Training Course Team

Between us, our team have over 200 years of embodiment training and have studied many body practices such as:

  • Martial arts including aikido (four black belts), tai chi, capoeira and karate (two black belts)
  • Feldenkrais, yoga and many other movement practices
  • Dance forms including 5 Rhythms, contact improvisation and tango
  • Theatre and improvisation
  • Body psychotherapy
  • Meditation, spirituality and mindfulness – numerous forms from many traditions

The breadth and depth of experience on this team is unparalleled. Our coaching team includes some of the most qualified and experienced coaches in the world, who provide individual coaching sessions to participants as part of the course.

Plus, we have a brilliant room team, who support us to deliver the course and look after the participants. As with the rest of our staff team, they have a broad range of backgrounds and experience (many of them are certified embodied facilitators, who have returned to refresh their learning and support others on that same journey). Without them, we just couldn’t deliver the course the way that we do.

Core Team

Mark Walsh

Director and Co-lead Trainer

Francis Briers

Co-lead Trainer

Catherine O'Mahony

Course Manager

Frances Pace

Room Manager

Guest Trainers

Adam Barley

5Rhythms Teacher

Dr. Adrian Harris

Nature Connection Facilitator

Rachel Blackman

Embodiment and Performance Expert

Anouk Brack

Coach and Lead Embodied Trainer

Beverley Nolan

Somatic Movement Therapist


Aboodi Shabi


Antony Parry


Avi Peled


Joolz Lewis


Anouk Brack


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