• Know what you’re trying to do. Clear aims matter.
  • Being is more important than tools. Embody what you’re teaching.
  • Any training is a cycle. The beginning is not the middle, and the middle is not the end. This flow matters (eg building trust and authority early, and helping people get clear take-aways at the end).
  • Give clear instructions, involving a ‘how’ that a ten-year-old could grasp.
  • Speak the truth. I don’t just mean, ‘don’t lie’.
  • Have a plan.
  • Listen and adapt what you’re doing in the present moment. Don’t just follow a plan or do yesterday’s training.
  • Take what you do seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously. Humour is a powerful tool
  • Culture matters. We’re not all the same and that Tony Robbins American shit won’t work here.
  • Try not to fuck anyone.
  • A little love goes a long way.



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