The Embodiment Podcast

37. Craniosacral, embodiment, health – with Michael Kern

Craniosacral teacher and author Michael Kern discusses this gentle form of bodywork, its history coming form osteopathy, and its techniques. He talks about the deep rhythms of the body, wholeness, presence and being embodied as a bodyworker, the deep urge for health in us, subtle energy and what CST is best for. He and Mark discuss how doing bodywork effects the practitioners, and how to become “teflon” and avoid vicarious trauma. They also chat about the Breath of Life Conference and some of the notable speakers there such as Peter Levine, Emilie Conrad and Gabor Maté. The interview concludes with discussion on simply slowing down and listening to the body not the experts.

35. The Evolution of Movement – with Rafe Kelley

Rafe talks about natural movement  – tree climbing, playing, fighting, running, etc. (He has a string parkour background). He describes the birth of the movement culture scene, and discusses overspecialisation, the bodily costs of western culture, reductionist approaches to exercise and nutrition, Jordan Peterson, “whole” movement, social constructionism, gender differences, gay genes, body denialism, having a “why” for training and more. He finishes with some movement advice for listeners.

34. Earning peace, the martial way – with Steve Rowe

Senior karate and tai chi teacher Steve Rowe joins Mark to discuss martial arts as character education. They chat about the attraction of the exotic and of violence, yin and yang, “earning” peace, bullying, tai chi history and philosophy, what real health is, the 4 elements, taoism, Chinese classics, the seasons, online learn,  “McDojos” and more!

33. Movement and breath in Russian martial arts and life – with Matt Hill

Systema academy teacher and gent Matt Hill discusses traditional aikido training in Japan, readjusting after, talks about Sandhurst and the British military, serving in Northern Ireland, what Systema is, how martial arts can be creative, the principles of breath, movement, relaxation and posture, health practices, gyms vs. outdoors, being Stalin’s agents, professionalism, exercise as a relaxation training, cleansing and managing fear.

32. Working with normal people

A guide to doing embodied work in mainstream environments. Find out what mistakes to avoid, how not to freak out corporate clients, and top tips for bringing work with the body to everyone. Includes business case studies.

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