Foundations of Embodiment Certification

An online course for personal embodied development, and to learn practical facilitation tools.

FEC is an accessible 12-week online course for those wishing to deepen their own embodiment and bring the body more into their work.

It condenses and refines many years of embodied wisdom in to the most useful personally transformative practices, and pragmatic professional applications.

These days most coaches and trainers know that the body matters… 

…it gets faster, deeper and longer lasting results than just working cognitively, but may not be sure of the nuts and bolts, nor how to develop themselves in this area.

People also may not be able to travel across the world multiple times for intensives, so this course brings the best of embodiment for facilitators to their homes.

If you’d like a deep dive into your own embodiment, and to pick up ways of working that you can easily apply, take a look.

Who this course is suitable for

– Coaches and trainers who want to develop their own embodied presence

– Coaches and trainers who want to work more with the body

– Movement facilitators like yogis, martial artists and dancers who are looking to work more in business and other “mainstream” environments

– Anyone wanting to profoundly develop their own embodiment (non-facilitators note that the two calls in July will be less relavent for you but the first part of the course can benefit everyone)

Curriculum focus

The focus of the course is to build your own embodiment.

The heart of being an excellent embodied coach is your own embodied presence so this is the heart of the course.

Self-awareness and self-mastery is the foundation of working with others. There is also two extended webinars on how to apply what you have learnt personally with clients.

This course is a deep dive into you own embodiment plus a bag of “quick-win” tools to work with others.

What you’ll get from the course

Clear embodiment models and distinctions for excellence

A solid daily embodied practice for long enough to establish a habit

Deeper awareness of your own embodiment

A number of simple yet profound practical coaching tools to work with clients

Greater embodied depth and range as a facilitator

Access to a community of support and accountability (including after the course)

A personal invitation

We’ve been running the Embodied Facilitator Course for eight years now in the UK and Russia.

I’ve seen several hundred people from over 30 countries both transform personally, and gain hugely useful tools for their work as trainers and coaches.

But, and it’s a big BUT, as someone whose life’s mission is to make this work available to the world, a lot of people just can’t get there for money, family or other practical reasons.

I’ve also seen that the online learning that we’ve been doing as part of EFC for some years now is some of the most useful as it spreads leaning out over time top ensure integration.

Putting on the conference [LINK] also helped me to refine what great online leaning looks like (seeing 100+ embodiment trainers will do that!), and I realised A LOT can be done virtually…far more than I used to think actually.

So, as people who’ve been following from afar for a while have been asking for a while, I’ve decided to put on a new accessible online here it is.

– Mark Walsh, Brighton UK

Content and models we cover include:

  • The theory of embodied practice and transformation
  • Embodied intelligence
  • Embodied meditation
  • Centring
  • The cycles model of change
  • Freedom vs form in bodymind practices 
  • The four elements model
  • Simple partner work for coaches
  • Embodied improvisation
  • A morning form and efficent set of practices to develop yourself
  • Applications of all of the above to coaching

Practically what does the course consist of?

19 hours of live webinars spread over 13 weeks (there’s a week off after 8 weeks). Each webinar has 2 trainers and a “tech host” to ensure smooth running


Recordings of all webinars

15 hours of high quality video to watch between webinars (you’ll have lifetime access to this)


Weekly coursework pdfs


Support e-books from Mark Walsh (all those that we sell you’ll get free)

Assignment to a small peer-group you can choose to have conference calls with

Access to top-up one day courses online ongoing free of charge

Access to a private online group to ask the faculty any questions

Course philosophy 

We take a “no guru” multiple perspectives approach to teaching embodiment, and while there are three course leaders, they are all very different.

As well as viewing embodied work differently, hey also have diverse backgrounds in terms of gender, sexuality, ethnicity (despite appearances!), nationality, class and other factors.

We believe there is no one right way to work with the body, and do not ask students to believe anything on faith, rather to test things for themselves.

Our approach is to empower students to find their own way.


We start on 5th May 2020. There will be some pre-work like videos to watch before this. The heart of the calls will be weekly Zoom webinars, that include instruction, as well s interactive discussion and practice in break-out groups. These are recorded in case you can’t make some and there’s coursework between webinars as practice is key to embodiment.


Tuesday 5th May 2020, 1800-2100 UK time
Launch webinar*

Tuesday 12th May 1800-1915 UK time
Practice and embodied learning (with Alexandra Vilvovskaya)

Tuesday 19th May 1800-1915 UK time
Embodied meditation (with Miles Kessler) 

Tuesday 26th May 1800-1915 UK time
The four elements


Tuesday 2nd June 1800-1915 UK time
Cycle and change (with Alexandra Vilvovskaya)

Tuesday 9th June 1800-1915 UK time

Tuesday 16th June 1800-1915 UK time
Free movement (with Adam Barley)

Tuesday 23rd June 1800-1915 UK time
Improvisation (with Rachel Blackman)

Tuesday 30th June 1800-1915 UK time
The power of rest (with Rachel Blackman)

Rest week


Tuesday 14th July 1800-2030 UK time
Foundations of coaching with embodiment 1*

Tuesday 21st July 1800-2030 UK time
Foundations of coaching with embodiment 2* (with Curtis Watkins)

Tuesday 28th 1800-1915 UK time
Graduation celebration*

After this you will still have life-long membership to an online group to share experience and ask further questions

*While you can watch recordings of the entire thing it’s highly advisable to attend these ones live 


Mark Walsh

Course Director

Alexandra Vilvovskaya

Course Leader

Rachel Blackman

Course Leader

Adam Barley

Course Leader

Daniela Welzel

Course Manager

Christina Dohr

Online Host and assistant trainer

Meditation Director

Miles Kessler


Mark Walsh

Course Director

Alexandra Vilvovskaya

Course Leader

Rachel Blackman

Course Leader

Daniela Welzel

Course Manager

Meditation Director

Miles Kessler

Adam Barley

Course Leader

Christina Dohr

Course Director

Three warnings

While I’m loathe to put-off potential customers off we’ve learnt over the years that it’s worth giving people three warnings.

1) The first is that this course will take about 5 hours per week, so make sure you have time to get the most form it. You do have access to the course ongoing if something comes up, but ideally it’s done in one go.

2) The next warning is not to underestimate the power of online embodied learning. This is a genuinely transformational course and may well disrupt “business as usual” in your life.

The course will be challenging at times and we don’t recommend it to anyone who has a lot of change and challenge in their life already (eg. recent bereavement or big house move), anyone suffering active mental health issues or anyone with untreated trauma (working with the body can open this up and online spaces do not provide a good container to manage this).

That being said, I don’t want to make FEC sound just like hard work as it will also be a lot of fun…actually this brings me onto the last warning.

3) I and some of the other trainers are not especially politically correct, we tend to make jokes, swear and generally have a sense of humour about embodiment and life in general.

If you are easily offended please keep away for everyones’s benefit!


Registration opens in early 2020. Please enter your details in the form to receive course updates.

£499 super early bird (this is about $630 or €550…thanks Brexit!)

£699 early bird / bring a friend

£999 full price

£9999 anyone who doesn’t have a sense of humour and is going to be a pain in the arse

5 by-donation places are available to people working for charities full-time or from developing countries (contact us).

The course is limited to 100 people to ensure quality of care, and we expect to fill up.

Prefer ‘in-person’ training? Check out the Embodied Facilitator Course.

Nice things people have said about EFC:

“Mark’s talent is in breadth of vision unmatched by anybody else I know. He can provide a learning experience which draws on many experts and many forms of embodiment understanding and skill, then integrates it all so that it forms a more whole process of change and growth.”

Paul Linden | Trauma Educator, Embodiment and Aikido Teacher | Ohio, USA

“As a coach, it’s brought a whole new dimension into my work, so that I feel I’m coaching from wholeness and coaching my clients’ wholeness in a full and direct way. That’s incredibly helpful for them; it helps them realise what’s going on. It helps me realise what’s going on. And that can lead to much better results, much quicker.”

Fiona Buckland | Coach, facilitator and writer | London, UK

“I got a powerful method and tools that I integrated into my coaching and group facilitating. I feel that my coaching is more precise and effective. The process is so powerful that clients achieve their goals in a shorter time and fewer sessions. The changes last, so there is no regression. As a person, I learned how to control my automatic responses. I become a more open and receiving human being.”

Avi Peled | Coach and group facilitator | Israel

“Mark has supported me to develop the more confident fiery aspect of my character, which is helpful in my web design business and my work as a yoga teacher.”

Ady Griffiths | Yoga teacher and web designer | Brighton, UK

“An incredible, deep study into how the way we move affects the way we feel and think. It’s been really valuable, both personally and professionally. If they taught this kind of thing in schools I believe we’d have a happier and more peaceful planet. But they don’t. So we need more peeps to learn and share it. It’s opened me up to a new level of understanding humanity, why we are how we are and what the hell we can do about it.”

Liz Peters | Actress and improviser | Brighton, UK

“EFC has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. It has impacted everything, most notably my parenting.  Learning how to look at habits and patterns, and how they show up in life is a powerful gift.  The course teaches you how to facilitate that awareness in others.   In the corporate environment, teaching self-regulation helps people to be calmer and more effective. My passion is helping people have a positive impact out of the office too – in their homes and communities.”

Steve Savides | Sales director and embodied facilitator | Surrey, UK

“Not just career enhancing but life enhancing.” 

Glen Bracey | Facilitator and coach | Valencia, Spain

“If you’re looking for training that will challenge and provoke you to learn about yourself in profound and surprising ways, then I highly recommend Mark as a trainer. He is funny, provocative, committed and cheeky. Above all, though, he really knows his stuff, and he lives and walks his talk.”

Aboodi Shabi | Executive coach and facilitator, Newfield coach trainer | London, UK

“I’ve designed and run training programmes for many years and one of the things I’m most impressed with about EFC is how well it’s designed. Every component fits together. The process and the flow have been carefully considered. I can see all participants really benefitting from this.”

Sally Kleyn | Group facilitator and coach | London, UK

“For me as a human-being, EFC was about awakening for life via re-owning my body and mind, with a great bonus for a life and business coach: being introduced to a variety of practical embodiment principles and great people from all over the globe.”

Yana Ray | Coach | Moscow

“EFC has exceeded my expectations. I wish I’d done this course fifteen, twenty or even thirty years ago. It’s what I needed then, but it’s absolutely what I need now. It’s been life changing. I’m really into the embodied practice I’ve taken up and I think it’s going to be opening up new ways of earning a living. It’s certainly opened up new ways of being.”

Stuart Harris | Principle consultant and coach | Wiltshire, UK

“Some of the best things I have got from EFC are a really supportive community and professional network. It broadened my awareness of the wide range of career paths possible and because of this, helped me to choose my own. I am now studying Occupational Psychology at Masters level with a view to working in this field, and I would most likely never have done so without my experiences in EFC. I have also gained skills and confidence when it comes to working with, often coaching, groups and individuals.”

Arabella Smirnova-Beroskin | Occupational Psychology MSc student | London, UK

“EFC helped me to develop greater body awareness in myself and my coachees. Working in a corporate environment, there’s often fear in acknowledging and exploring connection between our brains and our bodies (as if they were separate).  EFC gave me increased confidence and ability to weave the somatic or body element into my coaching and leadership development work.  I’ve found that even when I work with clients on basic centering and breathing exercises, it completely shifts the nature of the conversation, opening up new possibilities for exploration and ultimately, results.”

Joeseph Crownover | Learning Advisor, Environment & Behavioural Safety | Texas, USA

“The course combines the very best of embodiment and facilitation skills to build powerful and practical applications, with the bonus of a lot of fun, support and mutual learning.”

Antony Parry | Coach and CTI coach trainer | Chichester, UK

“Mark is annoying. Good annoying.”

Isabelle | Aged 10 | Daughter of student

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about the course feel free to get in touch.

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