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Conversational explorations of all things embodied – yoga, trauma, martial arts, body therapy, dance, improv, tantra, bodywork, culture etc; featuring interviews with leaders from around the world, practical tips, adult language and immature humour.

With Mark Walsh

Founder of The Embodied Facilitator CourseEmbodied Yoga Principles, Integration Training and The Embodiment Podcast

and with Allison Lindsay

Business Psychologist, Embodied Coach and Breathworker. A graduate of the Embodied Facilitator Course, she runs the School for Wellbeing, working internationally but based in London.

320. The science of breath – with Dr Ela Manga

Breathworker and doctor Ela joins me to talk burnout, dehumanisation, body talk, life and death, principles of healing, Dan Brule, her "go to" breath techniques, "breath intelligence", adrenaline addiction, rest, biomechanics of breath, fascia, how breathwork works,...

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319. Sexual violence – with Robert Uttaro

Rape crisis counsellor Robert joins me to discuss trauma, the emotional impacts of sexual violence, disclosure, the BLESS process, myths, work with kids, and more. A hard but educational one. Warning: contains potentially triggering content....

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318. Why boys need dads – with Warren Farrell

Men's Movement legend Warren joins me to discuss his early work in the women's movement, feminism, "the patriarchy", three gender world-views, why boys need dads, gender studies and activism, rejection, the gender pay gap, Men's beauty contests, power and being...

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317. Systema – with Valerie & Vladimir Vasiliev

Russian martial arts teacher Vladimir joins me to discuss Systema, health, aikido, fear, fight and flight, breathing, community, family and context, 911, fighting evil, post COVID fighting, protesting and more. A lovely vibrant one.

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315. Authentic Conflict – with Sara Ness

Authentic relating and community consultant Sara joins me to discuss communication, conflict, money, relationship, Circling, Authentic Relating, "translating", verbal aikido, systemic vs relational problems, "elephants", liking and belonging and more. A good annoying...

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314. Trauma Jitsu – With Shawn Desjardins

Founder of trauma sensitive Mindful Martial Arts joins me to talk Pride, bad break ups, the intimacy of combat, BJJ, obsession, conflict resolution, trauma bonding, windows of tolerance, healing and safety, what a trauma sensitive MMA looks like.

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313. Somanautical Anatomy Fuzz – With Gil Hedley

Anatomist Gil Hedley joins me to discuss what makes anatomy interesting, somanaut, objective vs. experiential anatomy, regional vs. integral anatomy, Tom Myers, nouns vs. verbs, humbling, nobody is not the standard, variation, cutting up celebrities, charisma, FUZZZZ,...

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312. Philosophy of breath – with Petri Berndtson

Philosophy of the breath Petri joins me to discuss how this area has been missed out, the ancient Greeks, Descarte, ontology, phenomenology, Merleau Ponty, Atman, ethics, trust, hospitality, COVID, death in the trenches, aesthetics, breathing together, spirituality,...

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310. Ramen Somatics – with Vincent Yong

Therapist and author Vincent joins me from Singapore to discuss dance, Laban, practise, Asian arts and learning, flow, culinary arts, spaciousness, timing, medical framework, learning, cultural enrichment, and noodles! A dense fun one. [iframe...

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309. The Wheel of Consent – with Betty Martin

Wheel of Consent Founder Betty joins me to discuss the body and spirituality, spooning, intimacy skills, intimacy, why we don't ask for what we want, vulnerability, "negotiation", who it's for, the quadrants, the practise, and more. An important one.

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308. Yoga Anatomy – with Leslie Kaminoff

Yoga and anatomy teacher Leslie joins me to discuss yoga philosophy, fitness, The Olympics, Bodywork, Desikachar, yoga clinics, Yoga Alliance, cancel culture, "self made soul", Indian nationalism, agency and of course the conference! A pleasantly cantankerous one....

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307. Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness – With David Treleaven

Author of Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness David joins me to talk best practice, trauma symptoms, shame, self-regulation, windows of tolerance, trauma focus, polarisation, concept-creep, weaponised trauma, "conflict is not abuse", social justice and more. Super important...

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306. Mindfulness and Natural Awareness – with Diana Winston

Diana Winston, Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA Semel Institute's Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) joins Allison Lindsay to discuss mindfulness, mosquitos, natural awareness, being a nun in Burma, neuroscience of mindfulness, the importance of the...

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305. Breathing Spirituality – with Jessica Dibb

Breathworker and consciousness teacher Jessica joins me to discuss her calling, types of breathwork, Integrative Breathwork, thorough training, embodiment and spirituality, the history of breath, devotion, emptiness, ethics, redemption, and "spiritual abuse". A...

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304. Embodied Parenting – with Leslie Potter

Parenting coach Leslie, co-dependency, motherhood, taking responsibility for your kids disembodiment, liberal parenting, the Safe Seat, how we're triggered by kids and what to do about it, healthy separation, gender differences, self aggression, conscious parenting,...

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303. Pub Bloke Spirituality – with William Bloom

Author, educator and green activist William joins me to chat intuition, gateways of love and beauty, "marrow" vs. new age transcendence, aggression, soothing, what is "spiritual", stress and leadership, spiritual leadership, the "wonder and energy of life", the "bloke...

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302. Breath & Trauma – with Giten Tonkov

Creator of biodynamic breathwork and trauma release system Giten joins me to discuss Osho, Emilie Conrad, breathwork in 2020, "completing" trauma responses, online trauma work, safety, how you know a trauma therapy works, trauma "release", western vs. eastern,...

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