The Embodiment Podcast

with Mark Walsh

In-depth explorations of yoga, martial arts, body therapy, dance, theatre, bodywork and other embodied topics; featuring expert guests from around the world, practical tips and experiential exercises.

The 4 Elements – Mark Walsh

On this episode I lay out a classic embodiment model - the four elements. I take listeners through an experiential test of their preferences and show uses across a wide range of domains form business training, to team building, to relationships, communication and...

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87. Sensual Renaissance Yoga – with Jacopo Ceccarelli

Jacopo joins us from Florence to discuss his yoga travels in India, Italian yoga, expressiveness vs. discipline, fluidity and health, straight lines vs. spirals, softness, Ortho-Bionomy, counselling, integrating East and West, anatomy, business as a creative practice,...

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86. Juicy Love – with Lin Holmquist

Tantra and yoga teacher Lin joins us to get juicy! She talks about the painful start of embodiment, ecstatic birth, what tantra is, power and abuse, expanding life, international sexuality (Sweden vs USA vs India vs Brazil vs Thailand), sex education, Deida's 3...

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85. CrossFit Christianity – with Greg Amundson

Greg joins the show to talk police work, the warrior archetype, ongoing training, presence, CrossFit (he's a pretty big deal in that world), competitive exercise, intensity, principles over technique, mental training, the power of the word, Christianity, Krav Maga,...

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84. Trauma, politics and culture – with Irene Lyon

Nervous system specialist and therapeutic coach Irene joins me to describe her journey though physio and Feldenkrais into trauma work. We discuss mini-traumas, developmental trauma, safety overuse of the word "trauma", Bruce Perry, the vagus nerve, Gabor Maté,...

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83. Provocation Below The Neck – with Joseph Riggio 

Joseph joins us from New Jersey to talk NLP, dog training, communication, state management, influence, how our stories impact us, somatic narratives, how ideas live in us, changing minds, Joseph Campbell, "organ language", what's "practical", consumer embodiment, The...

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82. Democratising Embodiment – with Monika Gross

Alexander Technique teacher and founder of The Poise Project, Monika Gross joins Mark to discuss theatre, what is the Alexander Technique, being a First Person Expert, socio-economic and cultural factors in embodiment, language barriers to practice, how to access...

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81. Polyamorous Acrobatics – with Adrian Iselin 

Adrian and Mark join to chat acro yoga, intimacy. They cover what yoga is, the psychology of partner yoga, social media and the rise of the visual, working with expectations and fear, "kink", sex positivity, polyamory, abundance vs. deficiency, communication and...

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80. Shame – with Marcela Widrig

Marcela talks about her somatic start with The Grinberg Method, how we rely on old patterns, learning vs. release models of bodywork, and how attention is trapped. Then she and Mark get into shame, rage, Brené Brown, cultural sham, offence, social judgement, trauma,...

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Experiments and looking back – with Mark Walsh

This special episode overviews the other episodes so far, and I offer practice experiments to enrich your life! Try one and let us all know on the Facebook group how it went. I cover a lot of ground on this one! Excellent for people wanting to go beyond just listening...

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79. Money Movement – with Evangelos Diavolitsis

Evangelos joins Mark from Canada to discuss The 5Rhythms, the 5R map as medicine wheel, why it isn't mainstream, shame, relationships, renunciation, and new for the podcast MONEY. He talks about psychological, historical and embodied patterns around money, how this...

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78. Learning Ninja – with Simon Yeo

Ninja master Simon Yeo Sensei joins the podcast to describe what ninjutsu is and isn't, the middle aged peak and the dangers of old teachers, ninja history, Hatsumi Sensei, traditional vs. modern martial art, the pros and cons of sparing, ground fighting, reality...

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77. Therapy and Yoga  – with Mariana Caplan 

Author, therapist, yoga teacher Mariana Caplan joins the show to discuss psychological healing, spiritual longing, bypassing, why yoga needs therapy and therapy needs yoga, guru scandals, premature enlightenment fantasies, doing the personal work as a teacher, trauma,...

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76. The Yoga Media Industrial Complex – with Kat Heagberg

Yoga International Editor Kat joins Mark to discuss, dance, performance bodies, publishing, celebrity, "being good at yoga", discrimination, body image, men in yoga, teaching online, identity, play and the whole yoga industry.

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75. The Politics of Practice – with Carol Horton 

Writer, academic and yoga teacher Carol Horton joins Mark to chat politics, guru abuse, yoga life skills, yoga history Forest Yoga, trauma informed yoga and much more. Cerebral episode.   [iframe style="border:none"...

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74. Mindful Texting – with Constance Clare-Newman

Alexander Technique teacher Constance joins Mark to discuss dressage (horses and stuff), what is the AT, who does it, poise, how has the technique changed since it was founded, its many applications, performance, reducing pain, benefits of 1-1 work, the economics of...

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73. Psychotic Yoga Bunnies – with Anneke Sips 

Yoga therapist Anneke Sips joins Mark to explain what yoga therapy is and how it works. They talk mental health, psychosis, cultural and personal adaptation, yoga as coaching, inclusivity and acceptance, working with teenagers and with the military, counter...

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72. Shamanic Dance – with Ya’Acov Darling Khan 

Co-founder of Movement Medicine Ya'Acov Darling Khan joins Mark to discuss shamanism  cultural destruction and the noble savage, paganism, intuition  body wisdom, resourcing from nature, tree hugging  body intelligence  unconscious dance, the benefits of dance,...

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71. Mindful Strength – with Kathryn Bruni-Young

Can strength training be more mindful than yoga?  Kathryn Bruni-Young joins the show to say yes! She and Mark discuss being second generation teachers, Canadian yoga history, her mindful strength workshops, confidence building, trauma, why alignment makes us weak,...

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70. Gender wars and sex robots  – with Anita Teresa

Anita and Mark have a heated but good humoured debate on gender and embodied sexuality. They talk sex robots, sex education, slut-shaming and how to overcome sex shame, the gender wars, trauma, #metoo, ball-less men, biology vs. social influence, porn, matriarchal...

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