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Conversational explorations of all things embodied – yoga, trauma, martial arts, body therapy, dance, improv, tantra, bodywork, culture etc; featuring interviews with leaders from around the world, practical tips, adult language and immature humour.

with Mark Walsh

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198. Nature dance & anatomy – with Lee Bolton & Jamus Wood

Founders of Embodied Presence Lee and Jamus join me to talk about working with partners, BMC, dance and contact improv, spiritual enquiry, experiential anatomy, the animal body, "safety" and support, trauma, growth vs healing, "grounding", the heart, nature "doing the...

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197. The deeper principles of movement – with Filippo Serra

Dancer and martial artist Filippo Sera joins us to talk Bruce Lee, martial arts, adaption, theatre, the expressive body performing to thousands, Axis Syllabus, deep principles, pleasure, getting learning "off the mat", contact improv dance, technical vs emotional,...

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196. Who’s body is it anyway? – with Liz Peters

Comedy improv teacher and confidence and communication writer Liz Peters joins me to discuss improvising, listening, presence, "yes and", what embodiment brings to improv, creativity, transfer of improv skills into life, form vs freedom, self-regulation, taking up...

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195. Embodiment & Addiction – with Mark Walsh

A special episode on addiction and the body where I share some personal experiences, discuss the link between embodiment and addiction, 12-step program and more. Useful if you or a loved one have addiction issues, or think that you may have. [iframe...

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194. Formative Embodiment – With James Feil

Formative Embodiment founder James Feil joins us to discuss Randolph Stone of Polarity Therapy, Cranio work and Franklyn Sills, Stanley Keleman and formative psychology, how we're present at the moment of conception, "insults to form", defaults of being, the...

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194. Formative Embodiment – With James Feil

Formative Embodiment founder James Feil joins us to discuss Randolph Stone of Polarity Therapy, Cranio work and Franklyn Sills, Stanley Keleman and formative psychology, how we're present at the moment of conception, "insults to form", defaults of being, the...

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192. Space Sensei Vibrations – With Ginny Whitelaw

Embodiment teacher and zen master Ginny Whitelaw joins me to discuss aikido, working at NASA, the space martial arts geek connection, leadership, disunity in American politics, three centres work, the importance of preference maps, "frequency", the science of...

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191. The Forgotten Harmony – with Philip Shepherd (from TEC)

When we strive to control self and world, we disconnect from the intelligence of the body. That places us in a state of personal imbalance. When we act from a state of inner imbalance, we can only have an imbalanced effect on the world around us. The big question...

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190. The Future of Embodiment – with Mark Walsh

Here are my musings on trends in embodiment and how the future will play out! I wax lyrical about politics, trauma, technology, integration vs the somatic supermarket and more. [iframe style="border:none"...

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Special offer on all products – with Mark Walsh

A special offer from Mark - he presents a special 80% off coupon code for all his products on his website; including ebooks, online courses and TEC recordings. Enjoy! [iframe style="border:none"...

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189. Hanna Somatics – With Gayatri Schriefer

Somatics teacher Gayatri joins me to discuss "the yoga of the west". We chat about its connection to Feldenkrais, what makes it unique, simplicity, motivating benefits, self connection and resilience, Russia and cross cultural teaching, women's work, somatic lack /...

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188. Bullshit, zombies & Meaning – John Vervaeke

Psychologist and cognitive scientist John Vervaeke joins me to discuss the body and the meaning crisis. We talk "ecologies of practice", flow, mindfulness, ways of learning, bullshit vs lies, Jordan Peterson, psycho-technologies, embodied mind, cultural group...

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187. Zen body – with Corey Hess

Zen practitioner and body worker Corey joins me to talk how bodies rebel, Gary Snyder, his time in the monastery, how Zen teachers move, meditation embodied, structural integration, structured vs unstructured traditions, Butoh, Noguchi Taiso, Zhan Zhuang, the many...

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186. State shifting – Dylan Newcomb (part 2.)

Dylan is back to talk Uzazu Embodied Intelligence. We discuss his map and the method for shifting states and building traits, general bs contextual embodiment, "safe bubbles", individual vs group work, several case studies, what really leads to change, the necessary...

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185. Embodied Consciousness – with Scott Lyons

Embodiment renaissance man Scott joins me to discuss integration of different modalities, working with Tara Judelle, non-dual Tantra, dual vs non-dual somatics, Embodied Flow yoga, language, putting together the Embodied Consciousness intensive, transmission,...

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184. Feminine beauty, power & shadow – with Maria Bailey

Venezuelan ex super-model turned Zen Monk Maria Bailey joins me today. We discuss modelling, objectification, Instagram and Facebook, presence, beauty, grace, South American culture, feminine power and shadow, victimhood and disempowering "awake in your whole body",...

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183. Special coaching demonstrations episode – with Mark Walsh

In this super episode of coaching sessions, Mark demonstrates a few situations - in the first session with Ken, where they explore authority with a couple of practices to take away. Then Alena explores an embodied approach to rest and work through body listening, in...

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182. Embodiment world – with Don Hanlon Johnson (from TEC)

Founder of the first graduate degree program in Somatics, author of "Bone, Breath and Gesture" - Don Hanlon Johnson is one of the Embodiment elders in the world. In this interview with Mark Walsh he will speak about the state of Embodiment in 2018, its development...

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181. Inter-generational trauma – with Nir Esterman

Trauma therapist Nir joins us to discuss cancer, The Grinberg Method, being from a family of Holocaust survivors, inter-generational trauma, epigenetic, survivors guilt, family constellations, projection and transference, shadow work, cultural differences, how...

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