Brighton: Wim Hof Method Advanced Course

Wim Hof Method Advanced – 6 hours course

Join Tim van der Vliet, a licensed Wim Hof Method instructor and a friend of Wim Hof for a transforming Wim Hof Method Advanced Course.

Tim believes that everyone should have access to simple and effective practices to improve focus and reduce stress, enhance mental and physical performance, boost immune system and increase cold tolerance.

In this workshop you will learn the advanced techniques of Wim Hof Method which are not covered in the Fundamentals workshop.

Who is this suitable for?

– Anyone who has been to any WHM Fundamentals workshop

– Anyone who is following the WHM online course

– Anyone who has experience in the basic WHM breathing exercise and is familiar with cold exposure

The Advanced workshop is not about pushing the limits but getting a deeper understanding of your body physiology and how you can influence it with the Wim Hof Method. We will however explore boundaries without peer pressure.


Breathing preparation and setting up baselines

      Get your body ready for the breathing exercises

      Setting the baselines

 Basic breathing session

You will learn how to:

      Optimize breathing mechanics and general breathing pattern

      Practice meditation and breathing to improve focus

 1st ice bath session

      Control stress response

      Use cold as ultimate mental training tool

      Use gradual cold exposure to increase cold tolerance

Short Break

Advanced Breathing session

    Use breathing to achieve deep meditative states

    Working with the breath to achieve a transformation of the mind

 Short Break

 2nd ice bath session

    Deeper understanding of the thermoregulation

    Generating heat using Brown fat activation

 Closing circle



      Comfortable clothing to wear during the workshop


      2 Towels


      Bottle of water


      Warm clothing for after cold exposure



At this stage you have the basic understanding of the breathing physiology. To get the most out of this workshop you should regularly practice the basic WHM breathing exercise.

You also have some experience in cold exposure. If you would like to make the most out of the two ice bath sessions you should regularly expose yourself to the cold. It’s not about how long you can stay under a cold shower but being aware how your body is reacting to the changes in temperature. The advanced workshop is not about pushing the limits but getting a deeper understanding of how your body regulates temperature. Shorter and less intensive cold sessions are advised but with more attention.

Everyone can participate to their own ability and level of comfort. No pressure, just fun day of new experiences and learning. If you have any health conditions or concerns please contact us beforehand and/or check with your doctor.

It is best to eat something light before the workshop.

Recommended video to watch: 4 sequences of Wim Hof Method Breathing

About the trainer – Tim van der Vliet

Tim van der Vliet is a teacher, Hay House author, runs the option desk at a hedge fund and is a father of 4 children. Apart from a healthy lifestyle he has learned how breathing properly helps him feel calmer, be healthier and cope with stress better. And even thathe can influence his auto immune system and alkalize his blood through light exercise and breathing. This comes in handy in his busy, but no stress, lifestyle. Tim has been trained personally by the world famous Wim Hof (aka ‘The Iceman’) whose techniques for mastering the mind-body connection are being studied by scientific institutions around the world.Tim is best described as a “Freedom Teacher”. Wherever you are in your path, it is always possible to attain some kind of freedom. Being free may be the ultimate goal in live.


Event info

Date: Sunday, June 23rd 2019
Time: 12pm – 6pm
Venue: All Saints Parish Hall – The Drive, Hove, BN3 3QE
Cost:  £140 – You can purchase the weekend ticket for £220

In order to take this class you have to attend a Wim Hof Method Fundamental course


23 Jun 2019


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


£140 - £220


All Saints
The Drive, Hove BN3 3QE, UK

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