The Embodiment Podcast

66. Daily Life: The Art of Balance – with Bibiana Badenes

Bibiana Badenes joins Mark from Spain to discuss how we can make daily life more embodied, and integrate the approach in a balanced way. She talks Rolfing, water therapies, nature, Spanish culture (what’s beyond culture), food, relational and social embodiment, how climate effects embodiment, flow vs. structure, coaching, hygiene, “fanatics” and politics. They also discuss the EFC course/community and the upcoming course with Paul Linden. A warm Mediterranean sea-side swim of a session!

64. Rebel Fitness – with Nikki Naab-Levy

Nikki joins Mark for a raucous ride giving the world of fitness a good kicking and licking. She discusses high impact training, fear, taking a multi-disciplinary approach, conformity, hyper mobility, pain, cross-training, control freakery, what “alternative” folks can learn from the gym, and a bunch of jokes. These two probably shouldn’t be left unsupervised again.


63. Somatic Yoga – with Julie Martin

Julie joins the show from Goa to discuss a somatic approach to yoga beyond making the shapes and blindly following tradition. She touches upon neo-colonialism, culture, travelling yogis, yoga for Indians vs. Europeans, dissociative yoga, unworthiness, social media, entitlement and freedom in yoga.

62. Taboos Line is it Anyway – with John Cremer 

Professional improviser and founder of The Maydays, John Cremer joins Mark for a wild riot through some very edgy territory. They discuss humour as a weapon against power and the authoritarian left and right, fear, public speaking, making it up, getting it wrong and not knowing, how everything is funny, make some clumsy attempts to understand the changing world of sexual assault and gender politics, and generally get themselves in a lot of trouble talking about things they probably shouldn’t in a very unPC way. Two naughty boys who probably shouldn’t be allowed to play together. NOT FOR THE EASILY… OR EVEN NOT SO EASILY… OFFENDED.

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