Online EYP classes
8 Embodied Yoga Principles classes

Linking yoga to what matters most to you

Online EYP classes

8 Embodied Yoga Principles classes

Linking postural yoga to what matters most to you

starts Wednesday 18 March

on a computer, or mobile device near you...


Yoga is clearly helpful for wellbeing and a positive influence on our life. We can maximise this impact and make stronger links between our asana practice and our work, relationships and family.

These weekly 1 hour classes are about increasing the effectiveness of how you get yoga “off the mat” and making it impactful for what you most care about. This is yoga for your whole life not just your muscles.


Are you ready to...

• Gain practical tools for linking asana to daily life

• Enrich your practice with a layer of psychological depth

• Learn new ways of understanding yourself through your body

For anybody who is:

• Interested in getting yoga off their mat 

• More concerned with living their life than Instayoga selfies

• More into exploring their psychology than becoming a human yoga pretzel

We know there is a lot of online yoga and much of it is about health, athleticism and beauty. EYP however, is an opportunity to listen deeply to the wisdom of your body. These classes won’t be your typical postural yoga class, and will give you insights and tools for day-to-day life.

The classes will be led by senior Embodied Yoga Principles teachers.

What is Embodied Yoga Principles?

What is Embodied Yoga Principles?
(3mins intro)

In Embodied Yoga Principles we use a range of 26 postures with specific intentions and mindfulness-based inquiries, some postures are regular hatha yoga postures and some are new, developed to create specific qualities.

taking up space & being seen


giving and receiving

self care


supported giving

supported authority




A personal invitation

It’s a pleasure for us to invite you to participate in these classes to explore yoga and Embodied Yoga Principles. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn transformative embodiment practices for everyday living with skilled practitioners.

Online technology now makes it easier for people to connect with practices, and people trying to find a way through modern life’s challenges. Gain inspiration and support to create or sustain an embodied yoga practice to make changes in your life.

You will also get a taste of our EYP community. Mark Walsh will kick-off the launch of these exciting classes, Jamie Abrams will be lead teacher with guest appearances from other senior EYP teachers.

Embodied Yoga Principles teachers

Jamie Abrams

Jamie Abrams

Senior EYP teacher

Jamie has been teaching and facilitating yoga internationally for twenty years. She is a Senior Embodied Yoga Principles teacher and EFC graduate known for her humour, light-hearted flair, non-judgemental ways and her direct approach to getting to the heart of any matter. Jamie’s main area of work is empowering women sexually through embodiment practices and erotic coaching. See more

Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh

EYP founder & sponsor

Mark founded EYP after 20 years of yoga of various styles (especially Scaravelli, Yin and Buddhist inspired teachers). He has an aikido black belt and an honours degree in psychology. He also founded The Embodiment Conference and The Embodied Facilitator Course and has worked in over 30 countries. See more



Senior EYP teacher

Vidyadasa enjoys using embodiment practices in everyday life to explore what we can do to create conditions in our life for transformation. His a senior Embodied Yoga Principles teacher, trainer, hatha yoga and Buddhist meditation teacher. Web designer, father and author of Mindful Thoughts for Fathers.


Each live video call is on a Wednesday

The schedule has been adjusted to just show the remaining weeks.

Please note British Summer Time started on 29 March so the following times may be different in your country (adjusted for daylight saving time) please check below.

8 April with Jamie Abrams

London 6pm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris CET 7pm, Tel Aviv 8pm, Moscow 8pm LA 10am, NY 1pm, see other time zones

15 April with Jamie Abrams 

London 6pm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris CET 7pm, Tel Aviv 8pm, Moscow 8pm LA 10am, NY 1pm, see other time zones

22 April with Jamie Abrams 

London 6pm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris CET 7pm, Tel Aviv 8pm, Moscow 8pm LA 10am, NY 1pm, see other time zones 

29 April with Jamie Abrams  

London 6pm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris CET 7pm, Tel Aviv 8pm, Moscow 8pm LA 10am, NY 1pm, see other time zones

 6 May with Jamie Abrams 

London 6pm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris CET 7pm, Tel Aviv 8pm, Moscow 8pm LA 10am, NY 1pm, see other time zones


Remember all calls are recorded so don’t worry if you miss some live calls.

The classes will also be available to purchase on a drop-in basis available on the day on the Facebook group.



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how will the classes work?

The classes are Zoom video calls an online video conference platform- it’s free to use, easy to access and allows the opportunity for you to participate and interact with the speaker and/or other participants.

The sessions will be 1 hour long and will be recorded. So you can choose to join the live event or watch/re-watch the recording of any session at a time that is convenient for you.


• The event will not be athletic and all bodies are very welcome, some sessions may be more physical than others but you can always adapt for your own level of ability and we will offer guidance where necessary.

• No previous experience of yoga, or embodied work is required

• A good internet connection helps with Zoom and break-out discussions

for all 8 classes


Regular price £60

Are you totally skint?

Send us an email and we will help you out with a coupon code.

We will also be providing access to individual calls via the Facebook group
on the day (on a pay per class basis) however, you won’t have access to recordings, so its best value to register for the whole series.

If you have a special discount code please apply it in coupon section below and click ‘Apply’
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  • Price: £ 60.00
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After registering for the event you will receive:

a welcome email with a link to the resources page with the link to the Zoom calls, we will also send you more information closer to the event.

If you don’t automatically receive a welcome email within 30 minutes check your promotions, spam/junk folder in case. If you have any difficulties in the payment process/signing up or would just like to ask any questions about the event you can contact Vidyadasa using the button below.

You will also receive monthly email newsletters with information about related events from Embodied Yoga Principles and Embodied Facilitator (you can unsubscribe separately from those if you prefer).

You can see our privacy policy, terms and conditions

 If you are unable to attend this event, you can still sign up and receive the video recordings, though it is always best to attend and participate live if you can.

What people say about EYP



Oslo, Norway

Embodied Yoga is a refreshing take on yoga as a method of self-enquiry and transformation. Highly effective for transforming your patterns of behaviour.”

Jane Dancey

Jane Dancey

Eastbourne, UK

“EYP offers a much needed fresh authentic perspective on yoga. It’s not offering an opportunity to float off into spiritual la-la and distance oneself from life’s suffering, on the contrary it encourages the participant to become fully aware and to take responsibility for what is going on in their body and mind, becoming aware of patterns and shadows in a safe supported environment.”

Jo Miller

Jo Miller

Kent, UK

“I first experienced EYP on an embodiment for a business week-long course. I was at first skeptical about how this may be done remotely online, but the day event was so impactful in my day to day life that I then went on to do the full EYP Teacher Training course. I’d endorse any training in this via any method.”  

Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown

Cornwall, UK

“EYP brings rigorous self enquiry into my physical practice.  It’s a way of bringing self study to life in practical and playful ways. EYP is adaptable, you can use it in simple ways to enhance a general yoga class and in a life changing way in longer workshops.”

If you are a yoga teacher you will be able to see the possibilities of adding layers of Embodied Yoga Principles to your teaching practice. These classes are also a good way of trying out the practice before attending a teacher training – see online training and live in-person teacher training.


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