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with Mark Walsh

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215. Theatrical Poo Wizardry – With Atlas Talisman

Game designer and theatre director Atlas joins us to talk martial arts, what makes New Zealand special, Maori warrior culture, Open World Theatre, rewilding, "no training", personas and identity, immersive games and designing your own martial art. A lively, fun but...

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Body electric, embodiment poem – with Mark Walsh

A poem that combine many of the most famous quotes on the body from around the world - an extract form the upcoming book Embodiment - Moving Beyond Mindfulness [iframe style="border:none"...

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214. Ethical marketing – with Tad Hargrave

Conscious marketing leader Tad joins me to discus pricing, "collapse vs posturing", what a market is, why so many people have an issue with marketing, sales rip offs, unethical "arousing", networking, good will, sustainable sales, finding clients who are a good fit...

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213. Embodied Teens – With Susan Bauer

Author of The Embodied Teen Susan joins me to talk experiential anatomy, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and BMC, Janet Adler, Mary Whitehouse and authentic movement, Bali, how she started working with teens, adaptions to this and other groups, misperceptions of the body,...

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212. Biodanza, needs and giraffes – with Tracy Seed

Coach and trainer Tracy Seed joins me to discuss sober raves, therapy, grief, NonViolent Communication, requests, observations vs. judgements, the power of empathy, biodanza, giraffes vs. jackals, biocentric movement, generative postures, NLP and modelling,...

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Book extracts – with Mark Walsh

This a special podcast where I read extracts from my upcoming book Embodiment - Moving beyond mindfulness. Enjoy! [iframe style="border:none"...

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211. Body, touch & paradox – With Kai Ehrhardt

Body IQ founder Kai joins me to discuss touch vs sexual needs, addiction, Middendorf breath work, true value of somatics, Continuum and Emily Conrad, the freeing power and paradox of awareness, use of sound, felt vs directed approaches to somatics, his Somatic...

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210. What Yoga Isn’t – With Simon Borg-Olivier

Experienced yoga teacher Simon joins me from Australia to discuss his yoga journey, physiotherapy, the nervous system, bodyhacking, what "traditional" yoga is, practicing in "the bush", mallakhamb, Indian martial arts, problems with the word "yoga", the basic...

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209. Social Presencing – with Arawana Hayashi

Social presencing theatre founder Arawana joins me to discuss her Japanese roots, The Shambhala tradition, innovation, communalism vs. individualism, Theory U and Otto Scharmer, constellations, intuition, working with organisations, working with people with...

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208. Special Yoga for Special Kids – with Jyoti Manuel

Special Yoga Founder Jyoti Manuel joins Maud and shares her extensive experience in leveraging yoga towards the inclusion of kids with special needs, and supporting paediatric professionals, teachers and teaching support staff to offer therapeutic interventions...

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207. Men’s Groups – with Owen Marcus

Men's work leader Owen Marcus joins us to discuss working with men for 25 years, Rolfing, Hakomi and body types, dyspraxia, autism spectrum conditions, Stephen Porges, men's groups, what's missing for men today, emotional intelligence for men, our tribal roots, what...

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206. Embodied Excellence – with Mark Walsh

In this special episode I discuss what makes for excellence in the embodied training field with members of the Embodied Facilitator Course community. An excellent one for the training geeks and anyone looking at doing the EFC course especially. ...

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205. Life and breath – With Max Strom

Yoga teacher and breath-worker Max joins me to discuss hatha yoga, the purpose of yoga, conscious vs unconscious breathing, anxiety, how the USA has changed, loneliness, "The Blitz spirit" and social cohesion, sports violence, ethics, morality, Nazis and communists,...

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202. Stone-age practice- with Joseph Bartz

Holistic mover Joseph joins me to chat parkour, practice, why we train, discipline, play and goal orientation, his school outside Berlin, the fundamentals of being human, the importance of craft, agency and creation, what's lost in modern life, Hipster hunting, "time...

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201. Sex and trauma – with Charna Cassell

Somatic sex therapist Charna Cassell joins me to discuss trauma and sex. This one gets quite full-on in places and could be triggering. We chat about childhood trauma, windows of tolerance, numbing, hyper-arousal, the six F's, being gay, sexual self-medication,...

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200. Special 200th episode – with Mark Walsh

Special 200th episode where my friend and colleague Neil interview me, with questions form you! We get personal, professional and profound…and also talk quite a lot of c**p. Enjoy!

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199. Dance and yoga – with Julian Walker

Dance teacher and yogi Julian joins me from LA to discuss bodymind education. We discuss the freedom in yoga, bodywork, conscious dance, spiritual bypassing, Ken Wilber and integral theory, relational and verbal integration, the function of different classes, verbal...

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