The Embodiment Podcast

72. Shamanic Dance – with Ya’Acov Darling Khan 

Co-founder of Movement Medicine Ya’Acov Darling Khan joins Mark to discuss shamanism  cultural destruction and the noble savage, paganism, intuition  body wisdom, resourcing from nature, tree hugging  body intelligence  unconscious dance, the benefits of dance, dancing in prisons  the importance of our narrative, the dangers of ecstasy chasing and natural reciprocity. They finish with some practice recommendations. A deep one.

71. Mindful Strength – with Kathryn Bruni-Young

Can strength training be more mindful than yoga?  Kathryn Bruni-Young joins the show to say yes! She and Mark discuss being second generation teachers, Canadian yoga history, her mindful strength workshops, confidence building, trauma, why alignment makes us weak, movement variety, seasons of practice, novel stimulation and she ends with some practice tips for all.

70. Gender wars and sex robots  – with Anita Teresa

Anita and Mark have a heated but good humoured debate on gender and embodied sexuality. They talk sex robots, sex education, slut-shaming and how to overcome sex shame, the gender wars, trauma, #metoo, ball-less men, biology vs. social influence, porn, matriarchal societies, are women oppressed(?), The Sex and Medicine Summit, earlobe orgasms, asking for what you want. NSFW. Try not to get offended.

69. Integral embodiment – with Bence Ganti

Integral expert and therapist Bence Ganti talks Ken Wilber, what is “integral” anyway, body therapy, psychodrama, constellations work, “fields”, “subtle energy”, armouring, meditation vs. therapy (and why meditation alone isn’t enough), engaged spirituality, shadow work , centaurs, and risks in the integral world. We also take an extended dive into adult development – how people grow – and the changing embodied aspect of this and conflicts between stages. Lastly, we talk to Bence (who is a Hungarian American) about cultural differences in embodiment as he’s well placed for this; and finish with an invitation to the European Integral Conference.

68. Mistress Embodiment – with Melissa Tofton

BDSM kink practitioner and leather-wear designer Melissa Tofton joins Mark for a flirty, naughty and NSFW romp, which also goes deep. What can the embodiment world learn from kink? They discuss consent, 5- Shades of awful, trust, intention, intimacy, how yoga is kinky as hell, feminist submission, addiction and intensity, spanking as a path to growth, yin and yang, finding balance, sexy secretaries and submissive businessmen, good porn, Saudi mail-orders, sex positivity, depth aesthetics and some dodgy sauna stories.

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