Sales director and embodied facilitator | Surrey, UK

“Not just career enhancing but life enhancing.” 

Glen Bracey | Facilitator and coach | Valencia, Spain

“If you’re looking for training that will challenge and provoke you to learn about yourself in profound and surprising ways, then I highly recommend Mark as a trainer. He is funny, provocative, committed and cheeky. Above all, though, he really knows his stuff, and he lives and walks his talk.”

Aboodi Shabi | Executive coach and facilitator, Newfield coach trainer | London, UK

“I’ve designed and run training programmes for many years and one of the things I’m most impressed with about EFC is how well it’s designed. Every component fits together. The process and the flow have been carefully considered. I can see all participants really benefitting from this.”

Sally Kleyn | Group facilitator and coach | London, UK

“For me as a human-being, EFC was about awakening for life via re-owning my body and mind, with a great bonus for a life and business coach: being introduced to a variety of practical embodiment principles and great people from all over the globe.”

Yana Ray | Coach | Moscow

“EFC has exceeded my expectations. I wish I’d done this course fifteen, twenty or even thirty years ago. It’s what I needed then, but it’s absolutely what I need now. It’s been life changing. I’m really into the embodied practice I’ve taken up and I think it’s going to be opening up new ways of earning a living. It’s certainly opened up new ways of being.”

Stuart Harris | Principle consultant and coach | Wiltshire, UK

“Some of the best things I have got from EFC are a really supportive community and professional network. It broadened my awareness of the wide range of career paths possible and because of this, helped me to choose my own. I am now studying Occupational Psychology at Masters level with a view to working in this field, and I would most likely never have done so without my experiences in EFC. I have also gained skills and confidence when it comes to working with, often coaching, groups and individuals.”

Arabella Smirnova-Beroskin | Occupational Psychology MSc student | London, UK

“EFC helped me to develop greater body awareness in myself and my coachees. Working in a corporate environment, there’s often fear in acknowledging and exploring connection between our brains and our bodies (as if they were separate).  EFC gave me increased confidence and ability to weave the somatic or body element into my coaching and leadership development work.  I’ve found that even when I work with clients on basic centering and breathing exercises, it completely shifts the nature of the conversation, opening up new possibilities for exploration and ultimately, results.”

Joeseph Crownover | Learning Advisor, Environment & Behavioural Safety | Texas, USA

“The course combines the very best of embodiment and facilitation skills to build powerful and practical applications, with the bonus of a lot of fun, support and mutual learning.”

Antony Parry | Coach and CTI coach trainer | Chichester, UK

“My participation enhanced my ability to talk about embodiment work, helped me gain confidence bringing this work to new audiences, and provided a very rich peer group experience that resulted in professional friendships.” 

Charlie Birch | Professional dancer | Boulder, USA

“Not the type of course that comes in a folder to collect dust on your desk. I found the content real, accessible, and I was able to put it to practical use immediately.”

Kathryn Knock | Coach, Norfolk | UK

“I already had various skills, but EFC has helped to pull them together into a more useable, effective package, which I am now taking into the world.”

Kate Bee | Yoga teacher | Glastonbury, UK

“I got enhanced understanding of relationship dynamics – crucial for blending emotional intelligence with decisive, well-informed action. Or to paraphrase – I’m just as sensitive but more effective, in most areas of my life.”

Anna Price | BBC editor and mindfulness teacher | London, UK

“Mark is annoying. Good annoying.”

Isabelle | Aged 10 | Daughter of student

“Work with Mark because he’s crazy. And fun. And holds me upside down and lets me walk on him. And loves me.”

Jessica | Aged 5 and-a-half | Mark’s niece


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