The Embodiment Podcast

21. Bleed Yoga with Julia Davis

Julia is a yoga teacher who specialises in menstruation and “women’s issues”. She educates Mark about women’s cycles and how they effect life and yoga practice, and offers many useful do’s and don’ts related to women’s bleed. They also hit on gender differences in anatomy and practice, form vs free yoga, Western yoga, yoga in daily life, abuse in yoga, copyright issues vs generosity, hyper-mobility, why more women do yoga than men, shame and menstruation, how men can be left out of modern yoga, and awareness and self-care as the key. She also offers a calming alternate-nostril breathing exercise. Another fun and educational chat.

18. Best Embodiment Books

Mark’s guide to the best embodiment books out there. Slightly biased of course, but many classics from various fields from aikido-based coaching, to embodied philosophy, to body therapy, to meditation, to dance are discussed. 


17. Booze, Buddhism and the Body with Vince Cullen

Vince Cullen joins Mark to talk addiction and Buddhism. They discuss what addiction is and how the body the relevant to it, why the body is central to Buddhist practice and how mindfulness can help with addictions of all kinds from alcohol, to drugs, to food to Facebook! Vince and Mark discuss their own addictions, work in prisons, the heaven and hell realms and give practical tools that can help.

Hungry Ghost Retreats –

5th-Precept Fellowship –

Nalagiri House Meditation Centre (opening soon!) –

Angulimala Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy –

Buddhist Recovery Resources –

A Template for Forgiveness –



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