Event: January 28 - February 3 2019

Embodiment for business coaching and facilitation

January 28 – February 3 2019

The leading edge of coaching and facilitation is embodied.

The body is a critical part of who we are, yet still rarely included in the professional coaching and facilitation.

In the current volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world in which we live, our clients need transformative approaches that leverage their whole-person potential. They need to access change that goes deeper, quicker and sticks better than what words only can achieve. That supports them in navigating chaos and unpredictability with ease and flow. And that transforms how they are, not just what they do.

Who this course is for

Business and life coaches that want to kick off or deepen their use of embodied practices with their clients.

Trainers, consultants, other group facilitators and learning professionals who want to bring more movement, body awareness and embodied relating practices in their work with groups.

Bodyworkers, movement, yoga or other bodily practice teachers who want to offer their skills in organisational contexts and the world of work.

Bringing the body to business and business to the body, online
This course brings a professional foundation for coaches, trainers and facilitators to work more skillfully with the body with executives and in organisations.

The body is a critical aspect of who we are, and working in an embodied way creates quicker, more powerful and longer-lasting results. This course is the nuts-and-bolts of how to do that, one-to-one and in groups. On this course you’ll learn some of the most effective “quick win” bodymind techniques and the wider theory of transformative practice – in the comfort of your own home.

The course involves several video calls a day, for a week. All calls will be recorded for you to watch in your own time, should timings not fit your schedule.

It’s non-athletic, non-esoteric, practical and taught by an experienced and diverse team from around the world.

For more information and booking visit the event page HERE.



A personal invitation from your event host: Maud Raber

Embodiment-Conference-Teacher-Maud-RaberIt’s a pleasure to invite you to participate in this foundational professional training.
Boost your coaching and facilitation with business clients with high-impact, robust interventions directly applicable in the world of work.

Embodiment has changed my life and that of my clients, through a clearer connection to purpose, better resilience, an authentic, impactful leadership, and ever more skillful relational abilities. It has multiplied the results and sustainability of all my client interventions.

That’s why I’m passionate about empowering other coaches and facilitators to integrate the body in their work.

This course will be for you a unique opportunity to learn and practice body-mind integration methods with some of the world most skilled practitioners in the field, brought to you live in the comfort of your office or home, live or in replay. I am honored to bring together and teach among this amazing line-up of highly seasoned teachers.

It will connect you to an international, diverse professional community of colleagues in which your learning will be enhanced. Be prepared for great professional partnerships and friendships to emerge there too!

My clients often ask me about the efficiency of online embodied learning, coaching or facilitation. From my experience, it actually works powerfully ! -Both as a stand-alone or in complement with in-person work. Except for touch maybe, online technology enables all powerful dimensions of embodied work : working with visual and verbal stimulation, or imagery for instance. Additionally, our work formats will blend large group teachings, debriefs, Q&As, as well as working in pairs or small groups for practice and learning integration.

I am very grateful to Mark Walsh, my colleague and friend who encouraged me to create this event and recommended many of the teachers to me, and for the Embodied Facilitator Course and community which he founded where we together continue to explore with our students the application of embodied practices to life and work.

I will be leading 1 to 2 core embodiment sessions per day. Guest teachers will lead 2 other specialised sessions and take part in panel discussions, and morning and evening practice sessions will blend meditation and Embodied Yoga Principles to support you in cultivating your presence, focus, intention and integration.

I invite you to join me and these outstanding teachers for a week of great professional development.
Looking forward to meeting you on the embodied business way!




Date: January 28 – February 3, 2019 

Time: Scheduled zoom meetings

Where: Online – zoom calls

Cost: Info and booking here.

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