Online – Purpose Boot Camp With Mark Walsh


August 5th, 2020


5pm – 7pm UK time




Online Via Zoom


One of the great benefits of the current situation is that many of us have been forced to confront our values, contemplate our morality and reflect deeply on what the f**k we’re doing here anyway! This is a good thing. A life without purpose and waking daily to a deep sense of meaning is no life at all. So screw that, let’s use this crisis to realign with our deepest calling and taken the fit we’re being offered.

This workshop is for anyone who’d like to get closer  to clarity on their life’s work. Maybe you have no idea, maybe you did but just feel a little “off track” now, maybe you’re a fucking warrior of purpose already and want to stay that way. You’re welcome whatever.

I’ve been working with purpose for quite a few years now and ran the successful Purpose Black Belt online course, as well as working with mentees in small coaching groups face-to-face.


 Death meditation

● How you know you’re on purpose

● The best techniques for tuning into purpose that I know if +-+

● How to break barriers to purpose

● The down sides of purpose and how to work with them

● Purpose and relationships

 COVID marketing genius

Here are some PBB Videos for a taste (may want to skip marketing ones)

About the trainer

Mark Walsh has dedicated his life to embodied learning. He founded the Embodied Facilitator Course (UK and Russia), Embodied Yoga Principles, The Embodiment Conference and Europe’s first embodied business training company – Integration Training. He has taught in thirty countries and made embodiment available online through a YouTube channel that has over 14 million hits and on The Embodiment Podcast. He has a degree in psychology, an aikido black-belt and has trained with various body-mind masters and in many approaches, including in body psychotherapy, yoga, dance, bodywork and meditation. Past clients have included Unilever, L’Oreal, Virgin Atlantic, Shell, Oxfam, The NHS, Ikea and The House of Lords. He has also worked with peace and trauma projects in Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Brazil, East Africa and with the Sierra Leonian Army. He actually really likes cats.

Event Info

Date: August 5th, 2020
Time: 5pm – 7pm UK time
Venue: Online Via Zoom
Cost: FREE

Booking: Please register to reserve your free spot!

WARNING: Mark is provocative, swears and tells bad jokes. If you’re easily offended please stay away.

It’s FREE live but £35 after for the recording. I rather like this “free at time of recording” model, as it makes the training totally accessible but gives me a product I can sell after.

You will be sent a Zoom link before event.

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