The Embodiment Podcast

with Mark Walsh

In-depth explorations of yoga, martial arts, body therapy, dance, theatre, bodywork and other embodied topics; featuring expert guests from around the world, practical tips and experiential exercises.

100. Embodied story and calling – with Mark Walsh

In this special 100th episode we turn the tables and Maud Raber, seasoned embodied coach and facilitator, Leadership Embodiment instructor and EFC faculty member, interviews me with questions from listeners and students. We go into my work, what I get from the...

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99. Money, sex, Buddhism – with Martin Aylward

Meditation teacher Martin joins me to discuss how meditation is as much body training as mind training, body hatred in Buddhism, disgust, "freedom vs friction", the 3 bodies of Buddhism (physical, energetic and infinite), lay vs renunciation and monastic practice, his...

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98. Somatic Coaching – with Curtis Watkins

Experienced executive coach Curtis Watkins, known for working with the body, joins me from New York to both explain and show somatic (embodied) coaching. We discuss school sports trauma, acting, bring big and small, what's too much and too little, what exactly is...

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97. Trauma Commando – with Ari Geva 

My old Israeli special forces friend Ari joins me to share some war stories and his healing journey,. We discuss "looking for magic", PTSD, the training of elite military units, psychological conditioning and brutalisation, Israeli society's trauma, adrenaline and sex...

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96. Geek Yoga – with Justine Mastin 

Supreme fearless nerd leader Queen Justine of Namaste joins the show to talk Star Trek yoga, geeks and nerds, wellbeing for nerds, Harry Potter yoga, Star Wars yoga? you get the idea. We also discuss dressing up, play, childlike vs childish, compensatory functions in...

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The Embodiment Conference – special announcement

If you like the podcast you'll most probably LOVE The Embodiment Conference! 80+ top speakers from around the world coming together for this online conference from 14th to 24th November.  More info and sign...

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94. Spiritual losers – with Robert MacNaughton 

Director of The Integral Centre joins me from Boulder Colorado for a bromantic romp though the world of spiritual towns, how to choose a practice, healthy addictions, first embodied loves, postmodernism, the postmodern sweet-shop/buffet, feel good practice vs...

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93. Gratitude and grief – with Carl Rabke

From back pain beginnings to embodied podcasting. Carl and Mark discuss Feldenkrais, Russel Delman, The Dharma, education, integrating practices, what is "embodiment" anyway, health vs. embodiment, being too pure, integrity, grief and longing, loss, the lack of men in...

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92. Corporate Gaul – with Pierre Goirand

Pierre joins me from France to talk bullying and power  psychosomatic illness  voice-work  the pains of discovering embodiment, business applications (the main theme of the podcast really), pioneers like Wendy Palmer and Strozzi Institute, packaging embodied work for...

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Martial arts overview – with Mark Walsh

Mark gives an overview of the world's martial arts and how they can be used as embodied practices. A whistle-stop tour of the fighting arts from around the globe!  [iframe style="border:none"...

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91. Tantric Toiletry – with Christopher Wallis 

Tantrik scholar and practitioner Christopher Wallis joins me for some seriously well researched yoga geekery and also to give an exercise for when you're taking a dump. We talk immanence vs transcendence, define "tantra" as a life affirming type of yoga and explain...

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90. Authentic Expression – with Dave Rock

Dave joins the show for a masterclass in authenticity, receiving appreciation, voice work, embodied speaking, presence, charisma, Irish culture, validation and how to resists it, charm, corporate reality, swearing (very NSFW in places), rejection and non-attachment....

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89. Intelligent Yoga – with Peter Blackaby 

Top British yoga teacher Peter Blackaby joins long-term student and host Mark Walsh to discuss humanism vs. guru culture, purpose (what's the point of yoga?), functionality, critical analysis, structural vs. neurological approaches to yoga, foot yoga, efficient and...

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88. Real conversations – with Liam Bowler

Experienced bodyworker and fellow podcaster Liam Bowler joins me to discuss nature, martial arts, embodied practices meeting in the middle, dark nights of the soul, wilderness work, scripts vs. authentic responses, embodied listening and podcasting, what makes for a...

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The 4 Elements – Mark Walsh

On this episode I lay out a classic embodiment model - the four elements. I take listeners through an experiential test of their preferences and show uses across a wide range of domains form business training, to team building, to relationships, communication and...

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87. Sensual Renaissance Yoga – with Jacopo Ceccarelli

Jacopo joins us from Florence to discuss his yoga travels in India, Italian yoga, expressiveness vs. discipline, fluidity and health, straight lines vs. spirals, softness, Ortho-Bionomy, counselling, integrating East and West, anatomy, business as a creative practice,...

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86. Juicy Love – with Lin Holmquist

Tantra and yoga teacher Lin joins us to get juicy! She talks about the painful start of embodiment, ecstatic birth, what tantra is, power and abuse, expanding life, international sexuality (Sweden vs USA vs India vs Brazil vs Thailand), sex education, Deida's 3...

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85. CrossFit Christianity – with Greg Amundson

Greg joins the show to talk police work, the warrior archetype, ongoing training, presence, CrossFit (he's a pretty big deal in that world), competitive exercise, intensity, principles over technique, mental training, the power of the word, Christianity, Krav Maga,...

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84. Trauma, politics and culture – with Irene Lyon

Nervous system specialist and therapeutic coach Irene joins me to describe her journey though physio and Feldenkrais into trauma work. We discuss mini-traumas, developmental trauma, safety overuse of the word "trauma", Bruce Perry, the vagus nerve, Gabor Maté,...

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