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with Mark Walsh

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171. Love, loss and levels – with Ken Wilber

Integral philosopher Ken Wilber joins me for a deeply personal as well as cerebral interview. Ken opens up about his life, loves, body practices, obsessive search for integration and the state of world politics. Heart and head, an epic interview. ...

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170. Stalking Psoas – with Liz Koch

Psoas queen Liz Koch joins us to discuss the "muscle of the soul". We talk body as process, language of the body, cannibalism, anatomy vs embryology, fight-flight, car seats, birth, sex, modern disconnection and more. [iframe...

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169. Hakomi – with Jaci Hull

Body therapist Jaci Hull joins me to discuss the Hakomi Method of Mindfulness-Cantered Somatic Therapy. We discuss the weird name, it's basic methods like "taking over", tracking and contact statements; underlying emotions, nourishment and satisfaction, relational...

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168. Embodied Relating – with John Thompson 

The co-founder of Circling Europe John Thompson joins me to discuss his beginnings as an integral tennis coach, postmodernism, "quadrants", Circling, intuition, connection, relating, surrendered leadership, being in the moment, facts vs opinions, and the current "take...

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166. Working with trauma – with Irene Lyon (from TEC)

Irene Lyon is one of the world's leading experts in working with trauma. In this interview she touches base on what trauma actually is, she explores together with Mark Walsh how events affects the person's body-systems and what allows them to process the situation,...

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165. Why embodiment – why Womanhood? – with Susie Heath

Coach trainer and women's embodiment teacher Susie joins me to discuss coaching, Tony Robbins, dance, why work with embodiment, "transformation", practice, state to trait, being a woman in a yang world, "femininity", the lead edge, young women and the commodification...

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164. Zen and meditation – with Diane Musho Hamilton (from TEC)

Diane is a zen teacher and highly skilled mediator and facilitator. In this interview with Mark Walsh, she talks about how the body and mindful awareness is crucial for conflict resolution, shadow playing out in conflict and zen. Please note this is the audio of an...

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163. Posture and trauma – With Betsy Polatin

Alexander technique teacher and trauma educator Betsy joins me today. We discuss her background in dance, how she discovered trauma work, Somatic Experiencing and Peter Levine, why somatic practitioners need to know about trauma, somatic influence, Stephen Porges,...

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162. Food, men and money – with Charles Eisenstein 

Writer and environmental activist Charles joins me to discuss the story and consequences of disconnection. We cover many topics that connect to this such as community, masculinity, objectification, the gift economy, feminine rage, control, myth and more. A deep...

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161. Leadership Embodiment – with Wendy Palmer (from TEC)

In this very practical session with easy and down to earth instructions, Wendy is bringing Aikido and Mindfulness together. Out of that she developed a model of embodiment leadership used successfully for many years within big companies and organizations. Please note...

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160. Integral Ethics – with Roger Walsh

Spiritual author and integral thinker Roger Walsh joins me to discuss his Australian athletic abilities, Californian awakenings, Ken Wilber, the feast of spirituality in the modern world and the traps that come with that, the importance of teachers, his book essential...

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158. Embodied Meditation – with Mark Walsh

A solo one where I overview the body and meditation as a topic, talk about some common techniques, different schools, principles, posture, and what makes meditation "embodied" or not. [iframe style="border:none"...

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157. Action somatics – with Martha Eddy

Dancer and somatic movement therapist Dr Martha Eddy joins us to discuss her background growing up in inner city New York with social activist parents, modern dance, Rudolf Laban, Bartenieff, Isodora Duncan, theatre, Bodymind Centring and Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen,...

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156. Beyond Power Poses – Dylan Newcomb Pt 1

Uzazu founder Dylan joins us to discuss dance and sound, embodiment vs mindfulness, vowel sounds, maps of space in embodiment, state shifting and states vs traits, Amy Cuddy and her critics, the vagus nerve, academic and artistic trends, why "be here now" is...

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155. Special episode – upcoming teachers and events in the UK

We are hosting many great events this year in Brighton, UK including master coach Dr Joseph Riggio in April, we have EYP Teacher Trainings in the UK and the US, also hosting a two day trauma workshop by Betsy Polatin in May and a day workshop by Philip Shepherd. Then...

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154. Trauma and Community – Christa Cocciole

Dance therapist Christa Cocciole joins me to discuss what dance therapy is and psychiatric work. We chat role modelling, Berlin, embodiment history, trauma work in Bosnia, divided cities, window of tolerance, the "Coke" trauma model, NGO psychology, epigenetic,...

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153. Think Bigger, Think Better – with Paul Gibbons

Consultant, sceptical podcaster and poker player Paul Gibbons joins me to talk religion, rationality, embodied leadership, training assessment, corporate culture, Trump, intuition, bias, thinking errors and more. A useful one for anyone who wants to think bigger and...

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152. Healing Headaches – with Jan Mundo 

Headache coach joins me to discuss migraines, vision distortions, hormones, how to stop headaches with your hands, Somatics and headaches, tension headaches, lifestyle factors.  Lots of practical tools for sufferers.

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