Online – Circling Workshop with John Thompson and Marysia Pstrokonska

Circling is a new and fast gr:owing psycho/relational technology that through simple and not so simple practices does three things really well.

1) Gives deep personal insights – Relational blind spots will show up, you’ll feel more yourself afterwards, shadows will come to light, old habitual ways of being will release and you’ll get a taste of what matters most to you.

2) Opens new realms of connection and intimacy – Feeling deeply seen, visceral sense of connection and intimacy with others and an idea of how you got there, real and vulnerable contact that feels nourishing, seeing through the layers to the heart.

3) Varieties of transpersonal experience – a sense of waking up, experiencing the life force vibrating between us all, profound group coherence, archetypes showing themselves, multiplayer meditation, psychedelic like experience, collective intelligence and self organisation.

 About the trainer                  

 John is one of the co-founders of Circling Europe. Prior to working in Circling, John and Sean (the other co-founder) had a successful career in elite Tennis coaching specialising in psychology and pioneering new ways to help sport be a vehicle for profound personal growth for athletes and parents of athlete. They started to train together in different forms of relating techniques such as integral coaching, NARM and circling and became – how they themselves call it – sparring mates and started practising what they learned which eventually lead them to develop their unique flavour of circling and the 5 principles while they began to open up and allow the Magic of the unknown Mystery to live them and speak through them as they came up with the Surrender Leadership form of Circling thus founding the Circling Europe School of Circling and helping in this way to spread the practice of circling over 20 countries in the last 6 years or so as a result. Circling with John and being met by him is a gift for the very brave. His magic power comes from seeing, with the power of his sharp blue eyes and the wisdom of his unique intuition, deep into your very soul, your heart’s most profound and sometimes scariest desires, those places hidden even from yourself and the truth of all parts of you. With the gift of his leadership you are guaranteed to get as deep as you venture and allow yourself to go, and he will be there with you every step of the way with his gentle loving heart, good sense of humour and true compassion.

Marysia began circling in 2014. Though the practice seemed strange to her at first, she stuck with it and soon experienced a sense of “coming home” through circling. She committed to a weekly practice with two other people, and before they knew it, the London circling community (Authentic London) was born from their weekly meetings. She used to be a high-school teacher in East London. Marysia sees circling as a particularly accessible, modern, and easily integratable vehicle that leads towards the same deep truths that many great traditions and practices also lead towards. It is, in her words, a “way of meeting life more deeply.” Marysia is passionately devoted to her work and her practice in different forms – she’s a senior leader with Circling Europe and leads immersions and trainings. She’s also fascinated by the body and bodywork and embodiment practices.

Event info

Date: March 28th – 29th

Time: Saturday March 28th,  9:45 for a10 am start. Finish at 7pm. Sunday March 29th, 9:45 for a10 am start. Finish at 5pm

Venue: Online 

Cost:  €217 early bird rate valid until 27th  February, 2020. Standard rate of €290 thereafter


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28 Mar 2020 - 29 Mar 2020


10:00 am - 5:00 pm




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