Studio Relief

Studio Relief provides a free set of online classes that yoga studios can give their members in exchange for ongoing membership dues, during the Coronavirus outbreak. The resources are offered freely for as long as the crisis lasts.

Any studio can ask for a code for the classes to pass onto members, on the condition that it is shared freely, and that the studio continues to pay their existing teachers at least their base-rate during the crisis.

If you would like to offer something you must be an established teacher with high-quality pre-existing content to offer, if this is you please use the form below regarding offering online courses.

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What are the studios or teachers offering?

*Each studio is offering at least one of these options, see more details on their websites below.

Live yoga classes or workshops

Recorded yoga sessions

Community and connection in times of crisis

Private online groups

Which teachers and studios are offering

Brea Johnson – Mobility-focused and heart centred yoga

We’re happy to share unlimited access to the Heart + Bones online yoga studio. 150+ classes that focus on mobility over flexibility- an approach to yoga that you can trust is good for your body. Classes from 5-minutes to 1-hour with creative sequences, kind and playful movements. Yoga for real life, and real bodies. 

Brea Johnson | Canada

Jambo Dragon

Bring Jambo, Forrest Guardian, to you with this unique library of yoga practices and meditations. Jambo’s practices are Forrest-Inspired and based on patterns of anatomy & physiology, so you can modify and make each practice unique to you.
Jambo Truong | London, UK

David Swenson

ALL of my original content is now available in a digitized format. It is available on my website. You will find a variety of choices for paid content as well as plenty of free programing. I hope that you find this to be of some benefit to supporting your home practice! Take good care of yourself, your loved ones and lets do our best to support each other

YouTube Channel with FREE content.
Short discussions, a 15 minute Short Form routine, a Full Flowing First Series and guided relaxations to help to remain calm:

Do Your Practice. Feel Good. Share the Love!

David Swenson | USA

Jenni Rawlings

Gain unlimited access to Jenni’s full online yoga class library, which includes yoga classes from Jenni and several other movement science-based teachers she admires. The 100+ classes in Jenni’s library range in level of challenge (gentle, active, & strong), length of time (20-60 minutes), and style (vinyasa flow, strength-based, restorative, gentle, etc.) See all of Jenni’s website here or click on the button below to access her offer.
Jenni Rawlings | USA

art of motion Contemporary Pilates & Slings Myofascial Training

Founder and educational director of art of motion Academy, Karin Gurtner, is the developer of Slings Myofascial Training, an integrative movement concept which includes Anatomy Trains in Motion. She offers a fine selection of functionally choreographed movement sequences. Each seamlessly flowing movement sequence is balanced in itself and has a progressive counterpart – both for variety and to cater to different skill levels and daily forms:

Foundation: Dynamic Spiralling & Balancing
Advanced: Dynamic Spiralling & Balancing
Foundation: Tone, Massage & Release
Advanced: Tone, Massage & Release

Karin Gurtner | Switzerland

Somatic Groundwork

Somatic Groundwork is a movement meditation that explores the shape-shifting of our body architecture through moving awareness.  Through the qualities of yielding and listening, Somatic Groundwork cultivates sensory refinement and the presence of natural be-ing.

Kaila June | USA

Brahmani Yoga (flowing style)
Julie Martin is offering access to her embodied yoga masterclasses from her online school – mostly filmed during her Level 2 Teacher Training or advanced workshops. There masterclasses (over 1 hour long) on offer are:

  1. Hip Strength
  2. Upper Back Strength
  3. Releasing the back line of the body into forward bends
  4. Opening and strengthening the side body

You’ll also find short inspirational videos there too! All these videos are designed to empower your practice and encourage you to find freedom in movement, break free of dogmas and embrace and embodied yoga practice. They are aimed towards yoga teachers but anyone can join in and practice with Julie.

Julie Martin | Goa, India / USA

Leslie Kaminoff  – Yoga Anatomy

STUDENTS: Ever wanted to experience a yoga practice that was custom-designed for you?

Join Leslie Kaminoff, internationally best-selling co-author of Yoga Anatomy, as he guides you through specifically designed yoga practices to help you become the expert on your own body. Through the breath and asana sequences, you’ll learn how to decode the wisdom of your body so you can create a personal practice that’s exactly what you need in any moment.

TEACHERS: All of the above + free resources for upgrading your teaching.
STUDIO OWNERS: Planning a YTT? Let us create a free 30-day preview membership for you to our specifically designed teacher training plugin (meets all new YA requirements.)

Leslie Kaminoff | USA


These daily yoga practices range from 10-45 minutes. 
Following biomechanical principles, you will learn both how to do the movement as well as what to avoid. 
Here’s to coming through this crisis better than you went in. 

Susi Hately | Canada

Mark Walsh – Embodied Yoga Principles

26 Yoga posture videos to inspire your practice with psychological depth to help take yoga off your mat into the whole of your life.
Mark Walsh | Brighton, UK

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