Embodied Parenting

Body wisdom for easier, happier, low-stress parenting

Online practical course


18 March to 22 March
10 experienced teachers and guest speakers
20+ hours of live learning, recorded for you

Why is parenting such a struggle, when we have so much information available to us?
Why do we still behave in ways that don’t meet our values, finding ourselves disempowered and overwhelmed?
Embodied Parenting offers a new, practical set of solutions and skills to cultivate and sustain healthy, dignified and joyful relationships with your children.

Who this course is for

Parents/carers/professionals who want to learn accessible tools that minimize stress and conflict, increase connection and compassion, and allow them to become the skillful, trusted leader their children need, no matter how difficult the challenge.

You will learn tools and practices that help you


keep your head cool and compassion intact


build trust through aligning values, words and actions


understand the wisdom behind the behaviors


increase family regulation, resilience and wellbeing


recognize and transcend reactive patterns and triggers


keep anchored through temper tantrums and teenage outbursts


stay connected to teens through the turbulent years


uphold values and boundaries in the face of external pressure


reduce conflict, defiance and other challenging behaviours


feel and deal’ with intense emotions, without joining the chaos


rediscover pleasure, play and joy in your relationships


grow and learn from, instead of react to, your teens


find and sustain support and a nourishing self-care practice


safely and authentically express, rather than suppress, feelings


empower your teen’s confidence, positive body-image and self-awareness


influence through curiosity and confidence instead of control


keep communication open and safe, without triggering shame and shut-down


foster identity, connection and belonging through family stories, rituals and routines

The course will cover 6 main themes

Regulation and Resilience, Support and Self Care, Modern Parenting Dilemmas,

Power and Influence, Pleasure and Play, Routines Rituals Rites and Celebrations.

Whether faced with toddler tantrums, argumentative teens, or struggles with school, bullying, peer pressure or social media, we will show you ways to stay steady under pressure, respond effectively to challenging behaviours, and learn essential parenting skills. 

But we won’t just tell you what to do.  Through live demonstrations and interactive exercises we will help you put your learning into practice, when you need it most, when your children are at their worst”.  

More information

Please note we will be adding more specific content, speaker and schedule information in forthcoming weeks.

To learn more about Jane and Kirstie and their work for parents, visit www.embodiedfamilies.com

A personal message from your event hosts Kirstie Seaborne and Jane Dancey

We invite you to our online-course, honoring the power of embodied learning and transformation, to support you through your parenting challenges.

Our children look to us to be their source of strength and leadership. But living with the daily roller-coaster of their intense moods and emotions can leave the wisest parents feeling disempowered. We discover we are the stressed and angry parent we said we’d never become. How can we transform our triggers, make sense of our child’s behaviors, and not take them personally, so we can parent with more peace and empathy?

Even when our relationships are happy and healthy, how do we foster our child’s confidence, self-worth and wellbeing, so they can face modern life with more resilience?  How do we keep conversations open, safe and shame free, when they turn to issues such as sex and consent? How can we bring back our own sense of pleasure, passion and play, that got lost somewhere along the way, so we be role-models for living an imperfect, often messy, yet satisfying and nourishing life?

When there are so many external pressures, like social media, competing for our children’s’ minds, bodies, and spirits, how do we help them explore and advocate for who they are and what they want to become?  And how do we uphold our own family values, ethics and boundaries (and help everyone make smart choices with smart phones!)

We have personally faced every one of these questions, and more, in our own parenting lives.  And we have had as many varied experiences between us as we have cooked hot dinners; from single-parenting to special-needs parenting, children joining our families through fostering, birth and adoption, and witnessing their extraordinary transitions from birth through to adulthood.

Although our experiences of family life differ, we share common parenting concerns, and came together through our shared passion for teaching parents/carers about how the body’s intelligence can support us, because embodied practices have transformed our relationships; not only with our our families and communites, but with ourselves.   When we connect to the wisdom of the body, we experience ourselves differently – as more influential and skillful, and worthy of receiving compassion and care for ourselves. We’d love for you to experience that too.

Embodied Parenting hasn’t solved all our parenting problems, but we are more likely to take wise action, more often, when we are in a resourced, rather than reactive state, and when we trust we have everything we already need, to be the parent we aspire to be.

Despite an increased awareness about the importance of the mind-body connection, it is still the missing ingredient or simply an ‘add on’ to other parent-trainings. This course – the first of its kind to delve deeper into the topic — is our commitment to filling that gap. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Walsh from Integration Training for supporting us to spread the word to a wider audience through this online platform.

Every morning and evening, we will personally guide you through core practices designed to help you meet the events of the day with less stress and more ease. We will share our favourite activities for supporting regulation and resilience, and we will teach you how to create a sustainable self-care practice.   

But you will learn so much more than that, because we have invited international speakers who have their own unique embodied experience and expertise to share, covering a wide range of parenting topics.

We look forward to introducing you to the speakers on this page, soon.

Kirstie Seaborne

Founder of Embodied Parent Education, Leadership Embodiment Coach, Compassion Fatigue specialist, supporting caregivers at risk of traumatic stress.

Jane Dancey

Embodiment Coach, Rites for Girls Facilitator, Senior Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher, empowering women and girls through transitions of menarche to menopause and beyond

What people say about learning with us…

“This stuff is gold dust. It’s the what, the why, but most importantly the how. A triple whammy of in-the-trenches parenting strategies, with body-based learning to put it into practice, and someone who really gets it, because they’ve been there. It’s what I’ve been looking for all along”

Jane T

Step Mum and Teens Counsellor

“The workshop was challenging but invaluable. I finally feel like I know how to make a REAL difference to my family. I’ve already had many opportunities to use the techniques we practiced; I definitely feel more empowered, and they always help.  I now see my role in escalating conflict with my kids, and I have tools to change it.

Fiona Walsh

“Jane has helped me through a very important time of my life…through her patience and understanding she has shown me ways to control emotions and feelings – many of the methods I have used to help others. I can not thank her enough for all she has done, and cannot recommend her highly enough”.

Penny Sangster

“I had the privilege of working with Kirstie several times and I am blown away by her work. Not only is it proving helpful in every day matters, but I can honestly say it is life changing. I can really see my relationship with others changing and my own relationship to conflict changing too”.

Katharine Kendall

“I feel comfortable and safely held in Jane’s sessions, relaxed and energised, alert and responsive. I love the discovery that’s possible with Jane that gives me feedback about my own state and effectiveness”.

Ronhild de Brito

“Kirstie has been my beacon of light. I was feeling hopeless, helpless and worthless and knew I had to call her for support to help me change my opinion of myself. She uses a direct approach, humour and a clear vision of what you can achieve and it’s all within your grasp. You can use her techniques immediately, they are easy to put into practice. They have given me so much strength and reassurance”.

Debbie Spellman


Teachers and Facilitators

Susan Bauer

Susan Bauer

Susan (MFA, RSME/T) is a dance and somatic educator and a pioneer of embodiment in education.  She is the author of The Embodied Teen (North Atlantic Books, 2018), the first book to offer a somatic movement education curriculum adapted to the unique needs of adolescents,  based on decades of working with youth in the U.S. and abroad. Susan is also the founder of Embodiment in Education and offers workshops and teacher trainings internationally.


Dr Lori Baudino

Dr Lori Baudino

Lori is Clinical Psychologist and Dance/Movement Therapist, whose work over the last decade has made her a world-renowned innovator in her field. She focuses on a mind-body approach so that families can reach their maximum potential for overall health and well-being, with the goal of finding tools that will actually be used in everyday life. She works with children, families and schools to create more ease with transitions, support childhood challenges (from terminal illness to behavioural issues) and promote connection within the family.


Roma Norriss

Roma Norriss

Roma is lit up by listening, connection, intimacy and community. She has been supporting parents for 15 years as a birth-worker, and consults internationally as a Hand in Hand Parenting Consultant; the approach is relevant for babies to teenagers and on topics such as setting limits, aggression, separation issues, toddler tantrums, school struggles, and sexuality. She runs retreats and writes and speaks on parenting, listening and relationships, as well as teaching locally and online.


Sophie-Jane Mortimer

Sophie-Jane Mortimer

Sophie offers women the tools and support they need to live their soul work and co-create the world we all want for future generations. She has built successful marketing strategies and launches for individuals, organizations, and inspiring projects, like the TreeSisters ‘Million Trees’ campaign and Red School‘s global menstruality movement. She has clarified an embodied, feminine, soulful approach to marketing to support women change-makers to grow their audience, income, and impact, with ease.


Kim McCabe

Kim McCabe

Kim McCabe is the founder director of Rites for Girls CIC which, since  2011, has offered year-long Girls Journeying Together groups, support for mothers and training for women wanting to support girls. Author of  ‘From Daughter to Woman’ she guides parents through the teen years, helping them to create rites of passage for their girls. She’s on a mission to make the lives of girls that bit kinder, safer and better protected.


David Weinstock

David Weinstock

David Weinstock is author of Becoming What You Need, a Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute, Stuart Heller’s Five Rings Coaching Institute, a certified international trainer of Nonviolent Communication and Aikido instructor.  His youth programs support young people to  ’conflict-well,’ and express themselves with greater compassion, clarity and honesty, through listening to the guiding wisdom of the body and learning practices that foster empathy, creativity, boundaries and decisiveness.


Ted Braude

Ted Braude

Ted Braude, known as “the boys whisperer,” directs the BoysWork Project for boys to become the men they were born to become. An expert on boys, he is a License Master Social Worker, a research fellow with the School of Spiritual Psychology, and a student of Integral Theory. Ted is an author, musician, and a second degree black belt in the Japanese martial art Aikido, whose embodied approach has served boys, their parents, and communities for over 35 years.


Stephany Dano

Stephany Dano

Stephany is a Certified ICF Coach and Embodiment Facilitator, working with clients with life crisis. As a Roots of Empathy instructor, she teaches Empathy to children in schools to prevent bullying. She is also on her Compassionate Inquiry certification with Gabor Mate, with an emphasis in trauma during childhood".


Anna Cole

Anna Cole

Anna Cole, PhD. is Regional Lead for Hand in Hand Parenting.  The organisation has an international reputation for delivering attachment-based, trauma-informed interventions to parents needing support.  Anna brings over 25 years as a research academic to her lived experience of parenting. She is an experienced and compassionate teacher and loves to share the embodied, experiential Listening tools to help parents facing all kinds of challenges.


 Itay Yatuv

Itay Yatuv

Itay Yatuv is the Artistic director of the Hakvutza Dance School, and developer of Contakids, where children and parents dance together creating a deeper form of communication and trust.  He has been practicing and teaching Contact Improvisation for 16 years with a joyfully autodidactic and collaborative approach. He works as an independent Choreographer and is leading international projects of improvisational performances. His Aikido training of the last 10 years informs his dance and teaching. 




Yoga, meditation and senior Embodied Yoga Principles teacher. Currently writing a book ‘Mindful thoughts for fathers’. He has taught in a variety of contexts – classes, courses, retreats, festivals and online events (including Meditation Embodied and the Embodiment Conference), is web designer and lives and practices in a family context, has been practising for 28 years.



We regret to say that Francesca Reddon and Jamie Abrams both cannot deliver their sessions due to family emergencies.
Francesca will be replaced by Itay Yakov. Itay Yatuv is the Artistic director of the Hakvutza Dance School, and developer of Contakids, where children and parents dance together creating a deeper form of communication and trust. He has been practicing and teaching Contact Improvisation for 16 years with a joyfully autodidactic and collaborative approach. He works as an independent Choreographer and is leading international projects of improvisational performances. His Aikido training of the last 10 years informs his dance and teaching.

You will receive practical instructions and guidance on how to:

  • Choose parenting practices suitable for you.
  • Develop or sustain a regular self-care practice.
  • Develop caring skills

Extra content for you

Downloadable guided meditation audio files, ebooks, videos and documents by experienced meditation practitioners.








how will the event work?

The event consists of hour-long Zoom sessions (these are like group Skype calls). Zoom is an online video conference platform- its free to use, easy to access and allows the opportunity for you to participate and interact with the speaker and/or other participants.

Zoom calls will be led by an experienced teacher, and may include opportunities for questions, there will also be two panel discussions (one at the beginning of the week, and one at the end).

There will be 3 or 4 live video calls per day, spread across time zones globally, so wherever you are you will have the chance to attend some live calls, all calls will be recorded and available for download for a week after the event. That means you can choose to join the live event or listen, and re-listen to the recording of any session at a time that is convenient for you.

If you want to know more about Zoom, how to use it and its possibilities and limitations, we will be sharing an introductory “how to use zoom” video before the event…but basically, it’s free and easy and can be used on many devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

There will also be a private Facebook group for conversations to take place and for other information.


• The event will not be athletic and all bodies are very welcome

• No previous experience of meditation or embodied work is required

• It’s recommended to have a Facebook account as discussion and some resources will be posted there

• A good internet connection helps with Zoom and break-out discussions if you can make the calls live

• Remember calls will be recorded and available to download for one week if you can’t make the actual calls.

07:00 - 08:00 AM Welcome Session, orientation and practices for building intention, trust and integrity

Jane Dancey & Kirstie Seaborne

13:00 - 14:00 PM Rites of Passage to make growing up easier - why they matter and how to create one for your child

Kim McCabe

19:30 - 20:30 PM Body Knowledge: The secret ingredient for truly engaging with your child, understanding their individual needs while making sure you feel authentic & valued

Dr Lori Baudino

21:00 - 22:00 PM Why should we care about the body in parenting? Why does it matter?

Panel Discussion : Guest Teachers / Hosts

07:00 - 08:00 AM Simple Practices for Self Care : Movement and Breath awareness to work with and support the nervous system.

Jane Dancey


13:00 - 14:00 PM Listening Partnerships : An embodied structure for emotional coregulation that makes you more available as a parent

Roma Norriss




19:30 - 20:30 PM The Embodied Teen: Body Intelligence to help youth develop the inner resilience they need to thrive, now and into adulthood.  (Skills for parents and teens)

Susan Bauer


21:00 - 22:00 PM Setting Loving Limits and Playlistening: Working with unworkable behaviours

Anna Cole

07:00 - 08:00 AM Being the steady anchor through the storms - how to avoid getting ‘hooked-up’ in our child’s behaviours and swept away by intense moods

Kirstie Seaborne

13:00 - 14:00 PM If I love my children, why is there hurt? Why we have conflicts with our children, and how to deal with them

Stephany Dano

19:30 - 20:30 PM What’s With The Boys? Parenting the boys for Manhood - an emodied approach to power, conflict and love, creating real results for parents and boys.

Ted Braude

21:00 - 22:00 PM Modern Parenting Dilemmas. Exploring challenges and sharing ideas for parenting in a Digital World

Panel Discussion

07:00 - 08:00 AM Practices to support embodied self-compassion and how to be a safe anchor for our child

Francesca Redden

13:00 - 14:00 PM Exploring The Four Elements as a Parenting Resource as a way to reconnect with ourselves and children and to bring in other ways of being when required

Jane Dancey

19:30 - 20:30 PM Empowering Our Children : Empathic Presence, and practices that help calm our systems in challenging moments

David Weinstock

21:00 - 22:00 PM A session to review, recap and reflect and explore what you want more of, or want to cover more deeply

Jane Dancey and Kirstie Seaborne

07:00 - 08:00 AM Micro-moments of regulation - how to sustain a peaceful body through orienting to gentle pleasure in our environment, and using touch as nutrition.

Kirstie Seaborne


13:00 - 14:00 PM Getting back into your business joyfully after a parenting break. Practices for harnessing the creative energy of parenting and stream it into work, for powerful results

Sophie Jane Mortimer


19:30 - 20:30 PM Embodied mindfulness for parents



21:00 - 22:00 PM Concluding Session : Exploring Rhythms, Transitions, Endings and Finding Support

Jane Dancy and Kirstie Seaborne



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