Stuart Heller

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Coach, Trainer, Author and Martial Arts Teacher

Stuart Heller is the author of Retooling on the Run: Real Change for Leaders with No Time, and founder of Walking Your Talk, a global consulting and training company.

Stuart’s specialty is working with presence, power, conflict, and influence. With more than 40 years of serious study in Western systems science and the Asian classics, he is at the cutting edge of multiple disciplines: martial arts, education, meditation, scientific systems thinking, computer programming, somatology, Chinese medicine, and psychology. From these intensive studies, Stuart has developed highly effective tools, methods and metrics for achieving high-level success.

As a consultant for executives and teams, Stuart has worked with companies across the globe, including McDonald’s, NutraSweet, The Los Angeles Police Academy, First National Bank of Chicago, Harvard Community Health Plan, Cobra Golf, CROC, The Rybakov Fund, Apple Computer, Verizon, Myers Industries, Mondelez International, and NASA.

Stuart has a BA in Mathematics, MS in Operations Research, and PhD in Psychology and Health Systems Science. He is the author of The Dance of Becoming: Living Life as a Martial Art, and “An I Ching of the Body,” for Who Am I? Psychology Types for Self-Discovery (Robert Frager, editor). Stuart has two sixth degree and a seventh degree black belt.

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