Beyond nice

Embodying what you stand for…
and what you won’t
An online workshop

We all know intellectually that we should stand up for what we believe
say no to what we don’t want and ask for what we would like.

 Yet…and it’s a biggie, many of us can’t always embody this,
and revert to habitually “nice” behaviours.

Who this workshop is for


People who are “too nice”


People that tend to put other’s needs habitually first


People more likely to be a pushover than pushy


Bloody lovely people who also want to look after themselves

What you’ll learn

How to say no without feeling terrible or breaking relationships

How to stand up for what you believe with strong loving presence

How to be focused and clear about your needs

- How to ask for what you want across different areas of your life without feeling guilty

How to be strong AND loving

Deeper awareness of your own embodiment and connection to yourself

This workshop will primarily use Embodied Yoga Principles – a simple yet powerful physical system to do what self-help books and well-meaning advice can not.



Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh

EYP Founder

not a ‘nice guy’

more information
  • Co-founder of EFC and EFC Russia
  • Bsc (Hons) Psychology
  • Extensive training and facilitation experience with organisations worldwide, including Unilever, L’Oreal, Shell, Ikea, Virgin Atlantic, NHS, The Institute of Development Studies, The Natural History Museum, The House of Lords, The Met Police, and The Army of Sierra Leone
  • Has taught embodied work in 30+ countries (and lived in 7)
  • Numerous keynote talks including headlining the UK ICF conference [LINK], at Moscow State University’s psychology department, and at many business events
  • 20+ years of aikido training and teaching on five continents. Three years residential “live-in” training. Black belt
  • Experience of training in numerous other physical systems such as yoga, tai chi, systema, Feldenkrais, flamenco, tango, contact improvisation, jiu-jitsu, MMA and 5Rhythms
  • Experience of embodied resilience training and peace-building in numerous areas of conflict from Afghanistan to Ukraine 
  • Ten-year+ apprenticeship with Being-In-Movement founder, Paul Linden
  • Residential training in Embodied Leadership at Strozzi Institute. Training with Wendy Palmer, with Uzazu founder Dylan Newcomb, and numerous other embodiment masters 
  • Training in integral theory (Ken Wilber et al)
  • Four years in the outdoor education industry training climbing, abseiling, team building, orienteering, fencing, archery, snowboarding, trampolining and leadership
  • Extensive Non-Violent Communication training, including study with NVC founder, Marshall Rosenberg, and pioneering work with “Embodied NVC”
  • Training in the linguistic coaching system of Fernando Flores
  • Coach training with several organisations, including The Newfield Network, who he has taught embodiment for
  • Numerous mindfulness training courses, meditation retreats and extended monastic stays
  • Founder of Embodied Yoga Principles [link]
  • Hosts #1 training Youtube Channel (with 14 million hits) and The Embodiment Podcast, and is one of the most followed trainers on Twitter 
  • Founder of The Embodiment Conference
Erika Chalkley

Erika Chalkley

Embodied Facilitator

recovering ‘nice-gal’

more information

Erika Chalkley is an embodiment teacher, coach and a recovering people-pleaser.
She brings hard-won wisdom from over a decade of Buddhist practice, a career in challenging frontline community work, and a history of being far too bloody nice!
She specialises in supporting women move beyond ‘niceness’ and into richer, freer lives.



EYP Teacher

recovering ‘nice-guy’

more information

Vidyadasa hasn’t found it easy to break free from habitually ‘being nice’ but finds Embodied Yoga Principles helpful for creating strong, qualities and firming up boundaries in everyday life. He regularly chooses specific postures to find the raw realness that’s required to face difficulties in life.

He is a senior Embodied Yoga Principles teacher, trainer, hatha yoga and Buddhist meditation teacher. Web designer, father and author of Mindful Thoughts for Fathers.

A personal invitation

I once heard an ‘integrated person’ described as “someone who knows what’s important to them and what they need/want, is able to ask for it directly, gracefully accepts ‘no’ as a response, but importantly knows how to receive what they have requested.”
It sounds so simple doesn’t it? And yet time and again this emerges as a major challenge for our clients (and ourselves!)

Enmeshed in a culture that sends confusing messages about ‘niceness’, it can be easy to find yourself habitually people-pleasing, unhealthily self-sacrificing and oppressed by the need to always be liked!

This kind of ‘nice’ is actually a form of self-harm which ends up hurting you, and damaging the relationships you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

We’d like to offer an alternative to the frustrating, passive-aggressive disconnection that inevitably ensues… and reassure you that there is a way to break free of habitually ‘nice’ behaviours without becoming a total arsehole!

Through embodied practice it’s possible to live life deeply connected to your passion and joy, being clear with your intentions and fierce in your boundaries, liberating yourself to be wholeheartedly of service without regret or resentment.

Join us for a practical, embodied skills-based exploration of what it means to live daily life with integrity – saying “hell yes” and “fuck no” … with love!


Erika Chalkley

Practically what does the online workshop consist of?

Live 3 hours workshop

Practical workshop with takeaway skills

Recordings of the live call

Support e-books from Mark Walsh

Access to a small peer-group you can discuss the content with

Private online group to ask the facilitators questions

Enrol now to take advantage of early-bird pricing

Live Online Call

Thursday 21st May 2020

The heart of the event is a 3 hour Zoom webinar that includes instruction and practice, as well as interactive discussion in the main group and smaller break-out groups. These will be recorded in case you can’t make it

*While you can just watch the recording, it’s highly advisable to attend the workshop live if you can.



London: 17:00
Los Angeles: 10:00
New York: 13:00
CET / Paris: 19:00
Tel Aviv: 20:00
Moscow: 20:00
See other timezones
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How to be less nice

An introductory video 

and a few examples of the 26 Embodied Yoga Principles postures, (you will gain access to more upon registration).

What is Embodied Yoga principles? (3mins)

No posture

Self-care posture

A few words of warning.

Don’t underestimate the power of online embodied learning. This transformational event may well disrupt “business as usual” in your life. It may be challenging and we don’t recommend it to anyone who has a lot of change and challenge in their life already (eg. recent bereavement), anyone suffering active mental health issues or anyone with untreated trauma (working with the body can open this up and online spaces do not provide ideal containers to manage this).

That being said, I don’t want to make it sound just like hard work as it will also be a lot of fun.

The trainers are not especially politically correct, we tend to make jokes, swear and generally have a sense of humour about embodiment and life in general. If you are easily offended…or actually believe in being offended at all, please keep away for everyone’s benefit! If not, you may be our kind of person and you will receive benefits from attending.


Nice things people have said about the EYP method which this workshop is based

Embodied Yoga offers a much needed fresh authentic perspective on yoga. Its not offering an opportunity to float off into spiritual la-la and distance oneself from life’s suffering, on the contrary it encourages the participant to become fully aware and to take responsibility for what is going on in their body and mind, becoming aware of patterns and shadows in a safe supported environment..” 

Jane Dancey | Yoga Teacher | Eastbourne, UK

Embodied Yoga is a refreshing take on yoga as a method of self-enquiry and transformation. Highly effective for transforming your patterns of behaviour.” 

Sindre | Yoga Teacher | Oslo, Norway

I first experienced EYP on an embodiment for a business week-long course. I was at first skeptical about how this may be done remotely online, but the day event was so impactful in my day to day life that I then went on to do the full EYP Teacher Training course. I’d endorse any training in this via any method.”  

Jo Miller | Yoga Teacher / Therapist | Kent, UK

“Practical embodiment information with life application. Even online there are plenty of experiential opportunities and the community is priceless.”

Manal | Dance teacher and coach | Saudi Arabia

“Immersive retreat trainings are great but the contrast when coming back home can be overwhelming. Online learning can give better integration into habits and everyday life.”

Eva | Coach and yogi | Slovenia

I recommend EYP to anyone that would like to deepen in his/her own yoga practice, to get meaningful learnings far beyond the physical aspect of asanas and to enrich his/her own life through working with the body in a very simple, mindful but powerful way.

Also, as a Yoga teacher, EYP has helped me to bring more creativity and never-ending possibilities into my yoga classes. It has helped me to realise that yoga can be much more relational, ethical and fun. It has helped me to understand how everything we do on the mat is related to how we live off the mat, and that way we can make choices.

Pilar Corcuera Botana | Yoga Teacher | Canary Islands, Spain

Bonus materials

You will receive free access to this bonus ebook and 8 videos of novel EYP postures. Only available to people who sign up to the early bird offer.

eBook ‘Making Yoga Meaningful – a Practical Guide Is Getting Yoga off the Mat and into your Life’ 

~ by Mark Walsh

8 EYP Yoga videos to help you practice + links to 18 more!



This is cheaper than:
– 15 cups of bad coffee from Starbucks
-5 yoga classes in many capital cities!
*(this is about $60 or €55)

£99 unicorn or dolphin trainers

5 by-donation places are available to people working for charities full-time or from developing countries (contact us).

The course is limited to 60 people to ensure quality of care, and we expect to fill up.

Contact us

If you have any questions concerning the course please email Vidyadasa (Event Manager).


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Is this event online? or at a venue?

You participate with the whole course online through a live Zoom video call.

Will it be recorded?

Yes, however, its best to participate and is designed and intended that you attend the calls live. But no worries if you can’t make it, you can watch the recording afterwards (we will send you a link).

Enrol now to take advantage of early-bird pricing

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