The Embodiment Podcast

53. Touching being – with Bruce Fertman 

Senior Alexander Technique teacher Bruce Fertman joins Mark to discuss what the AT is and what the point is, his early days in gymnastics with Dan Millman, how AT lessons work, the root of tension, inhibition, personal somatic responsibility, being and doing, “end-gaining”, mindfulness, the cross cultural body (he’s an American in Japan), how we have many bodies, the “cosmetic body”, embodied ethics, a deeper look at touch (his specialism) and gratitude. A wise man who’s touched a lot of people.

52. Running as a birthright – with Jae Gruenke

Feldenkrais and running form teacher Jae Gruenke joins Mark to discuss running function and psychology. She covers not fighting yourself, running with awareness and feeling, looking for ease, barefoot running, nature connection, the evils of shoes, and if runners are crazy. She ends the podcasts with a short Feldenkrais experiment / lesson on foot use.

51. Socially engaged somatics – with Russell Delman

Long-time Feldenkrais teacher and founder of The Embodied Life Russell Delman joins the podcast to explain Moshe Feldenkrais’ method, and his own holistic approach to awareness. He discusses functional integration and awareness through movement, the birth of embodiment in The West, the counter-culture of slowing down and not trying, integrating mental, emotional and social awareness into physical practice, and how to transfer embodied work into daily life more effectively in the age of Trump and Brexit.

50. Sexual polarity – with Michaela Boehm 

What gives a relationship “spark”? Experienced counsellor and intimacy and sexuality expert Michaela chats to Mark about connection, sexual polarity, sacred dance and more.

49. Tai chi – with Derek Notman

Explore the Chinese “internal” martial and healing arts in this episode with Derek Notman. We explore what “chi” is, vitality, health vs. martial applications, relaxation, jin shin Jyutsu, standing meditating, forms, ying and yang, tai chi in daily life, Taoism, different models of exercise, freedom and interception. A touch of the poetic Chinese in an accessible American format.

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