The Bodymind Breakfast

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On this course you’ll learn some of the most effective “quick win” bodymind techniques from meditation, yoga, and embodiment (influenced by martial arts), in the comfort of your own home.

It’s just 30 min once or twice a day, for a week. It’s non-athletic, non-esoteric, practical and you can literally bring your breakfast!

Who’s it FOR?   

  • people with full lives who want to make a little space for self-care 
  • busy people who want to get more done AND be less stressed 
  • people who want to learn simple, pragmatic tools that they can take away and use ongoing 
  • people who are familiar with bodymind work and would benefit from a community to support their home practice
  • those wanting to re-establish helpful habits. We can help you “get back on the horse”
  • anyone wanting a taste of embodied work without the cost of flying to the teachers

Core Content

  • mindfulness (e.g. of breath and of breakfast)

  • centring – get yourself together under pressure (see free e-book info below) 
  • “metta” kindness meditation and related practices (compassion, equanimity and empathic joy)
  • embodied yoga – quick, non-athletic techniques to build confidence, relaxation, emotional intelligence tools such as gratitude and deep listening
  • plus bad jokes and likely swearing … especially for the morning sessions


  • flexible. Drop in and out as your schedule allows. Calls are also recorded.
  • UK morning and afternoon times
  • practical. It’s just about what works 
  • no hippie nonsense, unicorns, dolphins or cheesy positive thinking 
  • participatory. We’ll encourage people to join in 
  • skills building. You’ll learn stuff, not just do stuff


20-25th November 2017

It’s 30 mins twice a day: breakfast and tea time. That’s 7.30am – 8am and 5.30pm – 6pm UK time (see your time zone). The closing Saturday session is an hour, from 1300-1400 UK time. It’s the weekend, so let’s be civilised.

Suit your schedule: You can come to as few or as many sessions as you like, and arrive and leave as you like. All calls are recorded. 


Moi. The course is lead by myself and I’ll have some guests on who also know their craft. Basically, I do this stuff myself every morning to work and feel better so thought I’d share it! These are my top practical tools, tried and tested, and made super accessible.

Mark Walsh, Brighton, UK


Alexandra Vilvovskaya

Embodiment trainer, tango teacher and trauma therapist (Moscow)

Maud Raber

Resilient leadership coach and facilitator (France)

Paul Linden
Founder of Being in Movement, Aikido teacher from USA

Things people have said about this work

“As a coach, it’s brought a whole new dimension into my work, so that I feel I’m coaching from wholeness and coaching my clients’ wholeness in a full and direct way.”
Fiona Buckland, Coach, facilitator and writer | London, UK

“Mark’s work is always practical, effective and life changing, for the better”
Vidyadasa, Yoga teacher, web designer| Brighton, UK

“Centring helps me be loving in relationships without compromising my values. Meditation helps me see the bigger picture and decide my priorities accordingly.”
Arabella, Embodied facilitator, London

“Centring before going to work in mental health setting with clients with challenging behaviour has helped me to respond from a calm, compassionate state and to retrieve faster, to leave work at workplace.”
Hanna Suvanto, Movement Psychotherapist, London

“Through the practice of centring and meditation, I have learned to be comfortable with my vulnerability.”
Lee Stagles, Menswork Leader, UK

“If you’re looking for training that will challenge and provoke you to learn about yourself in profound and surprising ways, then I highly recommend Mark as a trainer. He is funny, provocative, committed and cheeky. Above all, though, he really knows his stuff, and he lives and walks his talk.”
Aboodi Shabi, Executive coach and facilitator, Newfield coach trainer | London, UK

“Work with Mark because he’s crazy. And fun. And holds me upside down and lets me walk on him. And loves me.”.”

Jessica, Aged 5 and-a-half , Mark’s niece

Mark is annoying. Good annoying.
Isabelle, Aged 10 , Daughter of student


ABC Centring

A practical method for self regulation

Metta Meditation

Meditation to create friendliness/kindness

No Posture

Embodied Yoga Principles posture to help you create boundaries

Course Includes


all calls and call recordings


supporting notes and videos


supporting notes and videos


one to one support on facebook group

DOESN’T Include

**shitty Starbucks coffee


Payment Options

This works out at less than £3 per class. Come on, you’d spend that on a shitty Starbucks coffee.

After payment you will be redirected to a Bodymind Breakfast Group page with a link to a private Facebook group which is where calls will happen and supporting notes will be uploaded (so you’ll need a FB account)

Don’t have £30? Can’t be arsed to get out of bed?

Fair enough, here’s a Centring e-book on one of the main tools we’ll use.

Centring e-book

Why mindfulness alone isn’t enough.

The definitive guide to managing stress with the body, for trainers, coaches and facilitators

by Mark Walsh and other members of the Embodied Facilitator Course community

“We are the first system we must learn to manage” – Stuart Heller
“If you want to help someone – get yourself together” – Wendy Palmer

Why would anyone be interested in centring (self-regulation through the body)?

Well, you could look at it this way: what if there were a piece of technology available which could improve literally anything you do? What if it was free, took very little time to learn, measurably improved performance across a huge range of tasks, reduced stress, and improved both individual well-being, performance and relationships? What if there was something always available and good for your health that could improve every aspect of life? Happily, such “technology” does exist; it’s a set of body-mind techniques known as “centring”.

We all need to manage ourselves. This book is about how to do that more effectively. It is especially aimed at facilitators, trainers and coaches of all kinds who wish to support others in managing themselves too. Martial arts, dance and yoga teachers will also find it helpful for supporting students.

What you’ll get from this book:

  • practical techniques to improve your own happiness, relationships and productivity
  • tools to enhance your facilitation skills
  • a thorough grounding in the deeper principles, so you can work creatively
  • practical techniques you can bring to clients right away, adding value to your offers
  • clarification of the often woolly theory of centring
  • the science of centring, so you can better “sell” the idea to clients


We can all regulate ourselves at times; we’re not toddlers having tantrums at any mishap. However, this vital life skill can be more or less developed. There’s much benefit to simply being aware of ourselves (mindfulness), but much more in being able to positively influence our state, and impact our happiness, relationships and work. “Centring” is the overall term used for body self-regulation skills. At core, being stressed is a bodily response, so we need bodily tools to work with this. We cannot just talk ourselves out of physiology, and all the disembodied books in the world won’t help either.

But the centring practices available in this e-book will!

Buy your copy now, via paypal, after payment you will be redirected to a page with your ebook to view and download.
$9.99 (approx £7.50 / €8.50)

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