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Conversational explorations of all things embodied – yoga, trauma, martial arts, body therapy, dance, improv, tantra, bodywork, culture etc; featuring interviews with leaders from around the world, practical tips, adult language and immature humour.

With Mark Walsh

Founder of The Embodied Facilitator CourseEmbodied Yoga Principles, Integration Training and The Embodiment Podcast

and with Allison Lindsay

Business Psychologist, Embodied Coach and Breathworker. A graduate of the Embodied Facilitator Course, she runs the School for Wellbeing, working internationally but based in London.

266. Asymmetric Vibrant Spirals – With Judith Aston

Embodiment LEGEND Judith Aston joins me to discuss dance, Ida Rolf, corrective models, asymmetry, the foot, imposing mental models, spirals, external factors and embodiment, pronating, getting to the deepest layers of the body, matching movement, being of service,...

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265. Mindful sex – with Jessica Graham

Mindfulness teacher, actress and sex educator Jessica joins me to discuss having your life destroyed by meditation, addiction, spiritual superiority, dark nights of the soul, sexual misconduct, the unexamined corners of our life, knowing what you like, vanilla vs....

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263. Flow coaching – with Eirik Skarholt

Mindbody health specialist Eirik joins me from Norway, we discuss the erosion of health authority, snowboarding, state regulation, the yin and yang of coaching, the power of silence, Donald Trump, establishing rapport and trust, being of service, flow coaching, being...

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262. Somatic drug dealing – With Niraj Naik

Legal drug dealer and founder of Soma Breath joins me to talk pharmacy, Tony Robbins, illness and wellbeing, the power of music, the liberating power of Psychedelics, holistic pharmacies, problems with the NHS, dogma, veganism, how breathwork works, "soma", Tantra,...

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261. A Gender War Truce – with Ilan Stephani

Embodiment teacher and ex-prostitute Ilan joins me to discuss COVID fight-flight, exhaustion and existential threat, her past life as a sex worker, the "shadow world", collective healing, shutting down, from women to men, gender wars, making men bad, collective...

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260. Breath Intimacy – With Anthony Abbagnano

Master breathworker Anthony joins me to talk breathing! We chat about kids experiments with breathing, holotropic breathwork, rebirthing, the "second wave" of breathing now, breath intimacy, anxiety, trauma, healing vs. state changing, dangers on the path, travel,...

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259. The Tao of somatics – with Tony Zhou

Arts based somatic educator Tony joins me to discuss biomedical science, dance movement therapy, the three traditions of China - Taoism, Buddhism and Confucism, East vs West approaches to bodymind arts, what's different about teaching in China, the Tao, cooking, how...

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258. Death, Breath & Yoga – with Gary Kraftsow

Legendary yoga teacher Gary joins me to discuss, yoga therapy, self-care and COVID, breath work, Viniyoga, the multi-dimensional model of being human, breath-centric asana, sankya, lineage and innovation, preparing for death, resilience and loss, being happy and...

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257. Mindful Beats, Beethoven & Bauhaus – With Nico Roenpagel

Mindfulness teacher Nico joins me to discuss consciousness, the Berlin scene, dance music vs. conscious dance, how to look at art,  classical music, museums vs. computers, mindful listening, historical consciousness, the future of mindfulness and McMindfulness,...

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256. Samurai Fun – with Urs Jose Zuber

Swiss children's aikido teacher Urs joins me to talk martial arts, learning, how to work with kids in martial arts, body mind training, embodying peace, George Leonard's Samurai Game, Urs' aikido game, spiritual fondu and how to integrate practices as a generalist. An...

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255. Meditation For The End Times – with Miles Kessler

Meditation teacher Miles Kessler on the Israeli response, crisis meditation, enlightenment, humour, practice, moments of liberation, detachment, isolation, hard training and austerity, resilience, intimacy online, practice and Big Mind Meditation. Another wonderfully...

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254. COVID Small Business Tips – with Tad Hargrave

Ethical marketing teacher Tad returns to discuss the huge recent changes, niching, hubs, how to adapt, who shouldn't move online, adaptability, repurposing, sales funnels, "hubs", how to use word of mouth and more! Another super useful one....

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253. Embodied Yoga Conference – with Dr. Scott Lyons

Somatics teacher and director of the Embodied Yoga Summit joins me to talk how to make sense of the huge range of practices that exist, aikido, what is somatic/embodied yoga, the primary language of the felt sense, non-duality, Embodied Flow, activism and embodied...

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252. EMDR & Trauma – with Roger Mills

EMDR trauma therapist Roger joins me to discuss this effective approach. We discuss his therapeutic background, bank robberies, trauma and memory, a simple definition of trauma, reference experiences, SUDs, how EMDR works, evidence base, CBT, trauma misunderstandings...

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250. Authentic marketing – with George Kao

Ethical marketing teacher George joins me to discuss authentic marketing, alignment rather than convincing, marketing and calling, interruption marketing, "clean marketing", how do you know if you're authentic, refunds, crisis advice. An incredibly useful fast paced...

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COVID Calm project and courses update – with Mark Walsh

Mark talks about his new project - COVID Calm a free stress management hot-line for healthcare workers. More info: Also some new online events and free resources below.

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249. The end of narcissism – Plague dialogues 3

Philip Shepherd, Frey Faust, Rachel Blackman, Adam Wilder, Alexandra Vilvovskya, join me for another wonderful talk. We discuss lock down conditions, the rhythm of the virus, "saving the world", authority and civil liberties, government responses, the end of...

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248. Love in the time of COVID – with Chris Van der Weide

Tantra and intimacy teacher Chris joins me to discuss intimacy during the viral crisis. She gives us all some top tips on clear communication, pausing, NVC, separation and merging, sexual polarity, house dates, making time, surrender vs. victimhood, ways to improve...

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