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with Mark Walsh

Founder of The Embodied Facilitator CourseEmbodied Yoga Principles, Integration Training and The Embodiment Podcast

and Maud Raber

French international embodiment coach, facilitator and trainer, Faculty of the Embodied Facilitator Course, Leadership Embodiment teacher.

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140. Toltec Gender – with Darren Deojee

Darren Deojee on Carlos Castenda, the gender crisis, gender confusion, trans and intersex people, postmodernism, gender fluidity, mental health, the Toltec view of gender, source energy vs behaviour, anger, polarity, what's wrong with Sweden, boundaries, "charge", the...

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139. Integral Bodies – with Ken Wilber (from TEC)

Here's Ken Wilber from the Embodiment Conference 2018 making a presentation on Integral Bodies where he explains the base of his approach and how the body fits into that whole framework. Please note this is the audio of a an audio-visual session with a live Zoom group...

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138. Kosha Architecture – with Miriam Hamui

Architect, yogi and somatic educator Miriam joins the show to discuss the impact of somatic practices, her yoga training, yoga in daily life, the five sheaths "koshas", Frank Lloyd Wright, the effect of spaces on us, how to design your house to benefit us on all...

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137. Gurus, cash and kids – with Alex Howard

Alex joins the show to discuss chronic fatigue, how to have optimal health, the spiritual supermarket, gurus, hypocrites and charlatans, how to judge a spiritual teacher, Roger Walsh, Doshin, Tami Simon, business, marketing, not having talent, spirituality day-to-day,...

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136. History of somatics – with Kelly Mullan

Academic and ex dancer Kelly joins the shadow to discuss her beginnings as a dancer., a definition of somatics, the history of the field, oration, Leo Kofler, Gindler, Shelver, Delsarte, the western influence on yoga, Ling gymnastics, Stebbins, FM Alexander,...

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135. Science of Enlightenment – with Shinzen Young

Experienced meditation teacher Shinzen Young  joins me to discuss the science and logic of mindfulness and meditation. A deep, thoughtful wise and also light-hearted one. [iframe style="border:none"...

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134. Parkour, falling down & picking up – with Amos Rendao

Parkour teacher Amos joins the show to discuss the science of movement, natural movement, social movement shame, how to learn Parkour, Ukemi and falling, randori, human hunting, psychological effects of Parkour, the tribal culture of the art, the dark side of embodied...

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133. Babies, Play & Trauma – With Annie Brook

Highly experienced somatic psychologist Annie Brook joins the show to discuss a new death experience, developmental somatics, "compensations", Body-Mind Centering, self-awareness and response, cellular learning, Sufi mindfulness, the "risk of life", the history of...

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132. Integral shadow bodywork – with Silas Hörler

Bodyworker Silas Hörler on what bodywork is and the many types of it. We talk "Energy", bioenergetics, emotions and values, the purpose of anger, Alexander Lowen, who's good in the field, shadow work, body reading and online bodywork. Kinda a casual but very useful...

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131. Sex, death and no-self love – with Daniel Matallana 

Columbian philosopher and dance teacher Daniel Metallana joins us today from Qatar. We talk South American embodiment, travelling in the Amazon, his Magic Messengers documentary, reintegrating the intellectual self, stages of self-love, David Deida, conscious...

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130. Parenting uncalmed – with Kirstie Seaborne

Embodied parenting expert Kirstie joins the show. We discuss embodiment vs dancer bodies, trauma and resilience, why we need to include the body when being with children, attachment and attachment issues, parent's emotional needs, care and compassion fatigue,...

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129. Postmodern Zen – Doshin Nelson Roshi

Doshin joins to to discuss what Zen is, koans, the bodymind link, Zen's role in World War 2, postmodernism, what "feeling" means, Jonathon Haidt, the "moral matrix", value sets, guilt be shame, self loathing, the victim triangle, protest culture, NonViolent...

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128. Incontinence, kids and money – with Shannon Crow

Yoga teacher and podcaster Shannon joins the show to chat girls nights out, children and practice, prenatal yoga, pregnancy, birth trauma, pelvic health, Victorian attitudes, pelvic floors, mula banda, incontinence, the power of community, competition in yoga, 8 limbs...

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127. Sexual Healing – with Mike Lousada

Mike Lousada joins us to chat sexual repression, cultural aspects of this, body shame, sexual energy, different schools of bodywork, psychosynthesis, Western vs Eastern approaches, "armouring", 1970s vs modern approaches, loving presence, sexology, the medical model...

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126. Balanced Yoga – with Gernot Huber

Yoga teacher Gernot Huber joins me to discuss mindbody integration and a balance between "hard" and "soft" yoga. We talk intellectuals beginnings, yoga to strengthen the mindbody link, teacher over style, finding balance in yoga to make it more beneficial,...

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125. Martial Musings – with Roy Dean

Martial arts teacher Roy Dean joins me today to discuss combat sports and personal growth. We talk about early training in Japan as a teenager, why he started martial arts, how training morphs from self defence to personal growth, martial arts categories, Brazilian...

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124. Moving Pleasure – with Julia Hope Brightwell

Biodanza teacher Julia Hope Brightwell joins us today. We talk about the trap of trying to transcend the body with spirituality, seroc, butoh, 5Rhythms what Biodanza is and what a class looks like, life force, connection, sexual energy and sexual repression,...

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123. Slow Dancing – with Polly Hudson

Skinner Releasing dance teacher Polly Hudson joins me to discuss her art. We talk life in a dance conservatoire, somatic practices in dance and acting and the advantages of using this approach, being available and compelling through embodiment, embodiment becoming...

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122. Ancestral Movement – Simon Thakur

Creator of Ancestral Movement Simon Thakur joins me to talk monkeys, martial arts and humans. We chat Asian martial arts, the Indian spiritual look, the pros and cons of the life of a traveling student, evolutionary theory, Flow states in nature, primate movement,...

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121. Trauma prevention – with David Berceli

Trauma expert David Berceli joins me to discuss TRE - Trauma / Tension releasing Exercise - and his experiences with this work across many domains. A real authority in this now popular field and a bloody nice bloke! [iframe...

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