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Conversational explorations of all things embodied – yoga, trauma, martial arts, body therapy, dance, improv, tantra, bodywork, culture etc; featuring interviews with leaders from around the world, practical tips, adult language and immature humour.

with Mark Walsh

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188. Bullshit, zombies & Meaning – John Vervaeke

Psychologist and cognitive scientist John Vervaeke joins me to discuss the body and the meaning crisis. We talk "ecologies of practice", flow, mindfulness, ways of learning, bullshit vs lies, Jordan Peterson, psycho-technologies, embodied mind, cultural group...

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187. Zen body – with Corey Hess

Zen practitioner and body worker Corey joins me to talk how bodies rebel, Gary Snyder, his time in the monastery, how Zen teachers move, meditation embodied, structural integration, structured vs unstructured traditions, Butoh, Noguchi Taiso, Zhan Zhuang, the many...

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186. State shifting – Dylan Newcomb (part 2.)

Dylan is back to talk Uzazu Embodied Intelligence. We discuss his map and the method for shifting states and building traits, general bs contextual embodiment, "safe bubbles", individual vs group work, several case studies, what really leads to change, the necessary...

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185. Embodied Consciousness – with Scott Lyons

Embodiment renaissance man Scott joins me to discuss integration of different modalities, working with Tara Judelle, non-dual Tantra, dual vs non-dual somatics, Embodied Flow yoga, language, putting together the Embodied Consciousness intensive, transmission,...

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184. Feminine beauty, power & shadow – with Maria Bailey

Venezuelan ex super-model turned Zen Monk Maria Bailey joins me today. We discuss modelling, objectification, Instagram and Facebook, presence, beauty, grace, South American culture, feminine power and shadow, victimhood and disempowering "awake in your whole body",...

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183. Special coaching demonstrations episode – with Mark Walsh

In this super episode of coaching sessions, Mark demonstrates a few situations - in the first session with Ken, where they explore authority with a couple of practices to take away. Then Alena explores an embodied approach to rest and work through body listening, in...

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182. Embodiment world – with Don Hanlon Johnson (from TEC)

Founder of the first graduate degree program in Somatics, author of "Bone, Breath and Gesture" - Don Hanlon Johnson is one of the Embodiment elders in the world. In this interview with Mark Walsh he will speak about the state of Embodiment in 2018, its development...

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181. Inter-generational trauma – with Nir Esterman

Trauma therapist Nir joins us to discuss cancer, The Grinberg Method, being from a family of Holocaust survivors, inter-generational trauma, epigenetic, survivors guilt, family constellations, projection and transference, shadow work, cultural differences, how...

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180. Circling – with Guy Sengstock

Circling founder Guy joins me to discuss childhood weightlifting, masculine excess and surrender, the beginnings of Circling, inter-subjective mediation, listening, conflict, being "weird", the dance conversation, technology and communication, Martin Buber's I and...

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179. Spiral Dynamics – with Christopher Cooke

Stage development consultant Christopher joins me to discuss Clare Grave's Spiral Dynamics. We talk integral consciousness, life conditions, drug use, human emergence, "autistic" learning style, agriculture and the environment, misunderstandings of developmental...

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177. Jewish mysticism – With Gavriel Strauss

Jewish mystical specialist Gavriel joins me today. We discuss the Jewish tradition and its more Mystical side, exploring such topics as: trauma (ancestral and personal), Shabbat, Passover, the relevance of Judaism to everyone, the essence of the Jewish practice, the...

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176. Coaching and embodiment – with Mark Walsh

A solo one where I go though the main models, tips and tools I use for coaching with the body. I describe the main skill-sets involved and offer practical techniques. [iframe style="border:none"...

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175. Creative yet rigorous – With Dieter Rehberg

Somatic movement therapist Dieter joins me to discuss the Central European tradition, innovation, expressive dance, beginners vs intermediate teaching, operational language, Buddhist mind theory, self-organising, dialogue, "jamming", somatic movement coaching, what...

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174. Body tripping – with Andrew Venezia

Psychedelic trip guide Andrew joins me to discuss his work, "set and setting", dosage, the 60's, safety, integrating states, ibogaine, increasing extremity, the relationship of the body to psychedelics, trauma, are some substances more "bodily", the guided tripping...

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173. Magik and measurement – with Adrian Cox

Yoga teacher Adrian joins me to discuss going from drug addiction to practice. We talk Rick Astley, Thailand, what magik is, intention, ritual, the "law" of attraction, the elements, angels, modern postural yoga, rebirthing and breath-work, does yoga make you wiser,...

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172. Somatics 2.0 – With Jamie McHugh

Somatic movement specialist Jamie McHugh joins me to talk creative dance, community dance, Laban movement choirs, Anna Halprin, online work, the "basic 5", developmental movement, the body politic, humane technology, busyness, "digesting" information, feeling safe and...

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171. Love, loss and levels – with Ken Wilber

Integral philosopher Ken Wilber joins me for a deeply personal as well as cerebral interview. Ken opens up about his life, loves, body practices, obsessive search for integration and the state of world politics. Heart and head, an epic interview. ...

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170. Stalking Psoas – with Liz Koch

Psoas queen Liz Koch joins us to discuss the "muscle of the soul". We talk body as process, language of the body, cannibalism, anatomy vs embryology, fight-flight, car seats, birth, sex, modern disconnection and more. [iframe...

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169. Hakomi – with Jaci Hull

Body therapist Jaci Hull joins me to discuss the Hakomi Method of Mindfulness-Cantered Somatic Therapy. We discuss the weird name, it's basic methods like "taking over", tracking and contact statements; underlying emotions, nourishment and satisfaction, relational...

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