Adam Barley

Adam Barley

5Rhythms Teacher

  • Adam teaches a highly catalytic movement practice, the 5Rhythms®
  • He chose to focus on the 5Rhythms 25 years ago, pouring his enthusiasm and intelligence in that direction ever since, and is now one of the world’s most experienced teachers of this practice.
  • He is the only 5Rhythms teacher to have had individual mentoring by it’s creator Gabrielle Roth to work with embodied emotional intelligence, and this is one of his areas of particular expertise.
  • His style of leadership is an electric combination of provacative, spacious, and generous, creating a tendency for participants to go deep and fast into their own journey, encounter their growth points and have the resources to develop their power.
  • He is also a master DJ, often just using soundscapes (way off the beaten track of ‘dance’ music) to guide a group through a journey.
  • “A rare blend of intense presence, command and vulnerability.”
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