Ethical Marketing for Facilitators

An Embodiment Conference one-day event

Saturday 4 July
This day-long event starts at 09.30 BST on Saturday 4 July 2020 online on Zoom (please go here to convert to your local time). You can see the schedule here.

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Are you a coach, trainer, therapist or embodiment teacher (yoga, dance, martial arts, etc.) who realises you can only keep doing what you do if you actually make some money?

Do you want to turn marketing into a practice of kindness and contribution rather feeling like you need to revert to pushy, snake-oil salesman techniques?

It turns out that there are ethical and fun ways to market what you do.

Ethical Marketing is for those who want to share their offer with the world without selling-out, being inauthentic or conning anyone. You’ll learn how to turn marketing into play, and make a decent living in a way that feels really good. If you love doing what you do but not selling it, Ethical Marketing is for you.


Why marketing is love and not evil (this reframe alone will change your world)


Why nobody cares about what you do


How to sell what you do anyway


Everything you need to know about online marketing sales funnels


How to social media (without being a tool)


Why trust is everything, and long-term relationships are key


How to price your stuff


Top resources in this area that won’t make you puke


Making marketing fun and playful


Marketing as a spiritual practice (really!)


COVID considerations and adaptations


Alice Karolina

Brand Architect, Creative Strategist, and the founder of the ethical move

Caroline Leon

Conscious Business Coach helping change-makers to succeed in business using strategies rooted in integrity

Cleona Lira

Financial adviser who supports people to have a more conscious, liberated relationship with money

Erika Chalkley

Somatic Educator and Founder of Your Right to Be: Embodied Coaching for Women who are too ‘nice’

George Kao

Business coach and author who’s been a trusted conscious marketing advisor to thousands of coaches, counselors, consultants, speakers, and authors

Mark Walsh

Embodiment teacher and founder of The Embodiment Conference

Neil Urquhart

Embodied Sales Coach helping people to overcome insecurity about credibility, value and fear of pushback during sales conversations

Steve Savides

Veteran technologist, sales leader and entrepreneur, father of three sons, co-founder of Fit to Lead and founder of The Global Trust Project

Tad Hargrave

Marketing Coach and Founder of Marketing for Hippies


Mark Walsh

Embodiment teacher and founder of The Embodiment Conference

Steve New

Event manager, embodiment teacher

Schedule (All times BST)

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09.30-10.00: Steve New – Welcome

10.00-10.50: Mark Walsh – Introduction to Ethical Marketing

11.00-11.50: Neil Urquhart – Embodied Sales and Marketing: Overcoming insecurity about credibility and value

12.00-12.50: Steve Savides – The dynamics of Trust in business and marketing

13.00-13.50: Caroline Leon – Authentic Outreach: A Way to Create Clients with Integrity

14.00-14.50: Erika Chalkley – The journey to finding a niche: a case study

15.00-15.50: Mark Walsh – Marketing coaching

16.00-16.50: Cleona Lira – How to have a more conscious relationship with money

17.00-17.50: George Kao – Facebook Ads: Overview of an Ethical & Efficient Strategy

18.00-18.50: Tad Hargrave – Point of View Marketing: A Pressure-Free, Approach On How Market Your Business In A Way That Feels Good (To All Involved) And Works

19.00-19.50: Alice Karolina – Intersection of brand and market: creating strong values and messaging pillars to guide marketing effort

20.00-20.50: Discussion Panel

(All calls will be recorded and freely available for 24 hrs, before being available to buy in the EFC shop.)

This online event is sponsored by The Embodiment Conference.

An online conference and more than that, a kickstart to a global movement.

Embodiment is about making friends with your body, and feeling at home in your skin. The conference will give you free access to the top teachers in the field, offer a community of support, and be a huge global party to be remembered.

Embodiment is an antidote to the violence, disconnection and overwhelm caused by numbing, and a return to our shared humanity. For this reason, ​our goal is to make the 20’s the embodiment decade​,​ and help humanity thrive. The Embodiment Conference is a university, a fiesta and a catalyst. In a cynical age this is a bold vision, yes, but if not now when?

TEC will again be a uniquely rich opportunity for diverse learning, and will not only help you to come home to the anchor of your body in a chaotic world: to energise and inspire you personally, but also to connect with others for whom the body matters too. TEC will use global online community, to create local communities and real-world action.

Participants have an opportunity not just to get a bunch of information, but to clarify and digest that into wisdom. Through this event you can:

• Learn from the leaders and innovators in the field

• Gain deep personal insights (we will provide a platform to help with this)

• Deepen and reboot your own practice

• Easily learn about many new areas

• Build real relationships and gain a community of support that will continue long
after the event (online and in-person).

• Have a really good time doing all this 🙂

Making embodied wisdom available to everyone, everywhere, free of charge.

The Embodiment Conference 2020

The conference is back…bigger but easier

TEC2020 has 1000 presenters, ordered into 10 channels, and we have a clever system so you can easily find what you’ll most love.

Yes 1000! We expect 100,000+ people to attend and this may actually be the largest educational event in human history. Given the huge amount on offer and that most of us are busy people, some have asked us already how we suggest accessing the feast! Here are some options:

• Just watch the “main stage” channel where 3 of the best known presenters will be daily.

• Book some time off and treat it like a face-to-face conference! We’ll be releasing the schedule weeks in advance so you can plan if you like to be organised.

• Let us pick two talks a day for you, just tell us your main area of interest and time zone and we’ll send you a “best of” recommendations

• Dip in and out randomly simply by clicking the various channels (like having the best TV ever for 12 days)

• See what’s “hot” on the Facebook group

• Buy the recordings and never need Netflix again!

The conference is totally FREE – (only recordings cost money to cover our expenses)

After subscribing you will receive a welcome email and monthly newsletters. For more info see our privacy policy.

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