The 6 best Trauma and Social Justice video recordings from the 2018 The Embodiment Conference

Betsy Polatin

Betsy Polatin - Trauma and Quick Embodiment Wins

In this very colourful interview from TEC2018, Betsy takes you into the joy of working with the body in a broad field, especially with actors, musicians and dancers.

Betsy Polatin

David Berceli - Bringing the Body Back to Therapy

David is the creator of Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE), Psychotherapist and therapeutic Bodywork and has a background in humanitarian work and conflict. In this interview he touches base on the universality of trauma and how to get the body back into therapy.


Amber Elisabeth Gray - Right to Embody: Dance Movement Therapy in Complex Humanitarian Contexts

Equality activist, academic, artist, therapist, dancer, teacher, Dr. Amber Elizabeth Gray moves from a diverse landscape of embodied experience and merges compassion, cultural consideration and polyvagal theory in this practical session with the title “Right to Embody”.


Irene Lyon - Working with Trauma

Irene Lyon is one of the world’s leading experts in working with trauma. In this interview she touches base on what trauma actually is, she explores together with Mark Walsh how events affects the person’s body-systems and what allows them to process the situation, which another person with a different body-system would have tipped over.

Betsy Polatin

Paul Linden and Stephen Kotev - Embodied Peacemaking

Paul Linden developed the approach of Embodied Peacemaking whil Stephen Kotev works since 20 years with conflict resolution In this session they will take you on a journey of conflict, peace and the body.

Betsy Polatin

Diane Musho Hamilton - The world of Mediation

Diane is an author, meditator, Zen teacher, and pioneer of Integral Spirituality. Above all of that she is gentle soul with decades of experience in conflict resolution and mediation and a very wise woman worth listening to.


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