A weekend-long event sponsored by
The Embodiment Conference

Saturday 12 + Sunday 13 September on the new Embodiment Conference portal.

Embodiment experts from around the world will be leading both theoretical and practical sessions to reconnect and care for ourselves during these challenging times.

This day-long event starts at 09.30 BST on Saturday 12 September 2020  (please go here to convert to your local time). You can see the schedule here.

EMBODIED SELF-CARE: Beyond bubble-baths and affirmations

The hero’s journey of the modern age is prioritising feeling, learning and self-care over escapism, numbing and addiction. Nobody “has time” for meditation, nature or yoga. The heroic make time; they prioritise and sacrifice.

Love is the answer, not in a hippie way, but as a practical, embodied tool, using awareness, posture and breathing. We need to look after ourselves before we can help others. We know the basic shit of diet, exercise and sleep, but it’s self-care and self-love that are often under-developed in those trying to change the world.

With more self-care, you will:


Connect more deeply with others and that which is greater than you


Enjoy your life more


Stay healthy, compassionate and effective


Learn a kinder, gentler way of treating yourself


Heal yourself, your traumas and your shadow


Be grateful for what you have and change what you can


Reconnect to your internal ethical compass


Identify the subtle forms of disembodied self-abuse in your work, diet, exercise and relationships

So come home to your body in this time of crisis and treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. This takes practice in our disembodied culture. But it’s our bodies that are the most direct way to change our lives, and it’s here we must start. Join us as we embody self-care.

You can also access the following free gifts and resources from The Embodiment Conference which you will be registered for automatically by registering for this one-day event.

Centring: Why Mindfulness alone isn't enough – Mark Walsh
Reach Out: Body awareness training for peacemaking – Paul Linden
Working with normal people: A guide for hippies – Mark Walsh
Embodied Wisdom: Top Tips from The Embodiment Conference 2018
Making Yoga meaningful: Taking yoga off the mat – Mark Walsh

Presentations from The Embodiment Conference 2018:
Trauma and quick Embodiment wins – Betsy Polatin
Anatomy Trains – Tom Myers
Embodiment in Tantrik Yoga – Christopher Wallis

Community call: 
Creative Courage – Brooke McNamara, Rachel Blackman and Dave Rock

Schedule (All times BST)

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Saturday 12 September

09.00-10.00: ...

Sessions will be recorded, with replays freely available until Monday night (October 5)



Daniela Welzel

Manager of The Embodiment Conference and Leadership Team

Manal Aldabbagh

PR manager and Leadership Team

Steve New

Events manager and embodiment teacher

Schedule (All times BST)

Click to visit a time conversion website and see the event details in your timezone

Saturday 12 September

09.00-10.00: ...

Sessions will be recorded, with replays freely available until Monday night (October 5)

This online event is sponsored by The Embodiment Conference.

An online conference and more than that, a kickstart to a global movement.

Embodiment is about making friends with your body, and feeling at home in your skin. The conference will give you free access to the top teachers in the field, offer a community of support, and be a huge global party to be remembered.

Embodiment is an antidote to the violence, disconnection and overwhelm caused by numbing, and a return to our shared humanity. For this reason, ​our goal is to make the 20’s the embodiment decade​,​ and help humanity thrive. The Embodiment Conference is a university, a fiesta and a catalyst. In a cynical age this is a bold vision, yes, but if not now when?

TEC will again be a uniquely rich opportunity for diverse learning, and will not only help you to come home to the anchor of your body in a chaotic world: to energise and inspire you personally, but also to connect with others for whom the body matters too. TEC will use global online community, to create local communities and real-world action.

Participants have an opportunity not just to get a bunch of information, but to clarify and digest that into wisdom. Through this event you can:

• Learn from the leaders and innovators in the field

• Gain deep personal insights (we will provide a platform to help with this)

• Deepen and reboot your own practice

• Easily learn about many new areas

• Build real relationships and gain a community of support that will continue long
after the event (online and in-person).

• Have a really good time doing all this 🙂

Making embodied wisdom available to everyone, everywhere, free of charge.

The Embodiment Conference 2020

The conference is back…bigger but easier

TEC2020 has 1000 presenters, ordered into 10 channels, and we have a clever system so you can easily find what you’ll most love.

Yes 1000! We expect 100,000+ people to attend and this may actually be the largest educational event in human history. Given the huge amount on offer and that most of us are busy people, some have asked us already how we suggest accessing the feast! Here are some options:

• Just watch the “main stage” channel where 3 of the best known presenters will be daily.

• Book some time off and treat it like a face-to-face conference! We’ll be releasing the schedule weeks in advance so you can plan if you like to be organised.

• Let us pick two talks a day for you, just tell us your main area of interest and time zone and we’ll send you a “best of” recommendations

• Dip in and out randomly simply by clicking the various channels (like having the best TV ever for 12 days)

• See what’s “hot” on the Facebook group

• Buy the recordings and never need Netflix again!

The conference is totally FREE – (only recordings cost money to cover our expenses)

After subscribing you will receive a welcome email and monthly newsletters. For more info see our privacy policy.

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