Event: March 23rd 2019

Online event: Yoga for your whole life

March 23rd 2019
Drop in and out – classes through the day

Yoga is clearly helpful for wellbeing and influences all of our life. We can however maximise this impact and make better links between our asana practice and our work, relationships and family.

This day is about increasing the effectiveness about how you get yoga “off the mat” and making it impactful for what you most care about.

This is yoga for your life not your hamstrings.

All calls will be recorded, so if you miss them you can watch afterwards


Who this event is for

Experienced and intermediate yogi’s who’d like to
• gain practical tools for linking asana to daily life
• enrich their practice with psychological depth and insight
• gain tips for sharing this with others

More info about the teachers and the event here: https://embodiedfacilitator.com/yoga-life/


Invitation from the hosts – Vidyadasa and Mark Walsh

It’s a pleasure for us to invite you to participate in this event to explore yoga and embodied yoga principles.

It will be an excellent opportunity to learn transformative embodiment practices for everyday living with skilled practitioners.

Online technology now makes it easier for people to connect with practices, and people trying to find a way through modern life’s challenges. Gain inspiration and support to create or sustain an embodied yoga practice to make changes in your life.

We invite you to join us with these excellent teachers on a one-day event together.



Date: March 23rd  2019

Time: All day, schedule and updates here: https://embodiedfacilitator.com/yoga-life/

Venue: Online Zoom calls

Cost: Early bird rate £15  – Regular rate £40



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