The Embodiment Conference 2020

14th–25th October


Free online event

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Our vision is to make embodied learning available to everyone, everywhere, free of charge.

Welcome to The Embodied Revolution

The Embodiment Conference 2020 will provide free access to the top teachers in the field, and once again be one hell of an event, pushing the boundaries of what people think is possible online, both in depth and scale. It is also far more than a conference: it‘s a kickstart to a global movement.

Our vision is not just to be the largest educational event in world history, but also to change the course of history.
TEC will again be an inspiring and uniquely rich opportunity for learning, but also aims to connect communities of face-to-face practice and activism. Our real goal is to ignite the 20’s into becoming the embodiment decade.

Personal, political and environmental violence, overwhelm and collapse, are real risks that what we face, and numbing is at the root of all of these. The conference will not only help you to come home to the sanity of your body in a chaotic world, to energise and inspire you personally; but also to connect with others for whom this matters too.

Participants have an opportunity not just to get a bunch of information, but to digest that into wisdom. Through this event you can examine and reboot your own practice, and gain a community of support that will continue long after it (online and in-person). TEC isn’t just another online summit to fill your busy life and full head with yet more stuff, it’s a return to our shared humanity. In a cynical age this is a bold vision yes, but it’s time to go big as we come home; the world will flourish with nothing less.

After registering you will be redirected to a page with your free e-book. You will also receive a welcome email and future monthly newsletters. For more information see our privacy policy.

A free online conference

After the success of The Embodiment Conference 2018* the 2020 conference will be rather…well…EPIC. The Embodiment Conference is back – bigger, bolder and better, including:

• 10 conference “rooms” on different embodiment areas each running around the clock

This will be on

– Yoga and meditation
– Trauma
– Dance and creativity
– Leadership
– Coaching and therapy
– Martial and healing arts
– Peace and social change
– Ecology and research
– Movement

• 1,000 speakers and presenters
sharing their wisdom in keynote presentations, interviews and interactive workshops. YES, 1000!

• FREE to all (we cover our costs from selling recordings)

*The Embodiment Conference 2018 had more than 140 speakers and over 15,000 participants from more than 90 countries


• A movement practitioner (yoga, bodywork, dance, martial arts, etc.)
who loves embodiment and wants to see its full range, and to develop your own work

• A coach, therapist or facilitator who wants a deeper dive into working with the body

• Someone who is just curious about the subject and doesn’t know where to start

• A fully-fledged, signed-up, multiple-perspective, non-dogmatic, somatics GEEK like us 

What people received from The Embodiment Conference 2018

• Greater depth in their embodied specialism and broader knowledge of other areas

• Practical new tools and applications for their personal and professional life

• Professional exchange and community with other like-minded people

It really was MUCH deeper, broader and more connecting than we imagined was possible from an online event. Some people said that you couldn’t teach embodiment online, let alone develop community around it. Some people were wrong. 🙂 We weren’t expecting so many people to turn up last time, but what we’ve found is that there’s something of a gentle embodied revolution brewing in the world…so this time around we’ve decided to really encourage that. The “movement movement” is afoot!

Join us.

 The conference isn’t for another year, why should I register now? Well:

1. It supports the conference as we can tell potential sponsors and speakers how many people have signed up already

2. It means that you get to play a part in shaping the conference. A lot of things are still to be decided and we put a lot to the vote in the Facebook group for registered people.

3. The first 10,000 people signed up will be on a separate “early friends” list which we will give special offers to

4. We will send you maximum one mail per month with conference news and offers so won’t spam you all year 🙂

We’re also giving away the top tips book below for those signing up this year

Receive your FREE e-book



We asked conference speakers,
“What is your top concise embodiment tip?”,
and this e-book is what 100 of them said…

After registering you will be redirected to a page with your free e-book. You will also receive a welcome email and future monthly newsletters. For more information see our privacy policy.

Headline speakers confirmed so far are:

and Amanda Blake, Cara Bradley, LindaDelman, Russel Delman, Joel Levy, Owen Marcus, Christopher Wallis, Magdelena Weinstein

More speakers coming soon…

What people said about The Embodiment Conference 2018

“A great way to connect with other people working in the field across the globe and learning more about other practices with such a wide field of speakers. I would definitely recommend joining the conference”.

Anouska Anderson,
Dancer, Yoga Teacher, UK

“If you want access to a content and knowledge base from the best teachers around the world, register immediately and let the Embodiment Conference curate a life-and vocation-changing experience for you”.

Joran Oppelt (RIDG, Metta Center of St. Pete, Integral Church), USA

“I am still assimilating, digesting, mulling over, going back to my notes – This was such an important event – packed with value and profound content. Thank you and your team again”.

Magdalena Portmann, Alexander-teacher, Switzerland

“It’s been amazing and eye-opening. I don’t know how you pulled it off but you’ve managed to create an open yet safe space for learning, exchanging, sharing and debating wide-ranging embodiment ideas, issues and practices within the setting of a global community”.

Tanya Steklova, Coach and Editor, UK

“I was amazed by the energy and diversity the conference drew together. That exposed me to different ways of accessing information, at a pace that totally suited me (watching recordings as well as taking part in live sessions). I felt I had joined a community I never knew existed.  Thank you”.

Shirley, Austria/Scotland

Nathan Schechter, Founder “The New Mind Body Literacy”, USA

Get involved

Community and volunteers

In 2018 we learned that this kind of event is impossible without many helping hands! We established an active community via the Facebook group (please join if you haven’t yet!) as well as through the Embodiment Circles which emerged out of the conference last year.

One of our big wishes for the conference 2020 is that this community continues to grow and flourish.

In order to do that, we will need a lot of helping hands to spread the word about the event, and volunteers before and during the conference. We appreciate any little thing you can do to help us make this event happen together. We are looking for proofreaders, technical hosts, assistants, community builders in different languages or in different networks and so much more. If you would like to get involved please contact us via the button below.

Sharing this page with friends who’d benefit is a great place to start.

Speakers application

Currently we’re just booking a few well-known headliners, however later there will be a fair and transparent application process for most of the 1,000 speakers of this conference.

If you’d like to be a speaker please do not mail us yet but rather just join the list and you’ll hear about updates. Also, we certainly do not have all of the possible contributors on our network yet so feel free to mail us about potential speakers from January 2020. Our team is choosing from these applications and we have deliberately selected them as having diverse backgrounds and wide perspectives.

If you sign up to the conference you will receive information about the opening of application rounds, requirements and any other updates around the conference automatically.

Sponsors & Investors

This conference is a huge risk for us. The cost of making it happen is £250k (about $300k) including advertising and staff. The 2018 conference showed that our business model works (and we easily paid back investors), BUT we do need to raise the funds. We just got our first investment of £25k to set the event up and we do need another £225k for all the expenses before the start of the conference. Obviously given its size the conference is a good sponsorship opportunity for the right businesses, and we know there are people out there who want to support the vision.

If you’d like to support us or invest into the conference as a business, contact us via the contact buttons below for more information.


Sponsors will receive additional exposure through conference advertisements, within Newsletters and during conference sessions. There are different models possible depending on your investment.


There are several models of investment possible.
Please reach out to us and we will discuss details personally.

After registering you will be redirected to a page with your free e-book. You will also receive a welcome email and future monthly newsletters. For more information see our privacy policy.

The team

Conference founder: 
Mark Walsh

Conference manager: 
Daniela Welzel

Business Advisor – Leadership Team: 
Mark Shraga

Leadership advisor: 
Lynne Sedgemore CBE

Equality and Inclusion manager: 
Cheryl Whitelaw

Poet laureate: 
Brooke McNamara

Track managers: 
Adrian Harris, Christina Dohr
Julie Esse, Per Erez, Rafe Kelly, Tom Burden

Graphic Designer: 
Matt Shearing

Website design: 

Website consultation:
Matt Jelfs

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