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There are lots of free embodiment resources online – see below.

You may also want to consider our short courses. In addition, many of our team and graduates also offer embodied training and coaching.

If you live over that way, there is also an Embodied Facilitator Course in Russia.


Our YouTube channel channel has had nearly 10 million hits and features loads of content, so feel free to have a good browse. Here are some highlights:

1) How embodied learning works:

2) What makes a good embodiment teacher?

3) Top tips for trainers and coaches working with the body:

4) The Four Elements:

5) 7 perspectives on the body:

6) Centring with clients:

7) The power of kindness with Paul Linden:

8) Introduction to leadership qualities with Anouk Brack:

9) Coaches recommending EFC:

10) ICF (International Coaching Federation) competencies and the body:


Download the EFC reading list (PDF)

Other resources

8 Ways Our Bodies Are Linked To Social Control (Elephant Journal Article by Mark Walsh)

Brief Guide to Centring (PDF)

The Science of Embodiment (PDF)

List of embodiment resources maintained by EFC guest trainer, Dr Adrian Harris:

Embodiment Open Group on Facebook

Other embodied training programmes founded by Mark Walsh:



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