more than mindfulness…

A practical online event
to deepen your practice and enrich your most fundamental relationship.

10–16 October

16 experienced teachers

+25 hours of live learning

Who this course is for

Experienced and intermediate practitioners that would like to deepen the bodily aspects of meditation.

Meditators immersed in one style that would like to broaden their perspective on the body.

Movement practitioners e.g yoga or dance teachers who would like to better connect sitting meditation to their work

There is a track for complete beginners to meditation should you be new to this work.

– A range of traditions and styles

We will be emphasizing the body-mind relationship using different methods, from stillness to movement – sitting, standing and moving meditations including walking, 5 Rhythms Dance, Yoga & Embodied Yoga Principles.

– Traditional practices and modern methods

Including mindfulness of body and breathing, body scans, loving-kindness, compassion, insight, centring, and conscious communication practices.

– Making links to daily life

Looking at how we take the practices off the meditation cushion and into life – how we think, and talk to ourself, and interact with people.

Explore different aspects, approaches and methods of meditation, in an accessible, embodied way.

 Practices you can learn on the event:



of body, breathing, sensations, thoughts and feelings

Body Scan

sense your whole body through systematic body awareness

Loving Kindness

for self, friends, family, strangers, difficult people, animals and the world


for yourself, other people and suffering beings


into the nature of reality


in relationship to life’s ups and downs

Non Duality

explore duality and non duality

Meditation and Intimacy

Beyond mindful sex, for embodiment and pleasure

Mindfulness to live well with pain & illness

learn to live with discomfort and pain

Meditation to overcome addictions

explore supportive methods

Movement meditation

simple movements to integrate into your day

Walking meditation

walking with mindfulness

Meditation used in Coaching

how to work with clients as a coach


methods to apply in everyday situations

Yoga as meditation

combine meditation and Embodied Yoga Principles

Meditation & Embodied Yoga for parents

practices to support parenting skills

5 Rhythms dance as meditation

dance as meditative process

Meditation and Focusing

an embodied self inquiry

A personal invitation from event host: Vidyadasa (Ady Griffiths).

Its a pleasure to invite you to participate in this event to explore meditation.

I consider meditation to be an essential practice for everyday living, at the heart of many transformative embodiment practices.

It will be an excellent opportunity to learn and practice methods with skilled practitioners with their various backgrounds and specialisms, you may be familiar with some teachers, and there may be some that are new to you, each will add their own value in giving a broad and deep overview of embodied meditation practices and their relevance to living an authentic, honest and engaged life.

I’m glad that online technology now makes it easier for people to connect with practices, and other people trying to find a way through modern life’s challenges… when I first began practicing meditation (before the internet existed!) it wasn’t easy to find the teachers or resources necessary to set up a regular practice, and I had to travel many miles to get to classes, courses and retreats, to connect with community, and create friendships with people who share the practices. Now, thanks to the internet you can gain the inspiration and support to create or sustain a practice to make changes in your life.

I am grateful to so many people who have tried and tested these practices and walked the ways before us, and I recognise the importance of people passing on these practices to influence future generations in a positive way. I am grateful to Mark Walsh, my colleague and friend who encouraged me to create this event and recommended many of the teachers to me, and for the Embodied Facilitator Course and community which he founded who continue to explore the connection between embodied practices in life and work.

I will be leading some meditation sessions for beginners (and people wanting a reminder and refresher) in the mornings, and some Embodied Yoga Principles. I will also attend panel discussions and host some of the video calls.

I invite you to join me with these excellent teachers on this extraordinary journey together.
I hope to meet you on the embodied way.

Mark Walsh and Vidyadasa


Event host / organiser

Meditation has been an inspiring practice and foundation in my life since being a teenager in the early 90’s. I realised I needed a practical practice that could help me daily, a method of navigating the rocky roads in life, the ups and downs, the light and the dark.

Meditation whether mindfulness, loving kindness, visualisation or insight practices has always been part of my process of self development, and I continue to explore it alongside different embodiment practices.

It gives me great pleasure to share meditation practices and Embodied Yoga Principles with people of different backgrounds. I have taught in a variety of contexts -classes, courses, retreats, festivals and worked at different ethical livelihoods businesses including Brighton Buddhist Centre and Evolution Arts centre (management, publicity and teaching teams) for 20 years, am a web designer and now live and practice in a family context.

or read about the teachers


Meditation and Embodiment Teachers

Dr Valerie Mason -John

Dr Valerie Mason -John

Dr Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John (Hon.doc) M.A is one of the leading African descent voices in the field of Mindfulness for Addiction.

She is the award winning author of 8 books including, Eight Step Recovery, Using The Buddha’s Teaching to Overcome Addiction, Detox Your Heart - Meditations for Emotional Trauma, and the co-founder of Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery MBAR an 8 week course for people with addictions and compulsive behaviours. She is also a consultant for Hip Sobriety a groundbreaking online program for women struggling with Alcohol. And is president of the Buddhist Recovery Network.

more information

She is exploring the interface of the Buddhist teachings, and Compassionate Inquiry as taught by Dr Gabor Mate, in addressing the issues of addiction and emotional trauma. Valerie draws from her personal experience of recovering from addictions and emotional trauma through the mindfulness teachings, 25 years experience of mindfulness and Buddhist training, her work as a master trainer in conflict resolution, and anger management.

She is one of the Insight Timer Teachers, and launches her new course the Vicious Cycle of Addiction on September 10th. She was ordained into the Triratna Community in 2005.



Vidyamala Burch is the co-founder of Breathworks CIC, the internationally acclaimed mindfulness organisation based in the UK. Breathworks arose out of her experience using mindfulness to manage severe pain following spinal injuries in her teens. She has written a range of articles and books and recorded a number of audio CDs and downloads of guided meditations.

Her main titles include Living Well with Pain and Illness published in 2008 and Mindfulness for Health, co-written with Dr Danny Penman, published in 2013. In 2016 she turned her attention to helping other women fulfil their potential with the aid of mindfulness and co-wrote Mindfulness for Women with journalist Claire Irvin.

more information

Vidyamala trains and teaches internationally.

Paul Linden

Paul Linden

Paul Linden is the Chief Instructor and founder at the  Columbus Center for Movement Studies/Aikido of Columbus in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

He is an instructor of the Feldenkrais Method® of body awareness education.

He is the developer of Being In Movement® mindbody education, and the author of a number of books and videos about applications of body awareness training in various areas of life. He has extensive experience teaching musicians, computer users, athletes, trauma survivors, and people looking for nonviolent solutions to conflict. Paul received his B.A. in Philosophy from Reed College and his Ph.D. in Physical Education from Ohio State University.

more information
Miles Kessler

Miles Kessler

Aikido teacher (6th Dan Aikikai), teacher of meditation and Integral Practice. Dual-lineage holder in Iwama tradition of Aikido, and Burmese Mahasi tradition of Meditation. Miles’ mission is to support people who are committed to a higher Path of practice in  Aikido, meditation, mindfulness, personal development, embodiment and Integral Practice. By guiding them to grow and progress towards their greater potential, through practices engaging body, mind, heart, and spirit.

He has studied personally with Christian Tissier, Peter Ralston, Genpo Roshi, Diane Musho Hamilton and Thomas Hubel –  all have profoundly influenced his practice.

more information

Founder and director of the Integral Dojo in Tel Aviv, and non-profit organization Aikido Without Borders in Israel/Palestine.

Innovative Aikido event creator - Aikido Practice & Inquiry”, “Integral Aikido Intensives”, “The Dead Sea Seminar”, “Meditation For Aikidoka”, and the “Aikido At The Leading Edge” tele-summit

Today, the main aspects of his work focus on personal development, spiritual liberation and has been a member of the global community of integral spirituality for over ten years and is joining other voices who are committed to the emerging paradigm of Integral Aikido and Evolutionary Aikido.

Frequently collaborates with other teachers. In Aikido – Patrick Cassidy, Dave Goldberg, Paul Linden, Robert Frager, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Robert Nadeau, Robert Frager, John Stevens, Linda Holiday, Richard Moon, Wendy Palmer, and Jan Nevelius.  And in the Dharma – Diane Musho Hamilton, Sayadaw U Vivekananda, Teja “Fudo Myo” Bell Roshi, Eran “Junryu” Vardi Roshi, and Thomas Hubel.

Committed to a life-long journey of personal growth, spiritual realization, and the exploration of awakening as a catalyst for transformation in both consciousness and culture.

Jessica Graham

Jessica Graham

Jessica is a Spiritual and sexual activist, author, sex and intimacy meditation teacher, nude model, actor, and filmmaker. She began studying meditating in earnest in 2008 and started teaching soon after.

Jessica is inspired by many teachers, but most dear to her heart are Shinzen YoungAdyashanti, and Tracy McMillan. After a series of awakenings that radically shifted her paradigms, Jessica dedicated herself to helping others awaken.

more information

Her take on spiritual awakening is that it is a wild never-ending story that unfolds moment by moment. She doesn’t believe that there is a graduation date or a final perfect state.

Jessica also has a great passion for exploring sexuality and helping others heal, evolve, and awaken sexually. Her interest in sexuality has been lifelong and she draws on years of experience when working with clients. She is the author of Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out, now available wherever books are sold.

Jessica is also an award-winning actor and filmmaker. Through her multi-passionate life, Jessica hopes to model that you can be all the things. She believes that we humans are wild and mysterious and deserve to flaunt our spots and our stripes.

Kaira Jewel Lingo

Kaira Jewel Lingo

Kaira teaches Buddhist meditation, mindfulness, and compassion internationally, with a focus on activists, people of color, artists, educators, families, and youth. She began practicing mindfulness in 1997. An ordained nun of 15 years in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing. She is now a lay Dharma teacher based in Washington, DC. Kaira leads retreats worldwide, teaches meditation, support groups and individuals and offer mindfulness programs for educators and youth in schools. 

more information

She works with students around the world offering ongoing individual support, meeting locally and online. She also runs courses in urban, non-residential settings.

Born in Chicago and grew up there and in Nairobi, Kenya, in a multi-racial family within a residential spiritual community. From a young age she remembers feeling connected to people in other countries and knowing that her purpose in life was to be of service, to relieve suffering and bring joy to others.

Separation to Authentic Connection online event

Viktor Shiryaev

Viktor Shiryaev

Meditation instructor and embodiment coach. Leads intensive silent meditation retreats in Russia and Ukraine, does seminars, workshops and regular classes on topics including mindfulness, traditional vipassana, integral approach to contemplative practice, pragmatic dharma, working with pain and so on.

His work is heavily influenced by Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness tradition.

Cofounder of Mindspot, a mindfulness practice center in Odessa, Ukraine.

more information

 B.A. in Oriental Studies, Sinology (Chinese history and philosophy). Lived in China for over 7 years.

M.A. in Integral Theory from JFKU (California, USA), a comprehensive meta-framework for integrating all the major approaches to human and organizational development and transformation.

Certificates in Integral Theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Embodiment Facilitation, etc.

First started to explore the psychospiritual dimension of life while still at school back in the 90-s.
Meditating in a systematic way since 2009, studying with Shinzen Young since 2009.

Did many intensive silent meditation retreats in South-East Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Nepal) in Mahasi Sayadaw tradition.

Leads intensive silent meditation retreats in Russia and Ukraine, does seminars, workshops and regular classes on mindfulness in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland and Lithuania on topics including vipassana, integral approach to contemplative practice, working with pain, mindfulness for teachers, working with difficult emotions, as well as teaching Shinzen Young’s systematic method of training — Unified Mindfulness (previously known as Basic Mindfulness).

Cofounder of a Mindfulness Culture Association, an association for the russian-speaking mindfulness professionals.

Neil McKinlay

Neil McKinlay

Senior Teacher in the Dharma Ocean lineage. For almost twenty years, Neil has trained with Reggie Ray, Spiritual Director of the Dharma Ocean Foundation and one of today’s foremost meditation teachers. In addition to daily practice and study, this tutelage has seen Neil spend more than a year in group retreat, receiving the tradition of Reggie’s teacher, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, in a direct and personal way. Neil draws from this extensive training relationship to present somatic meditation in a wide range of contexts.

more information

Seeing the body as the ground of well-being and fulfillment, somatic meditation develops our capacity to receive experience without judgement or agenda. As this capacity grows - as we become more embodied - we discover the relaxation many of us long for and a truth many already intuit: that our bodies and lives are invaluable sources of wisdom and guidance.

This quality of discovery and revelation lies at the heart of all Neil’s events. In every class, workshop, and retreat, he offers opportunities for us to touch innate human goodness and welcome this into our everyday lives.

In addition to teaching throughout the Pacific Northwest, Neil also leads Dharma Ocean’s online Sutrayana Intensives and the month-long Winter Meditation Intensive.



Jayaraja has been a practicing Buddhist, and a meditation and mindfulness teacher for over 25 years.

He trained over a number of years with Marshall Rosenberg the founder of Nonviolent Communication and is currently the chair of Buddhafield; an organisation that creates retreats & festivals.

He is also trained in Gestalt psychotherapy and has a keen interest in neuroscience and development psychology and poetry.

more information
Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh

Founder of The Embodied Facilitator CourseEmbodied Yoga Principles and The Embodiment Podcast. His business training company, Integration Training, has worked for the last ten years with clients such as L’Oreal, Unilever, Ikea and The House of Lords.

He has a black belt in Aikido, extensive training in many other body-mind systems and has worked in over 50 countries, including in a number of war zones. His Youtube channel has had 13 million hits.

Dylan Newcomb

Dylan Newcomb

Dylan Newcomb is a bodymind researcher, trainer, and personal coach whose passion for embodied personal development emerged from his former career as a dancer, choreographer, and music composer. Dylan is the principle developer and trainer of UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment, a highly integrative, method of using breath, movement and mental imagery to quickly shift into a full spectrum of peak mental-emotional-physical states, and then integrate them constructively into one’s daily life.

more information

UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment gives people a modern, research-based Embodiment Practice that empowers them to dynamically shift & adapt their thoughts, feelings and actions to more optimally meet each moment.

To date, over 3,000 people worldwide have learned UZAZU and used it to help them integrate their emotions and past traumatic events, connect with others more deeply & skillfully, and become more empowered & effective in their work.

To date, over 3,000 people worldwide have learned UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment and used it to help them integrate their emotions and past traumatic events, connect with others more deeply & skillfully, and become more empowered & effective in their life, relationships, and work. Dylan regularly teaches online courses in UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment, live workshops in Europe and the USA, and works privately with clients 1-1.

Adam Barley

Adam Barley

Adam teaches a highly catalytic movement practice, the 5Rhythms®. He chose to focus on the 5Rhythms 25 years ago, pouring his enthusiasm and intelligence in that direction ever since, and is now one of the world’s most experienced teachers of this practice. He is the only 5Rhythms teacher to have had individual mentoring by it’s creator Gabrielle Roth to work with embodied emotional intelligence, which has become one of his areas of particular expertise.

more information

His style of leadership is an electric combination of provacative, spacious, and generous, creating a tendency for participants to go deep and fast into their own journey, encounter their growth points and have the resources to develop their power.

He is also a master DJ, often just using soundscapes (way off the beaten track of ‘dance’ music) to guide a group through a journey.

Jane Dancey

Jane Dancey

Jane's teaching has an emphasis on functional, intelligent and sensitive movement. Practicing with a view of bringing what we learn into everyday life, whether it be movement patterns, breathing or stress relief. Training has included Embodied Yoga Teacher Training, Embodied Facilitator Course, Certificate in Counselling, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Teen Yoga and Mindfulness, Kids Yoga,Anusara, Yoga Therapeutics, Pregnancy Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Mother and Baby Yoga, British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training.

more information

Yoga and meditation are great practices and tools to create awareness of our patterns and to lead us into choice in other ways of being.

Jude Murray

Jude Murray

Jude is a yoga teacher and hospital chaplain, complementary therapist, interspiritual minister and Anam Cara, with nearly thirty years’ experience as a teacher, trainer and group-work facilitator in the public and voluntary sectors and in private industry.

She has been practising yoga since 1991 and has been course director on Healing Space since 2011. She is a senior teacher of Embodied Yoga Principles and a certified Embodiment Facilitator.

more information

Jude has worked extensively in acute, palliative,integrative and community cancer care settings. Her experience has brought her into contact with people who are either recovering or receiving active treatment for many types of cancer and are receiving a range of treatments including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stem cell transplants, hormone and targeted therapies as well as various scans, tests and invasive procedures. Jude has an in-depth understanding of the impact of these treatments and their side effects, and has completed studies in cancer biology and clinical oncology.  She continues to research and learn.

Andy Paice

Andy Paice

Andy used to be a Buddhist Monastic in the Tibetan Kagyu tradition and spent 9 years in a monastery in France where he accomplished a traditional meditation retreat of 3 years and 3 months.
Following this he went on to complement his knowledge of the Eastern traditions by studying with Western contemporary teachers of meditation and psychology. Returning to London in 2009 he sought and found effective methods for integrating his practice amidst the frenzy of city life.

more information
He now delivers secular Mindfulness courses, retreats and workshops to the general public, in diverse communities and in business environments.
He has a strong conviction that meditative practice should help us to show up more fully and contribute our unique gifts to the world. As well as teaching mindfulness Andy is also a champion of creating a deeper more participative democracy and is currently involved in projects convening and facilitating citizens deliberative assemblies.

Karin Van Maanen

Karin Van Maanen

Karin is a senior Embodied Yoga Principles teacher and Embodied Facilitator and delivers British Wheel of Yoga accredited yoga teacher training. Karin also has a Masters of Science degree in Mindfulness Studies and she is a practising Buddhist.

She has always worked from a compassionate motivation to make the world a more creative and joyful place for everyone, and making yoga accessible to more people. This informs her teaching, practice and charity work in the UK and abroad. 

more information

Prior to teaching yoga she worked in the arts, developing & delivering community arts projects promoting social inclusion and community cohesion.

Karin has been teaching yoga and compassion-based mindfulness full-time since 2008.

You will receive practical instructions and guidance on how to:

  • Choose meditation practices suitable for you.
  • Develop or sustain a regular meditation practice.
  • Integrate meditation into your everyday life.
  • Develop meditative skills

Extra content for you

Downloadable guided meditation audio files, ebooks, videos and documents by experienced meditation practitioners.








how will the event work?

The event consists of hour-long Zoom sessions (these are like group Skype calls). Zoom is an online video conference platform- its free to use, easy to access and allows the opportunity for you to participate and interact with the speaker and/or other participants.

Zoom calls will be led meditation sessions by an experienced teacher, and may include opportunities for questions, there will also be two panel discussions (one at the beginning of the week, and one at the end).

There will be 3 or 4 live video calls per day, spread across time zones globally, so wherever you are you will have the chance to attend some live calls, all calls will be recorded and available for download for a week after the event. That means you can choose to join the live event or listen, and re-listen to the recording of any session at a time that is convenient for you.

If you want to know more about Zoom, how to use it and its possibilities and limitations, we will be sharing an introductory “how to use zoom” video before the event…but basically, it’s free and easy and can be used on many devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

There will also be a private Facebook group for conversations to take place and for other information.


• The event will not be athletic and all bodies are very welcome

• No previous experience of meditation or embodied work is required

• It’s recommended to have a Facebook account as discussion and some resources will be posted there

• A good internet connection helps with Zoom and break-out discussions if you can make the calls live

• Remember calls will be recorded and available to download for one week if you can’t make the actual calls.

A guide to the levels of the calls

We have a guide for the different levels of practice experience to help you choose which sessions to attend. Some of the sessions are suitable for all levels of experience, we recognise that it’s sometimes hard to know where to place yourself. If you are unsure then you can always try attending the call and if it seems above your level of experience then you can opt out of that specific call.

Beginners or refreshers:
as the label suggests if you are relatively new to meditation or you are experienced but would like a reminder or refresh on some aspects of the practices or would just like to hear the guidance from an embodiment perspective then attend these sessions. The morning sessions with Vidyadasa are marked as beginners or refreshers but are also suitable if you would just like a morning practice with other people in this week.

For intermediate level:
If you have been practicing regularly for a few years, maybe you have tried different practices, perhaps different styles/traditions and completed a few retreats/courses and consider yourself a regular meditator.

For all levels of experience:
Its obvious 🙂 You can attend!

There are also a few calls with specific areas of interest/focus which are open to all levels of experience but specifically interesting if you have life experience of that area e.g Embodied facilitation, Parenting, Living with pain and illness, or living with addictive tendencies.

I hope that helps guide your choices,

regards, Vidyadasa



Please note: We will finalise some details from a few teachers who are away on retreat, these will be added as soon as we can. We will also add more resources. We will notify you of any changes due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or technical difficulties beyond our control via email and the private facebook group.

Times: The morning practice is to start at 7.45 am UK time this is to allow for people that may need to leave at 8.45 or 8.30 to travel to work (UK time) there will be a Q & A at end of each morning session so that part can be missed if you need to leave.
Timezones: If your time zone is not shown in the times below you can use this webpage to convert to your time zone:

Wednesday 10 October


1st call: Introductory session, posture guide and body scan (Vidyadasa)

A general overall introduction, a simple guide to a few postures for practising meditation, a mindfulness-based body scan, some ideas for adding in awareness practices into everyday life, and opportunity for questions and answers.
UK (BST) 07.45, Central Europe (CET) 08.45,Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 09.45, Los Angeles (PDT) 23
.45, New York (EDT) 02.45, 
Beginners and refreshers


2nd call: Deconstruct, embrace, act: a strategy for dealing with difficult emotions the embodied way. (Viktor Shiryaev)

Times: UK (BST) 13.00, Central Europe (CET) 14.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 15.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 05.00, New York (EDT) 08.00
Intermediate to advanced


3rd call: Embodied Non-Dual Awareness-in-Action Meditation (Dylan Newcomb)

Dylan will guide you through a process of cultivating states of Embodied Non-Dual Awareness using simple polarity integration based Movement Practices. ‘Having’ a physical body-mind grounds you in a few powerful core polarities that tend to unconsciously shape our every waking moment: the experience of ‘Me’ vs ‘Not Me/You’ (Self-Other), of ‘I feel’ vs ‘I act’ (Sensory-Motor), and of ’This is Fixed’ vs ’This is Moving’ (Stillness-Movement). Guiding our body-mind into states that can experience each of these core ‘dualisms’ as one integrated, harmonious process, we find we can transcend, embrace and embody-as-flow many of our perceived blocks and conflicts.
Times: UK (BST) 18.00, Central Europe (CET) 19.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 20.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 10.00, New York (EDT) 13.00
Intermediate to advanced level


4th call: SPECIAL PANEL: Do we really need meditation for embodiment?
(with Miles Kessler, Paul Linden, Mark Walsh: Host: Vidyadasa)

Times: UK (BST) 19.15, Central Europe (CET) 20.15, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 21.15, Los Angeles (PDT) 11.15, New York (EDT) 14.15
Open to all levels of experience


5th call: Rebalancing Through Release (Adam Barley)

A guide on how to use movement and embodiment to release pent-up feelings, tension and blockages in order to find well-grounded resting states of balance and equanimity from which to move through your day.
Times: UK (BST) 20.30, Central Europe (CET) 21.30, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 22.30, Los Angeles (PDT) 12.30New York (EDT) 15.30
For beginners, and some new perspectives for experienced 5Rhythms dancers too.

Notes on home movement practice
Navigating transitions in life
In practice with pain or other limitations
Massive resource blog page, and other articles/videos on downloads page.
Individual coaching

Thursday 11 October

1st call: Mindfulness of body and breathing (Vidyadasa)

A mindfulness-based practice giving attention to the breathing in the body to develop focus, concentration and calm.
Times: UK (BST) 07.45, Central Europe (CET) 08.45,Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 09.45, Los Angeles (PDT) 23.45, New York (EDT) 02.45, 
Beginners and refreshers


2nd call: How to sit in an embodied way – creating a conducive container for your meditation practice

(Karin Van Maanen)

Karin will introduce us to the idea that we can make subtle changes with the body in our meditation posture to fine-tune our embodiment for certain meditative purposes. How can we embody some of the attitudes that are helpful in developing our meditation? For example kindness, letting go, being non-judgemental, beginner’s mind, gratitude and non-striving. In terms of the body, yoga traditionally uses hand gestures (mudras) and different ways of eye gazing (drishti) to emphasise different subtle qualities or intentions during meditation. In Karin’s session we will try out some simple ways in which we can work with our bodies to support the purpose of our meditation, as well as recognise whether the postural habits we bring to the cushion are actually helpful in our practice or not. The session draws on the micro postures that are part of the Embodied Yoga Principles method as well as Buddhist and yogic meditation methods.
Times: UK (BST) 13.00, Central Europe (CET) 14.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 15.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 05.00, New York (EDT) 08.00
Open to all levels of experience 


3rd call: Intention as Somatic Meditation: Sitting, Standing, Walking, Living

(Paul Linden)

A key element for me is the vertical line through the body. early on in my Aikido practice, I realised that this is the foundation for graceful, powerful, effective movement.  Later on, I also realized that the vertical line is the meditative line in movement. Leaning off the vertical usually signals some psychological over-involvement such as anger or fear. And eventually, I realized that the vertical line is a process of awareness. This  is the link for me between sitting and moving meditations.”
Times: UK (BST) 18.00, Central Europe (CET) 19.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 20.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 10.00, New York (EDT) 13.00
Open to all levels of experience 


4th call: Living well with pain and illness using mindfulness 

Vidyamala will explore ways to manage pain and illness using body and breath awareness, as well as the importance of cultivating acceptance and kindness.
Times: UK (BST) 19.15, Central Europe (CET) 20.15, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 21.15, Los Angeles (PDT) 11.15, New York (EDT) 14.15

Open to all levels of experience
You can find resources on her website





Friday 12 October

1st call: Creating a joyful response/sympathetic joy

Exploring how we can respond with joy to life’s pleasures – creating joy in ourself, and in response to other people’s joy and pleasures in life, including people we don’t know or like.
Times: UK (BST) 07.45, Central Europe (CET) 08.45,Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 09.45, Los Angeles (PDT) 23.45, New York (EDT) 02.45, 
For beginners and refreshers


2nd call: Embodied meditation for parents (Jane Dancey)

Pragmatic applications of mindfulness-based practices for those on the frontline of parenting. This will include • A first aid kit of practices for regaining presence and self-regulation when finding oneself in overwhelm. • Short and sweet meditation practices that can fit into a parent’s hectic day. • An Embodied Yoga Principles based enquiry practice to explore your relationship to parenting, to highlight what patterns might be going on between you and your loved ones and to explore some new ways of being allowing a move towards more spacious and harmonious relationships.
Times: UK (BST) 13.00, Central Europe (CET) 14.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 15.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 05.00, New York (EDT) 08.00
Open to all parents/people with a caring role for children


3rd call: Embodied facilitation (Mark Walsh) 

Explore the connection between meditation and embodied facilitation
Times: UK (BST) 18.00, Central Europe (CET) 19.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 20.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 10.00, New York (EDT) 13.00
For anyone interested in embodied facilitation (e.g coaches, workshop leaders, movement, or meditation teachers

4th call: Beyond mindful sex 
(Jessica Graham)

 A down-to-earth, dogma-free class on having good sex. I’ll offer meditations for embodiment and pleasure that can also be used during sexual activity.
Times: UK (BST) 19.15, Central Europe (CET) 20.15, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 21.15, Los Angeles (PDT) 11.15, New York (EDT) 14.15
Open to all levels of experience

Saturday 13th October

1st call: Creating unlimited friendliness / loving kindness (Vidyadasa)

Times: UK (BST) 07.45, Central Europe (CET) 08.45,Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 09.45, Los Angeles (PDT) 23.45, New York (EDT) 02.45
For beginners and refreshers


3rd call: Centering Prayer (Jude Murray)

In this session we will draw on the practice of centering prayer, which is a receptive method of silent prayer  from the contemplative Christian tradition,  in which we seek to move into the intimite presence of God  by using internal repetition of a sacred word. ( If not specifically God,  you can contemplate your heart, creation, “the indweller of all beings”, the truth within, or what you feel to be sacred)  Centering prayer draws on the mystical contemplative practices of the early church, and has much in common with Eastern meditative practices.

Times: UK (BST) 18.00, Central Europe (CET) 19.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 20.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 10.00New York (EDT) 13.00
Suitable for all levels of experience


4th call: Wild Awakening (Jessica Graham)

A 100% secular take on meditation practices for awakening. I’ll teach Focus on Self, a technique for deconstructing one’s sense of a solid, separate self.

Times: UK (BST) 19.15, Central Europe (CET) 20.15, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 21.15, Los Angeles (PDT) 11.15, New York (EDT) 14.15

Intermediate/people with some experience

YouTube videos on the topic of Awakening:

Awareness of Awareness: Talk and Guided Meditation

1st call: Creating compassion for self and others (Vidyadasa)

Creating a compassionate way of being with yourself and people around you – people you know well, neutral people and people you find difficult.
UK (BST) 07.45, Central Europe (CET) 08.45,Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 09.45, Los Angeles (PDT) 23.45, New York (EDT) 02.45, 
For beginners and refreshers

2nd call: Listening to ourselves with kindness 

A key aspect of meditation is how we speak to ourselves. Jayaraja will lead a meditation helping us integrate different areas of the mind and body to listen with depth and kindness to ourselves.
Times: UK (BST) 13.00, Central Europe (CET) 14.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 15.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 05.00, New York (EDT) 08.00
For all levels

3rd call: Honoring Our Ancestors, Healing Our Ancestors (Kaira Jewel Lingo)

We will explore how we can practice the wisdom of interbeing to help us nurture the wholesome seeds our ancestors transmitted to us and transform the unwholesome habit energies we have received from them. We will learn a powerful practice from the Plum Village tradition called Touching the Earth, which helps us to reconnect with our blood, spiritual and land ancestors and with our loved ones, as well as reconcile with those who are difficult for us.
For all levels of experience:

Times: UK (BST) 18.00, Central Europe (CET) 19.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 20.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 10.00, New York (EDT) 13.00

Monday 15 October

1st call: Guarding The Gate of Desire(Vimalasara)

This will be a guided meditative journey through the 6 senses and an exploration of how desire can quickly turn into craving and addictive tendencies. Plus a Q and A session.
Times: UK (BST) 07.45, Central Europe (CEST) 08.45,Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 09.45, Los Angeles (PDT) 23.45, New York (EDT) 02.45

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2nd call: Sitting and moving inspired by the 4 elements (Vidyadasa)

Explore 4 elements – earth, water, fire and air through movement and meditation.
Times: UK (BST) 13.00, Central Europe (CEST) 14.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 15.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 05.00, New York (EDT) 08.00

Beginners and refreshers
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3rd call: Awake, Awareness, Embodied. Or freeing ourselves, in everyday life, from the tyranny of the thinking mind. (Andy Paice)

Thinking is a faculty that serves us well and we need to think. However over identification with thinking is an exhausting addiction that to some degree most of us suffer from. In Buddhist understanding thinking is considered the sixth sense which is equal to, but not more important than, the other five senses of hearing, seeing, touching, tasting and smelling. By learning how to access the subtler dimension of awake awareness to which all of the senses appear it is possible to live our everyday lives in greater freedom. Thinking becomes available to us, rather than dominating and overclouding our direct experience of seeing and feeling. This session consists of theory, practice and Q&As. It includes a taster of a modern practice of “pointing instructions” and draws on Buddhist and non-dual wisdom principles and the creative teachings of contemporary teacher Loch Kelly. Due to its innovative content this session is suitable for beginners and more advanced practitioners alike. Join Andy in this session to learn: more about this model of the six senses how it can deepen our practice of meditation how to cultivate living from an embodied sense of awake awareness amidst our daily activities.

Times: UK (BST) 18.00, Central Europe (CET) 19.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 20.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 10.00New York (EDT) 13.00
Suitable for all levels of experience


4th call: From some-body, to no-body, to every-body – meditation’s impact on embodiment  (Miles Kessler)

Times: UK (BST) 20.00, Central Europe (CET) 21.00, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 22.00, Los Angeles (PDT) 12.00New York (EDT) 15.00
Suitable for all levels of experience



1st call: Sitting in open awareness (Vidyadasa)

A receptive, practice where we aim to keep an expansive broad open awareness, and allow experiences to arise and pass away – bodily sensations, thoughts, feelings, sounds, sights and insights.
UK (BST) 07.45, Central Europe (CET) 08.45,Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 09.45, Los Angeles (PDT) 23.45, New York (EDT) 02.45, 

Suitable for beginners and refreshers /intermediate.


2nd call: Meditating with the Body (Neil McKinlay)

While guiding us into contact with the open serenity awaiting us all, this session introduces the somatic practices known as Meditating with the Body. Grounded in Tibetan Yoga and articulated by Dr. Reggie Ray, this work offers modern-day practitioners deep and ready access to the potent wisdom of the soma. 
 UK (BST) 19.15, Central Europe (CET) 20.15, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 21.15, Los Angeles (PDT) 11.15, New York (EDT) 14.15
Suitable for all levels of experience

To experience a little of Neil’s meditation instruction:
See Neil teach at Dharma Ocean Boulder:
Practice with Neil and Norman Elizondo at Dharma Ocean’s upcoming Winter Meditation Intensive:


3rd call: Closing Panel 

How do you create meditative qualities in your everyday life?

(Mark Walsh and Vidyadasa)

Discussing the creation of meditative moments, postural practices, helpful habits for meditation and embodiment.
Times: UK (BST) 20.30, Central Europe (CET) 21.30, Moscow/Tel Aviv (UTC) 22.30, Los Angeles (PDT) 12.30, New York (EDT) 15.30
Suitable for all levels of experience




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Health warning

Meditation isn't always easy and can bring awareness to difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions which if you are currently experiencing mental health issues, now may not be the right time for you to participate in an event like this and it may be better to work individually with a therapist who is also a meditation practitioner and can attend to your specific requirements.

One of the issues with online events is safeguarding, as it is impossible to check everyone attending so we ask that you choose wisely, if you are uncertain if you are well enough to attend, ask your doctor, a counsellor or therapist, or someone who knows you well.

Beginners, intermediates or experienced?

Some of the practices are specifically for people with a specific depth of experience (e.g a few years of regular practice) and will be labelled as intermediate or advanced, so if you are a beginner please don't attend those sessions (however keen you are to get going if you are a beginner, you will get there in time) and there will be enough quality content in the other sessions for you to get started with practicing meditation.

Meditation is not about escaping life

It’s about engaging in life – more intimately, with care, kindness, sensitivity and strength, courage and creativity with reality – the pains, pleasures, work, relationships, family and friends, and the difficult, ugly sides of life as well as the easy, beautiful or transcendent.

Are you ready to engage ? Join us in this extraordinary event.

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