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Conversational explorations of all things embodied – yoga, trauma, martial arts, body therapy, dance, improv, tantra, bodywork, culture etc; featuring interviews with leaders from around the world, practical tips, adult language and immature humour.

With Mark Walsh

Founder of The Embodied Facilitator CourseEmbodied Yoga Principles, Integration Training and The Embodiment Podcast

and with Allison Lindsay

Business Psychologist, Embodied Coach and Breathworker. A graduate of the Embodied Facilitator Course, she runs the School for Wellbeing, working internationally but based in London.

354. Yoga business – With Josh Biro

Founder of Yogapreneur Collective Josh joins me to discuss sustainable business, making running a business yoga, business as "dirty", money mindset, student retention, metrics, social media, online factors, selling experiences, social media, common mistakes, sales vs...

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353. How to create presence – With Jorge Crecis

How to create presence - with Jorge Crecis Director of Towards Vivencia joins me to discuss the freedom of dance, flamenco, flow, non-ordinary consciousness, celebration, concrete vs abstract, training presence, democratising dance, lockdown movement, cross-cultural...

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352. Feldenkrais, Trauma & YouTube – With Alfons Grabher

Online Feldenkrais teacher Alfons joins me to talks about Moshe's personality and books, how Feldenkrais works, differentiation, teaching online, why teach, sharing, alcohol, COVID fear and more. A pleasant, fun one. [iframe...

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351. Frazzled Fame – With Ruby Wax

Tv celebrity Ab Fab writer and mindfulness teacher Ruby joins me to discuss mental health, taboo, top tips, COVID, lockdown mental health, sex, the BBC, going to Oxford and the perils of fame. A fun, informative one.

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350. Deep Rest and Yoga Nidra – With James Reeves

James Reeves joins Allison Lindsay to discuss the practice and benefits of yoga Nidra, finding deep rest and learning to stop, the power of simply being, why we are so restless and what we can do about it, understanding how much control we have in our lives and the...

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Invitation to free event – With Mark Walsh

A special episode where I invite you all to Embodied Reconnection Gathering and describe what makes the Coaching Embodiment Certification effective. [iframe style="border:none"...

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349. Meditation and Racism – With Ralph Steele

Meditation teacher Ralph Steele joins me to talk about going to hell, loss, giving back, being a monk in Burma, racism, teaching across ethnicity, POC retreats, ignorance, dualism, how Buddhist practise helps with difficult conversations and more. An important one....

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348. Trance somatics – With Stephen Gilligan

NLP master coach Stephen joins me to discuss trance, NLP, Erickson, hypnosis, content free emotional states, cultural lens, alcohol, yoga as ritual, coaching, activism and more. I really rated Stephen's simple yet profound take on embodied coaching....

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346. TED leadership – With Lars Sudmann

Leadership trainer and multiple TED speaker Lars Sudmann join me to discuss what makes a good leader, the importance of self-awareness, listening, feedback, keynote presentations, "thought leadership," and more. A great chat with a true professional....

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345. Spirit, Peace & Trauma – with Gina Ross

Senior Somatic Experiencing therapist and trauma education teacher joins me to discuss what trauma is, titration, anti-semitism, collective trauma, war and healing. An important one. [iframe style="border:none"...

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344. Kids, teens, trauma – With Jenifer Trivelli

Trauma educator, mindfulness teacher, and neuroscience translator Jenifer joins me to discuss co-regulation, explaining brain science with simple language, kids and teens in Corona times, what she would teach the world, and who needs to know about trauma. A pleasant...

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343. Why we have emotions – With Dan Newby

Emotional literacy coach trainer Dan joins me to discuss Newfield, emotional intelligence, the "why" of emotions, mood, the "logic" of emotions, emotions as messengers, moods, cultural factors, competencies and navigating emotions, working with the body, classic...

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342. Continuum – With Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz

Continuum Movement teacher Donnalea joins me to discuss Emilie Conrad, Haiti, fluidity, form vs freedom, practises, pleasure, "sounding", online vs in-person, Stephen Porges, the passing of founders, the politics of the body, and cultural appropriation. A succulent...

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341. Reversed embodiment – With Alexander Bard

Public intellectual and philosopher Alexander joins me to discuss the music industry, "fuck off money", technology as god, syntheism, Zoroastrianism, Freddy Mercury, Scandinavia, why we're not just logos, language, the internet revolution, America and empire, sex and...

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339. Men, masks, emotions – With Ashanti Branch

Founder of youth development worker Ever Forward Ashanti joins me to discuss growing up without men, "more money more problems", school and social issues, not having a language to get help, anger, boys and crying, the COVID pressure cooker, "behind the mask", being...

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338. Finding & Selling Purpose – With John Williams

Author of F**k Work Let's Play John joins me to discuss the search for meaning, doing what you love for a living, passion, blocks to purpose, value creation, misunderstandings, the nature of play, niching, pricing, how much to "be yourself", online courses, the...

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337. Presence-Based Coaching – With Bebe Hansen

Bebe Hansen joins Allison Lindsay to discuss the meaning of presence and its role in personal growth, ways to develop greater self-awareness, the neuroscience of presence, the body in whole person learning, being in choice rather than being enslaved to our (embodied)...

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