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with Mark Walsh

Founder of The Embodied Facilitator CourseEmbodied Yoga Principles, Integration Training and The Embodiment Podcast

and Maud Raber

French international embodiment coach, facilitator and trainer, Faculty of the Embodied Facilitator Course, Leadership Embodiment teacher.

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120. Yoga and trauma – with Sarah Holmes De Castro 

Trauma sensitive yoga teacher Sarah joins me form Vancouver to discuss her start in yoga as a sick teen and how a sexual assault led to an interest in the trauma informed approach to yoga. We look at the benefits of yoga for traumatised people, positive social...

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119. Illness as teacher – with Elizabeth Reumont

Lizzie joins us to discuss being a sick child, having a liver transplant, Rolfing, relationships with pain, body dialogue, types of bodywork, functional vs structural vs political approaches, what yoga really is, inculturation, embodied narrative, "ego", US vs UK...

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118. A blinding glimpse of the obvious – with Arye Bursztyn

Contact dance teacher Arye joins me from Tel Aviv. We discuss what can be researched within contact dance, being a contact pioneer in Israel, Judaism and contact, dancing across international borders, what "embodiment" means, "deep embodiment", judo vs dance vs...

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117. Primal Yoga – with John Stirk

Highly experienced and innovative yoga teacher John Stirk joins me to talk yoga in the 70s, Vanda Scaravelli, osteopathy, form vs somatic yoga, skin and sensuality in yoga, how skin on the whole body helps us stretch, the mind and emotions in yoga, trust, presence,...

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116. Eros your Trump – with Ruby May

Sexuality workshop leader Ruby May joins us to chat burlesque, sexological bodywork, where to start with sexuality work, Togetherness, Explore and Angsbacka festivals, Berlin kink, authentic relating, open space, sex geeks, compartmentalising sex, Eros, flirting,...

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115. Everyday Trauma – with Jane Clapp 

Jane joins me for a fun romp through how trauma shows up in everyday life. We cover aerobics, finding belonging, fascia, drama triangles, trauma in daily life, nervous system regulation, "trauma" vs "stress", complex trauma, neglect, survivorship, relationships,...

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114. Why yoga works – with Heather Mason

Founder of The Minded Institute Heather Mason joins me for some yoga science geekery! She describes her own path from having mental health issues, though academia to teaching mindfulness and meditation. We discuss, find there is no one Buddhist way, becoming focused...

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113. Deep Embodiment – with Peter Appel

Peter Appel joins us form Finland to discuss his journey from pain and yoga to free movement, mindbody vs bodymind, the criticality of relaxation, the importance of pleasure, Finnish slowness and silence, the dangers and benefits of sports, smell as a primitive...

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112.  Manhood – with Eivind Skjellum

Men's work Facilitator Eivind joins me to discuss masculinity. We go over his experience of realising that he couldn't meditate out of manliness, rites of passage and the phallic intrusion, the call and the heroes journey, the initiated man, feminised culture,...

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111. Cranio-rectal removal – with Eric Paskel

Eric Paskel joins me to explain why yoga ISN'T bullshit. We discuss researching misery, addiction, relationships, rock and roll, how to torture yourself, keeping it real, blaming it on everyone else, the narcissism of changing the world, getting your head out of your...

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Selling Embodiment – with Mark Walsh

A practical guide to marketing and selling embodiment and embodied arts of all kinds. Here I cover mindset, sales funnels and the basics that anyone working in this field needs to know to run a successful business.  [iframe style="border:none"...

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110. Leila Embodied Anatomy – with Leila Stuart 

Leila joins me to discuss her dance beginnings, the difference between embodied and regular anatomy, the benefits of an embodied approach to anatomy, body systems and how to use them, "heart hugs", the importance of the psoas muscle, trauma, anatomical awareness, self...

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109. Mindfulness Elder – Joel Levey

Mindfulness elder and pioneer Joel Levey is on today to share his experience. We discuss how practice shows, the early days of yoga in the US, the benefits of neurofeedback and biofeedback, motivation for practice, what can be measured and what can't, quality vs...

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108. Ontological coaching – with Gonzalo Cordova

Somatic coach and leadership facilitator Gonzalo Cordova joins me today. We talk despair, Mexican culture, the observer that we are, ontological coaching, the great split from the body, listening to the body, the language of the body, intuition, translating embodiment...

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107. Integrating arts – with Amanda Brown

Yoga teacher, bodyworker and creative artist Amanda Brown joins me from Cornwall. We talk fancy vs church-hall yoga, the power of community, lineage and post lineage yoga, Iyengar yoga strictness, acknowledging teachers, practice monogamy and integration, motherhood...

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106. Dance as Mirror – with Martin Keogh

Experienced contact dance teacher Martin joins us to talk contact improv dance. We discuss spontaneous movement, the "open source" structure of CI, the relationship to aikido and other systems, cross-cultural factors, South American jams, naked contact, softening...

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Special Episode – Podcast update

An update on how the podcast doing, what is changing and also some news about upcoming courses.

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105. Evidence-based embodiment – with Helen Payne

Dance movement therapists and academic researcher Helen Payne joins me to geek out. We discuss why the body, being a "body person in academia", Jon Kabat-Zinn, medically unexplained symptoms, psychosomatic illness, the evidence base for embodiment, the trials of doing...

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103. Buddhism vs Yoga – with Karin van Maanen

Dutch yoga and mindfulness teacher Karin joins me to discuss how smoking got her into yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, cultural adaptation, kindness, EYP, making yoga useful, how it's not all about bliss or even relaxation, "karma yoga", generosity, how Buddhism is a "refugee...

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