The Embodiment Podcast

Conversational explorations of all things embodied – yoga, trauma, martial arts, body therapy, dance, improv, tantra, bodywork, culture etc; featuring interviews with leaders from around the world, practical tips, adult language and immature humour.

With Mark Walsh

Founder of The Embodied Facilitator CourseEmbodied Yoga Principles, Integration Training and The Embodiment Podcast

and with Allison Lindsay

Business Psychologist, Embodied Coach and Breathworker. A graduate of the Embodied Facilitator Course, she runs the School for Wellbeing, working internationally but based in London.

414. Embodiment Unlimited News – With Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh gives his update on what's new, improved and coming up in the global Embodiment Unlimited community.  Gems: best videos, expert teaching, resources for embodiment students, free coaching, subscriptions, Ukriane and lots, lots more.  Visit the Best...

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412. Embodied philosophy – With Ligia Koijen Ramos

Embodied philosopher Ligia joins Mark Walsh to talk skateboarding with Kant, ways of learning, systems thinking, embodied ethics, bodily boundaries, individual vs collective ethics, fear and denial of death, what is happiness, conformity, Dutch culture, and critical...

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411. Extreme Trauma Ukraine – With David Berceli

Trauma Releasing Exercises founder David Berceli joins Mark Walsh to for a dialogue to discuss shaking, shock, war, leadership, bomb shelters, extreme situations, complicated terminology, natural healing, self deception, dark humour, modern vs archaic, and...

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410. Yoga is Wrong – With Michael Taylor

  Yoga and movement teacher Michael Taylor joins Mark Walsh to discuss loss, cancer, extreme sports, martial arts, yoga and yoga frustration, cult control, "softness", creativity, joy, his wife Tara Stiles, trauma and yoga, and completing his own healing journey....

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409. Meditation and Embodiment – With Neil McKinlay

Embodied meditation teacher Neil joins Mark Walsh to talk definitions of meditation and embodiment. Intermediate mistakes, Gom, Pema Chrodron, fluidity and rigidity in practise, the postmodern age, meditation technology, committing to a teacher, why meditate,...

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408. Born to Thrive – With Bryan Reeves and Patricia

Patricia talks with Bryan truth, relating, relationships and about thriving and how embodiment practices allow integration, presence and connection. Book "Choose Her Every Day" Book "Tell the Truth" Amazon [iframe...

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407. The Franklin Method – With Eric Franklin

Founder of the Franklin Method Eric joins me to discuss injuries, use of imagery, inner vs outer focus, embodied anatomy, evolution, posture and mood, self massage, sciatica, breath work, teaching online, trauma and more. A really interesting and practical one. ...

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403. The Movement Matrix – With Paul Pui Wo Lee

Feldenkrais teacher Paul joins me to talk ballet, the dance profession, the "magic" of dance, meaning, how we discovered Feldenkrais, feedback loops, self care, dignity, choice in the nervous system, aware sex, the matrix. An inspiring thoughtful yet fun one. ...

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Special Episode – Ukraine

Mark Walsh talks about how we are assisting in Ukraine and how you can stay in touch or help via our crowdfunder page. Sane Ukraine - Crowdfunder[iframe style="border:none"...

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401. Embodiment Music & Grief – With Alex King-Harris

Embodied entrepreneur and music producer Alex joins me to discuss music, the magic and healing of music, "yoga music", Yogitunes, being a yoga rock star, original play, identity, parenting, men's work, grief, "village life", dying well, and the end of our...

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400. SPECIAL EPISODE the 400th

In this episode I introduce the three new podcast hosts, we take a look back and a look forward. Also, details of the latest giveaways. [iframe style="border:none"...

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399. Disturbing Anatomy – With Gil Hedley

Anatomy teacher Gill joins me to talk, Holism, mechanical models, how we cut things up, what's normally left out, vagina awe, diversity in anatomy, tone, habits and personality, technology and his mission. Some anatomy surprises here!

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398. Trauma recovery and bodywork – With Kathy Kain

Kathy Kain joins Allison Lindsay to talk about trauma and the body, the impact of the pandemic and working with trauma online, embodiment practices to build resilience, the power of an intentional touch, epigenetics, the connection between trauma and disease, and ways...

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397. Voice – With Leslie Helpert

Vocologist Leslie Helpert joins me to discuss sacred music, what "voice" actually is, how voice helps us tune in, being an instrument, self-criticism, why we're embarrassed by our own voice, the three layers of voice, breath warm-ups, "false holds", voice preferences,...

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