Event: February 25 - March 3 2019

Deeper into yoga, meditation and embodiment

February 25 – March 3 2019
Deeper into yoga, meditation and embodiment more than mindful yoga. A practical online event experienced teachers +25 hours of live learning


Who this course is for

Experienced and intermediate yogi’s and meditators that would like to

• enrich their practice with psychological depth and insight

• deepen the meditative aspects of their yoga practice

• broaden their perspective on the body and its wisdom

Beginners are also welcome, as you will be skilfully led through all processes.


Modern methods and traditional practices

Hatha yoga with Embodied Yoga Principles
with different themes and emphases – from soft and yin to intense and yang

Mindfulness of body and breathing, body scans, loving-kindness, compassion, insight and centring.

Making links to daily life
Learn to take practices off the yoga mat or meditation cushion and into life 
– influence how we think, talk, walk, behave and interact with people


For more information and booking visit the event page HERE.



A personal invitation from your event hosts:

Vidyadasa & Darya Pepelyaeva

It’s a pleasure for us to invite you to participate in this event to explore yoga, embodied yoga principles and meditation.

We both consider yoga and meditation to be essential practices for everyday living, and transformative embodiment practices.

It will be an excellent opportunity to learn and practice methods with skilled practitioners with their various backgrounds and specialisms, you may be familiar with some teachers, and there may be some that are new to you, each will add their own value in giving a broad and deep overview of embodied yoga and meditation practices and their relevance to living an authentic, honest and engaged life.

Online technology now makes it easier for people to connect with practices, trying to find a way through modern life’s challenges, connect with a community, and create friendships with people who share the practices. Gain inspiration and support to create or sustain a practice to make changes in your life.

We are grateful to so many people who have tried and tested these practices and walked the ways before us, and recognise the importance of people passing on these practices to influence future generations in a positive way. We are grateful to Mark Walsh, our colleague and friend who encouraged us to create this event, other Embodied Yoga Principles teachers, the Embodied Facilitator Course and community which he founded who continue to explore the connection between embodied practices in life and work.

We will be leading sessions as well as guest speakers and attend panel discussions and host most of the video calls.

We invite you to join us with these excellent teachers on this extraordinary journey together. 



Date: February 25 – March 3, 2019 

Time: Scheduled zoom meetings throughout the days

Where: Online – zoom calls

Cost: Info and booking here.

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