Event: October 26-28th 2018

Brighton – EYP for coaches

October 26-28th 2018

Embodied Yoga Principles for Coaches


Embodied Yoga Principles is a non-athletic system that includes a set of postures that quickly reveal personal patterns and shift state. These can also be used as an efficient practice for coaches to develop themselves. EYP postures are ideal for coaches who want to work more with the body in a simple practical way. I find the postures super helpful for cutting though the bullshit and getting right to the heart of a client’s issues. Also, because they can be given as 1-5min homework, clients have something simple they can take away and realistically do even if they are busy people.

Come if you are:

  • A coach who’d like to bring the body into their work in a simple effective way

  • A coach already skilled with working with the body, but who’d like a new systematic way of working

  • A group facilitator looking for a simple pragmatic body tools

  • A yoga teacher looking to move more into coaching 1-1

NB: no yoga experience required

About the trainers

Mark Walsh has dedicated his life to embodied learning. He founded the Embodied Facilitator Course, Embodied Yoga Principles, Purpose Black Belt and Integration Training. He has taught in thirty countries and made embodiment available online through a YouTube channel that has over 10 million hits. He has a degree in psychology, an aikido black-belt and has trained with various body-mind masters and in various approaches, including Non Violent Communication, body psychotherapy and meditation. His clients have included Unilever, L’Oreal, Virgin Atlantic, Shell and The House of Lords. He has also worked with peace and trauma projects in Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Brazil, East Africa and with the Sierra Leonian Army


Jude Murray is an experienced yoga teacher who works 1-1, runs a Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training Course and has pioneered Celtic Yoga. She is a senior EYP teacher.  myhealingspace.org.uk 





“Mark’s talent is in breadth of vision unmatched by anybody else I know. He can provide a learning experience which draws on many experts and many forms of embodiment understanding and skill and integrates it all so that it forms a more whole process of change and growth.”

Paul Linden Founder of Being in Movement®, Aikido teacher, Columbus Ohio, USA


“I have used EYP with my clients for about a year since I meet this wonderful tool. My clients find it’s very easy and useful as EYP forms are easy to do and practice for people with any physical ability, and they bring very clear results. As a coach I have a wide number of variations I can use with different people in different situations and requests.”

Alexandra Vilvovskaya – Embodied Facilitator, Coach, Moscow, Russia.


“What if you could learn a new language that can help you be who you want to be, and enables you to consciously interact with people and take decisions the way you’ve ever wanted? That is what I learned as a person and as a coach in my last training of EYP (http://www.embodiedyogaprinciples.com/).

Based on Yoga, the training gives you, from a body “language” perspective, tools you need to understand how your body reacts to your own feelings and how you show up and are seen in your daily life. More, it gives you a set of tools (that I previously called language), to choose what you need for you and for the people you interact with (family, friends, colleagues, clients…you name it). From a practical point of you and to illustrate it, I learned to change a message from “sorry (for my choice)” to “thank you for your understanding”; As a coach, I can help clients materialise through their body their aspirations, purpose and vision of life. Highly recommend it. Thank you Mark Walsh and Vidyadasa Ady Griffiths for sharing your knowledge! ”

Stephany Dano – Coach, Wales


Embodied Yoga is A-grade genius – super smart, super juicy. Official. It looks simple in theory, in practice multi-layered and deep.

Stuart Harris – Coach and Embodiment Facilitator – Bradford-on-Avon, UK



Date: October 26-28th, 2018

Time: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9-5pm

Venue: Brighton,  Open Space Studios, 64 Davigdor Rd, Brighton, Hove BN3 1RF, UK map 

Cost: Early bird rate £300 until 14th Sept, full price £500. Pay £100 for deposit to book your space.

Please note, we may be taking some photos at this event for marketing purposes. If you would prefer that photos featuring you are not shared, please let us know at the start of the day.



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