Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh

Director and Co-lead Trainer

  • 16 years of aikido training and teaching on five continents. Black belt
  • Bsc (Hons) Psychology
  • Extensive training and facilitation experience with organisations worldwide, including Unilever, Virgin Atlantic, NHS, The Institute of Development Studies, The Natural History Museum, Liberty Global and The Army of Sierra Leone
  • Experience of embodied resilience training and peace-building in numerous areas of conflict
  • Residential training in somatics (the study of the conscious body) and Embodied Leadership at Strozzi Institute, California, with Wendy Palmer, and with Uzazu founder DylanNewcombe in The Netherlands.
  • Experience of training in numerous other physical systems such as yoga, tai chi, Feldenkrais, flamenco, tango, contact improvisation, jiu-jitsu, MMA and Five Rhythms
  • Training in integral theory (Ken Wilber et al)
  • Four years in the outdoor education industry training climbing, abseiling, team building, orienteering, fencing, archery, snowboarding, trampolining and leadership
  • Nine years Non-Violent Communication training, including study with NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg, and pioneering work with “Embodied NVC”
  • Training in the linguistic coaching system of Fernando Flores
  • Coach training with several organisations – most recently with Newfield who he now teaches embodiment for and with Consciousness Coaching
  • Numerous mindfulness training courses and meditation retreats
  • Also the founder of Integration Training, Embodied Yoga Principles and Purpose Black Belt.
  • Hosts #1 training Youtube Channel (with 11 million hits), is one of the most followed trainers on Twitter worldwide (35,000+ followers) and writes popular management training blog .


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