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245. The plague dialogues 1 – Special

Rafe Kelley, Rae Johnson and Ilan Stephani join me to discuss the new reality we find ourselves in, the psychology of Corona fight-flight, relationships and intimacy now, creativity, predicting the future, nationalism, the power of touch, intergenerational trauma, and...

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244. Naked Bonobo Yoga – with Michael Gates 

Naked yoga teacher Michael joins me to discuss nudity, moving naked, body shame, Burning Man, The Bonobo Lodge, polyamory and monogamy, Sex at Dawn, consent, kink, The Wheel of Consent, shame and more. A sexy, open, free hanging one.

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My own health, and how to work online, new courses, support for yoga studios, an offer if you've had a course cancelled and more. [iframe style="border:none"...

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243. Play, death & money – with Marina Kronkvist

Play and connection teacher Marina joins us to discuss the nature of love, Ritual Play, how to play, play and sex, Fred Donaldson, erotic blueprints, sex positivity and sexual mismatches, agency, "death positivity", our relationship to money, "toxic money", people...

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242. Online vs. nature – With Rafe Kelley 2

Evolve Move Play Founder Rafe joins me to talk travelling workshops vs virtual, "ecologies" of practice, movement "food groups", parkour, shadow-sides of practice, do vs jitsu, fantasy and reality, indoor vs outdoor movement environments, biophilia, can online...

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241. Black Mirror Embodied – With Farsam Shadab

Integral tech teacher Farsam joins me to discuss the interplay between technology and consciousness. We chat East-West dynamics, Ken Wilber, social media, augmented reality, Black Mirror, virtual reality, Minority Report, technology that helps, Facebook evils,...

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240. Tai chi & club swinging – with Derek Notman

Internal martial arts and healing teacher Derek joins me to talk internal martial arts, martial arts as healthcare, language barriers, east vs. west maps of the body, fantasy and reality, "internal vs. external", analogies, "energy" and more. A good wide-ranging...

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239. Oppression, Somatics, Dorkerey – With Rae Johnson

Scholar practitioner Rae joins me to discuss somatic vs kinesthetics intelligence, Canada, oppression and trauma, systematic oppression, somatic micro aggressions, ethnicity, social justice hostility, class, neuro-queer, language policing, embodied ethics and moral...

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238. The Four Desires – with Rod Stryker

Yoga teacher Rod joins me to discuss what yoga is and isn't, the spiritual hunger, teaching vs "conducting", scandals, stillness, "living yoga", The Four Desires, The Bhagavad Gita, life purpose, Feldenkrais vs. yoga, life transfer, "flexibility", daydreaming, the...

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237. Resonant marketing – with Tad Hargrave #2

Tad is back to talk conscious marketing again, niching, “sales” funnels, resonance, safety and sustainability, pricing, risk and reputation, referrals, “trauma-sensitive” marketing, handshakes, tribal marketing, mercy, cultural poverty, and more! Another ESSENTIAL one...

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236. The end of trauma – With Steven Hoskinson

Trauma expert Steve joins me to talk trauma. We discuss his personal history, aikido, Organic Intelligence, what's trauma anyway, the state of the field today, biology, environmental and cultural impoverishment, what actually works, treatments, sensation and numbing,...

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234. Loving Marketing – with Mark Silver

Ethical marketing trainer and founder of Heart of Business Mark joins me to discuss business, the pain of marketing, "attraction" and love in marketing, barriers to marketing, the basics of marketing, LOVE, relationships and trust, the journeys of marketing, "safety"...

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233. The business of dance and therapy – With Erica Hornthal

Dance therapist Erica joins me to discuss dementia, speed and space, the underlying theory of dance therapy, the business of therapy, marketing and why we're bad at it, scarcity, social media, rejection, PR and much more! A useful one if you sell anything....

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232. Instant Effortless Mindfulness – with Loch Kelly

Mindfulness teacher Loch joins me to discuss altered states, sports, the slow vs. direct paths, instant effortless, opening awareness, therapy vs. meditation (growing up vs. waking up) and three different "pointing out exercises". Deep and useful....

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230. Sovereignty vs. victimhood – With Adam Wilder

Togetherness Festival founder Adam joins me to discuss fitting in, resentments, bagels, the wheel of consent and Betty Martin, sovereignty, noisy trains, individuation, purpose, choice, ghosting, civility, "patriarchy", female power, healing our own wounds, Portia...

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229. Yoga abuse & money – With Norman Blair

Experienced yoga teacher Norman joins me to talk industrial vs festival yoga, unions, the economics of yoga, egalitarian models of yoga, "traditional" yoga, yoga supervision and therapy, Bikram, abuse, leggings, yin yoga, fight-flight yoga, Hell Bent, totalitarian...

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228. freedomDANCE – with Alex Svoboda

Founder of freedomDANCE Alex joins me to discuss conscious dance vs. movement, the business of movement, the death of Gabrielle Roth, Russia and freedom, the felt sense of freedom, how often we need to dance, what conscious dance is actually for, Rainbow Rhythms, and...

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227. Open Floor – with Lori Saltzman and Kathy Altman

Two of the founders of Open Floor join me to discuss the interpretive imperative, the West's rediscovery of free dance, open sourcing and the Creative Commons, the "university" model, sociocracy, connection as the key purpose of Open Floor, boundaries, dance-floor as...

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