“Quick-win” embodiment coaching tools


Sept 8-11th


8.30am and 5.30pm UK time




Online Via Zoom

Tuesday to Friday, Sept 8 – 11th – 8.30-9am and 5.30-6pm UK time

This is a bite-sized 4-day course to share many of my best “quick-win” coaching tools. It’s 2x 30mins sessions a day (UK morning and late afternoons, recorded), and you can pick up many effective easy techniques.

This little nugget of a training is for all coaches and facilitators – you don’t have to be an aikido Blackbelt or an advanced pretzel-yogi. It consists of straightforward practical stuff that works. Simple.


  • Centring
  • “Wake up” techniques
  • Other state changers
  • Creativity techniques
  • Zoom engagement techniques
  • Values reconnectors
  • Walking coaching tools
  • Breath tools
  • Simple posture tools
  • Safety
  • Many other cheats, hacks and easy victories!

About the trainer

Who the hell am I anyway?
I’m Mr Embodiment! 😉 I run the Embodiment Conference, wrote the embodiment book, and make the embodiment sandwiches for lunch daily. But you knew that already, so what’s the story?I have loved body-mind arts like yoga, conscious dance, meditation, and martial arts my whole adult life; and also been saddened that these can stay “on the mat” and not really impact the day-to-day lives of people. I did years of aikido before I ever took the principles into a conversation, and found that while I got very still on meditation retreats, afterwards that stillness barely lasted past my first Facebook update. I’ve also spent the last 15 years working with “normal” busy practical people, who just want quick wins and practical tools, and don’t have the time or the energy to take on a whole philosophy. I’ve found what works best in the real world, with business people, soldiers, single mums, aid workers, NHS staff, etc, and I can teach it to you. I’ve realised that while embodiment is great, there needs to be a bridge between formal arts and the realities of our lives. With that in mind I have put this accessible, pragmatic course together to help ordinary people who want to get this stuff without the woo-woo trappings.Experienced practitioners who want more life integration are going to love this too. I filmed it in my own house, and shared the actual things I use daily, as I wanted to show the REAL way to use this work. This felt a bit personal actually, but that’s the point (don’t judge my messy kitchen!).I’m really proud of this one, not because it’s some leading-edge craziness, but just because I’m confident that it will work for people. I’m also happy that it’s an accessible price and format, as the world really needs this stuff. As ever, I’m not for everyone, but if your cup of tea isn’t chai-spiced bullshit, I’m your man.

Event Info

Date: Sept 8-11th
Time: 8.30am and 5.30pm UK time
Venue: Online Via Zoom
Cost: £30
£30 (that’s less than £4 per class!). That’s a serious bargain.


Additional Info: 
  • Sept 8-11th, 8.30am and 5.30pm UK time (for USA or Australasia this means you can make one session per day)
  • All sessions will recorded and will be sent out after the course

We’re finding that “bite-size” twice daily zoom calls are a great way to learn as people can really focus and can take in a chunk of work before digesting it.

WARNING: Mark is provocative, swears and tells bad jokes. If you’re easily offended please stay away.

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