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Embodiment Conference video library

We recorded 130+ presenters at the ground-breaking Embodiment Conference, so if you’d like to survey the global movement, and learn from many of the very best, then this is a great place to start. With sessions (some presentations, some experiential, some interviews) on everything from leadership, to yoga, to sexuality, to dance, to environmental issues; this is quite a somatic library! Some of the most popular sessions include:

Tom Myers – a fresh look at fascia and anatomy
Ken Wilber – the cleverest man in the world. Fact
Wendy Palmer – a masterful session on Leadership Embodiment
Betsy Polatin – a top student of Peter Levine on trauma and stress
Tara Judelle – Embodied Flow yoga
Jamie Catto and Dave Rock – creativity in anarchic action
The Peace Panel – Paul Linden and co. show us how to make peace in the body
The Trauma Panel – more on this important topic
Martin Aylward – meditation for real life
Martha Eddy – a wonderful interactive somatic session from a world leader
Curtis Watkins – how to coach with the body
Mark Walsh – on marketing embodiment

There are also sessions with Ken Wilber, Debbie Rosas (Nia founder), Don Hanlon Johnson, Philip Shepherd, Arawana Hayashi and many more. You can read more about the conference and see all the speakers HERE, and here is an opportunity to see the conference again.


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Why mindfulness alone isn’t enough.

The definitive guide to managing stress with the body, for trainers, coaches and facilitators by Mark Walsh and other members of the Embodied Facilitator Course community.

“We are the first system we must learn to manage” – Stuart Heller
“If you want to help someone – get yourself together” – Wendy Palmer

Why would anyone be interested in centring?
self-regulation through the body).

Well, you could look at it this way: what if there were a piece of technology available which could improve literally anything you do? What if it was free, took very little time to learn, measurably improves performance across a huge range of tasks, reduces stress, and improves both individual well-being, performance and relationships? What if there was something always available and good for your health that could improve every aspect of life? Happily such “technology” does exist – it’s a set of body-mind techniques known as “centring”.

We all need to manage ourselves. This book is about how to do that more effectively. It is especially aimed at facilitators, trainers and coaches of all kinds who also wish to support others in managing themselves too. Martial arts, dance and yoga teachers will also find it helpful for supporting students as well.

What you’ll get from this book:

– practical techniques to improve your own happiness, relationships and productivity
– tools to enhance your facilitation skills
– a thorough grounding in the deeper principles behind techniques so you can work creatively with them
– practical techniques you can bring to clients right away to add value to your offers
– clarification of the often woolly theory of centring
– the science of centring to better “sell” the idea to clients


We can all regulate ourselves at times, we’re not toddlers having tantrums at any mishap, but this vital life skill can be more or less developed. There’s much benefit to simply being aware of ourselves (mindfulness), but much more in being able to positivity influence our state, to impact our happiness, relationships and work. “Centring” is the overall term used for the self-regulation skills that work with the body. At core, being stressed is a bodily response, so we need bodily tools to work with this. We can not just talk ourselves out of physiology, and all the disembodied books in the world won’t help either.


But centring practices available in this e-book will!


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Making yoga more meaningful

Embodied yoga principles

A practical guide to deepening asana psychologically and getting yoga off the mat and into your life. For Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners, or people looking to make a deeper link between yoga and life by Mark Walsh.

“Embodied Yoga Principles has added a layer to my classes which enables students to explore their posture practice in a deeper way, without demanding specific spiritual beliefs, cultural paraphernalia, dogma or philosophical complexity. It’s simple, practical and pragmatic yet gives people the opportunity to explore meaning and change in their lives off the mat”

– Karin Van Maanen – Yoga & Mindfulness Tutor MSc, Dip BWY

Why would anyone be interested in Embodied Yoga Principles? 

Imagine you could improve how much your yoga positively impacts what you care about, your relationships, your work, study or wherever your passion is in life. Practicing yoga in a way to gain insights and learning skills to better handle anything that life throws at you.

Bring your values to the yoga mat,make it a place to grow as a person. Yoga can be so much more than it is currently generally being presented and so much more useful for all of your life.

What you’ll get from this book:

– 58 pages e-book
– The principles of effective learning transfer from the yoga mat to the rest of your life.
– Pragmatic techniques for enhancing how your personal practice impacts what you care about.
– Unique teaching tools to help your students enrich their yoga.


This book can be read straight through as a conventional book to extract the information, however, learning about something is a fairly shallow level of learning and there are deeper options here too. I assume readers already have some kind of regular yoga practice to play with and maybe a teaching practice, so there’s various experiments that can be integrated here. This book isn’t aimed at complete beginners or yoga fundamentalists who regard one style as gospel.

You may find it particularly helpful to review the book immediately before or after a yoga session for practice ideas and reflections. Most importantly it’s a guide for practice, more akin to an owners-manual or cookbook than a theoretical treatise. It’s a practical “how to” book. Try what’s

here and make up your own mind as to whether there’s truth in the ideas. Don’t believe a word I say, find out for yourself experientially. There are many sub-sections labelled “practice”, “reflection” and “experiment” as reminders to do this. Reflections can be done in pairs and groups as discussions, and this can be a lovely way of integrating learning, being held accountable and getting support for any changes you decide to make to your teaching or personal practice. I’d love you to share this book with a colleague for mutual learning.

Links to many videos are also included. It’s not necessary to watch these to understand the book, however, they’re there if you wish to dive deeper into any topic or clarify an idea. This is a fairly concise book and many of the ideas are better demonstrated than explained verbally, so if an idea is confusing, do take a look at any accompanying videos. You can see the concepts in action with real participants in many instances this is usually helpful. 


Yoga practices in this e-book will help you change!


Online courses

An online video course in Being in Movement® Mindbody Training

Paul Linden is one of the world’s leading embodiment teachers, with 45 years experience in martial arts, abuse recovery, youth work and group facilitation.

He is known for the pragmatic logical nature of his work, as well as his kindness and sense of humour.
This was the first online course in his Being In Movement system, and made his work accessible to a global audience (especially as now he rarely travels).
The course contains the recordings of the live course including teachings from his most senior students to show how they’ve applied the work in fields from business to conflict resolution.

Who this course is for:

  • Facilitators, trainers and coaches looking to learn practical tools for working with clients
  • Those working with stress and conflict (Paul invented the field of Embodied Peacemaking)
  • Those interested in trauma
  • Those interested in how martial arts can be taken “off the mat” and used non-athletically
  • Anyone wanting to work with a master of mindbody techniques

Course content

The course covers the fundamentals of Paul’s work. This includes

  • Simple movement experiences to communicate the central concepts quickly and dramatically
  • Embodied ethics
  • Trauma recovery
  • Computer posture and working online
  • Centring and self regulation masterclasses
  • Application of the work to group business training
  • Application of the work to life coaching
  • Application of the work to stress management, resilience and conflict
  • Applications to working with children (including special needs)
  • Uses of logic and critical thinking in embodied work

The course also includes e-books as part of the package (normally sold separately for total value over $99)


What do people say?

“Paul Linden is gifted at uncovering energetic and emotional patterns that impede one’s capacity to be relaxed and fluid under pressure. He has a clear and gentle way of imprinting alternative skilful patterns so the body can recover a more unified lifeaffirmingway of being.”
Wendy Palmer | Founder of Conscious Embodiment | USA

“Working with Paul has transformed my coaching practice and my life. His teaching is masterful. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with him – the insights and
clear meaningful application will change the way you live and work”
Fiona Buckland | Life coach and embodied facilitator | UK

“Paul teaches you practical, life-applicable skills. His instructions are easy to understand and follow. He is kind, brilliant, funny as hell, and you’re guaranteed to learn while laughing. He doesn’t teach by preaching, but by showing, so you’ll be learning through direct experience, with insights from your own feelings, in your own body, which is the kind of learning that sticks with you.”
Tana Saler | Coach & Teacher | Ontario, Canada


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.


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