Resources: how to do online classes and workshops

Resources: how to do online classes and workshops

This page gathers together a set of free resources on shifting your movement work (yoga, martial arts, dance) or coaching/facilitation online. It was produced by members of The Embodiment Conference community who are some of the most experienced at doing this kind of work virtually. We hope it helps you during this challenging time.

– Mark Walsh, The Embodiment Conference Director

Recording of workshop 1 Thursday 19th March 

Recording of workshop 2 Saturday 21 March

Recording of workshop 3 Wednesday  April 1

Videos : Top tips on using Zoom by Daniela Welzel

These videos are a guide for teaching the basics of using Zoom for online teaching.

Zoom Settings

Zoom Basics Part 1

How to set up Breakout Rooms in Zoom

How to start a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting Basics Part 2

How to share my screen and music on Zoom

Common questions around Zoom

5 Top Tips when you start teaching on Zoom

How to teach yoga online with zoom by Pamela Crane

How to teach yoga online with zoom

Conquer Your Fears of Being on Camera

Confidence and Connection on Camera

Short videos by teachers who have moved to online teaching

Moving to teach online
by Rachel Blackman

One to one support for offering work online during COVID – 19

Transitioning from live, to online content.
Getting comfortable with a camera.
Making the most of your presence.
Your life as content. Camera etiquette.
Supporting yourself to be seen well.
Supporting yourself to be heard well.
Daring to ask powerful, relevant questions.
Letting them have an experience.
Trusting silence.
Bringing humanness to being professional.
Structuring sessions.
Giving your audience a valuable experience.
Payment, pricing and packaging ideas.
Reaching audiences.
£25 for 30mins / £50 per hr

Valerie Hartwich


Leadership and business advice

A community call with the Embodied Facilitator Course

Moving communities online

The transition of community and touch to the online world

Document by Jeppe Skovgaard

Website payment systems

How to use SquareSpace and Stripe for online classes 
PDF by Jamie Abrams

Payments online
Facebook Live, Paypal, WordPress forms, Event Booking systems

PDF of presentation with links

(+ enquiry form if you need website assistance)

by Vidyadasa
(web designer for Embodiment Conference 2018)

Set up a paypal business account + add paypal me link

Set up a paypal business account + add paypal me link

This online event was  sponsored by The Embodiment Conference.

An online conference and more than that…
a kickstart to a global movement.

Embodiment is about making friends with your body, and feeling at home in your skin. The conference will give you free access to the top teachers in the field, offer a community of support, and be a huge global party to be remembered.

Embodiment is an antidote to the violence, disconnection and overwhelm caused by numbing, and a return to our shared humanity. For this reason, ​our goal is to make the 20’s the embodiment decade​,​ and help humanity thrive. The Embodiment Conference is a university, a fiesta and a catalyst. In a cynical age this is a bold vision, yes, but if not now when?

TEC will again be a uniquely rich opportunity for diverse learning, and will not only help you to come home to the anchor of your body in a chaotic world: to energise and inspire you personally, but also to connect with others for whom the body matters too. TEC will use global online community, to create local communities and real-world action.

Participants have an opportunity not just to get a bunch of information, but to clarify and digest that into wisdom. Through this event you can:

  • Learn from the leaders and innovators in the field
  • Gain deep personal insights (we will provide a platform to help with this)
  • Deepen and reboot your own practice
  • Easily learn about many new areas
  • Build real relationships and gain a community of support that will continue long
    after the event (online and in-person).
  • Have a really good time doing all this 🙂

Making embodied wisdom available to everyone, everywhere, free of charge.

The conference is back…bigger but easier

TEC2020 has 1000 presenters, ordered into 10 channels, and we have a clever system so you can easily find what you’ll most love.

Yes 1000! We expect 100,000+ people to attend and this may actually be the largest educational event in human history. Given the huge amount on offer and that most of us are busy people, some have asked us already how we suggest accessing the feast! Here are some options:

  • Just watch the “main stage” channel where 3 of the best known presenters will be daily.
  • Book some time off and treat it like a face-to-face conference! We’ll be releasing the schedule weeks in advance so you can plan if you like to be organised.
  • Let us pick two talks a day for you, just tell us your main area of interest and time zone and we’ll send you a “best of” recommendations
  • Dip in and out randomly simply by clicking the various channels (like having the best TV ever for 12 days)
  • See what’s “hot” on the Facebook group
  • Buy the recordings and never need Netflix again!

The conference is totally FREE (only recordings cost money to cover our expenses).

After subscribing you will receive a welcome email and monthly newsletters. For more info see our privacy policy.

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