The Embodiment Book


This book is a no-nonsense toolkit of practical tips, illustrative poems and deeply personal stories to help you to reconnect. It will help you to express and manage your emotions, heal trauma, and feel fully alive again.



In our frenzied world, it’s easy to lose touch with our bodies. Often rushing, feeling tense and off-balance, brutalised by overwork, lacking community, and hooked on technology; many of us find ourselves disconnected.

But something can be done about the numbing of modern life. This is where embodiment comes in. Beyond just being mindful, you can make friends with your body and feel at home again in your own skin. Your body can be an anchor of sanity in turbulent times, and give you Jedi-freakin powers beyond merely coping.

This book offers you a no-nonsense toolkit, clearly explaining what the hell embodiment is, and providing practical tips to help you to reconnect. Illustrated with evocative poems and the author’s own story of war, love and loss; this book is a deeply personal overview of the emerging field. It shows how yoga, meditation, dance and other embodied practices link together, and offers a clear map to cut the hippie c**p, and make sense of the complexity.

Feeling human again is catching on. A gentle revolution of returning home to the body is happening. The movement movement has begun. And you’re most welcome.

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