Dylan Newcomb

Mark Walsh

Coach, Trainer and Researcher

Dylan Newcomb is a personal coach, trainer and bodymind researcher who helps cultural creatives and conscious entrepreneurs clarify and embody their deeper purpose—so they can effectively and sustainably make a meaningful difference in the world without getting stressed out, confused and overwhelmed.

Dylan is the lead researcher and trainer behind The UZAZU Mind-Body Method, a highly integrative, method of using breath, movement and mental imagery to quickly shift into a specific, desired mental-emotional-physical state. To date, over 3,000 people worldwide have learned UZAZU and used it to help them integrate their emotions and past traumatic events, connect with others more deeply & skillfully, and become more empowered & effective in their work.

Dylan lives in Freeport Maine. He currently divides his time between passionately helping his clients clarify and embody their life purpose, preparing for getting his PhD in Developmental Embodiment thru Wisdom University, and enjoying the richness of being & raising a family.

Website – https://uzazu.org/

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