Event: April 25th - 26th 2019

Brighton: Audacious coaching workshop with Joseph Riggio

April 25th – 26th 2019
Audacious coaching workshop  – a 2-Day course with Joseph Riggio


au·da·cious – ôˈdāSHəs, ADJECTIVE

showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks,

showing an impudent lack of respect.


Are you ready to be a Bad-Ass Audacious Coach?

For two days we’ll be transcending the rules, boundaries and limits of what’s nice and normal, what’s expected… and we’ll reach into some unknown, unexplored territory, places where normal, nice coaching seldom goes.

You’re going to question everything you thought you knew about what it is to be a coach, or how to do coaching. You’re going to wonder if you know anything at all, and then … when you come out the other side … it’s all going to make perfect sense, somehow bringing everything you’ve ever learned or done together in a powerful new and previously unexplored way.

Rather than breaking the rules for the sake of anarchy, this is about rewriting the rules so they work uniquely in your favor, and there’s a few things that will help you enormously in getting there more quickly than you might on your own…


Here’s a short list of what we’ll strive to keep top of mind during this program at all times:

  1. Finding original ways of working with clients that showcase your unique talent and capabilities, as well as you let the real you shine through in everything you do…
  2. Bringing yourself fully to your work and embodying it completely, so you can assist your clients to find themselves fully present in the work you’re doing with them…
  3. Remembering to connect first, going beyond empathy, to a position where you care enough not to care what others think of you… or themselves… so they can find the space to recreate themselves anew…
  4. Being ready to to play “all in at all times” to become the audacious coach, consultant or expert adviser who dominates in the space you’ve chosen to play in — producing extraordinary results and creating outstanding successes, with and for your clients.


We’ll be digging into places that are likely to be uncomfortable, but nonetheless essential to get to so we can get past whatever limits you today from being the coach, consultant or expert adviser that you are capable of being.

We’ll be taking off the kid gloves these two days. You’re going to discover how it’s possible to be intentionally unsettling, provocative and disturbing, while creating a space that’s undeniably safe to explore the themes we’ll be covering. That’s also in part what makes this approach “audacious” in the first place.

This way of coaching isn’t for everyone … either coaches or clients … but it may be something you’d want to add into your snatchel of tricks to get past whatever it’s been that you keep bumping up against and ordinary “pedestrian” respectful approaches can’t bypass.

What’s so powerful here is the underlying code that’s somatically organized, held in the way you use your body at the micro-muscular level, literally the way your body prepares to respond before it even does. This is not some cookie cutter, one-size fits all, or some “do it my way” approach … it’s about helping you find yourself, and helping you discover and develop your own way, your own unique voice and approach to succeeding wildly.

This is the essence of what these two days doing Audacious Coaching together will be all about … exploring things ontologically and building an aesthetic framework. As a result you will discover you are more yourself than you’ve ever been, and probably more than you thought you could be, or likely ever would be, either … yet that’s only a part of what will make our two days together … Audacious.


About the trainer – Dr. Joseph Riggio

Dr. Joseph Riggio is a cognitive scientist with deep expertise in transformational communication, decision-making and non-ordinary cognition. He is the architect and designer of the MythoSelf® Process (formally the Mythogenic Self™ Process) and the Soma-Semantics® Model and an international figure in the professional NLP™ and hypnosis communities. Joseph is also a well known speaker and the writer on the topics of transformational change, leadership and elite performance, including authoring the books, “The State of Perfection,” “Experiencing The Hero’s Journey,” “Be Your Best” and  “Towards A Theory Of Transpersonal Decision-Making In Human Systems.”

Joseph is renown for the capacity of his insight into what motivates people to action, both personally and professionally, and his ability to organize the means to articulate the specific messages that will move these individuals to actually taking action. This may just as often be a conversation regarding the next step in an executive or professional career as it will be a plan to transform an entire organization to attain a new level of competence in meeting the demands of an ever-changing and often chaotic marketplace.

Joseph works as a transformational change artist, including his work with leaders and entire organizations in international business and professional circles. He also advises single individuals, small groups and teams of people. As a renowned change artist he develops elite performance strategies that align his clients toward moving forward with greater integrity, elegance and aplomb.



Date: Thur & Fri, April 25th – 26th 2019

Time: 9:00 – 17:00 on both days

Venue: Brighton, The Studio – 39 Whippingham Road Brighton, BN2 3PF

Cost: £199 Super Early bird rate until February 21st, 2019

£249 Early bird rate until March 20th

£349 regular rate.



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