Daniela Welzel

Aboodi Shabi
  • University diploma in administration and police leading science
  • 10+ years working in the German police in exchanging leading roles, including youth violence prevention, extended education in self-defence, amok training and involvement in the GPPT (bilateral project for training police officers in Afghanistan)
  • For 10 years studying Aikido and Meditation
  • For 5 years certified MBCT Trainer mainly working with university students, partly
    also with school children and in cooperate environments
  • Undergraduate Psychology with a focus on cultural diversity and community psychology
  • Participant of EYP teacher training 2018 and Embodied Facilitator Course 2019
  • For 5 years organising online conferences, summits and courses for Aikido, Embodiment and meditation
  • Conference manager for The Embodiment Conference 2018 and 2020
  • 25+ years working with horses and their riders with a specific interest in the relationship between
  • Main embodied practices Aikido, Meditation (Vipassana), improv comedy and horseback riding

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