Embodied Facilitators

This is our new directory of certified embodied facilitators (and embodied facilitators in training). It’s still work-in-progress, but check out some of the top notch people we’ve trained.

Frances Pace (London, UK)

Not only is Frances our room manager, but she’s an EFC graduate too. More info about her here.



Ilze Jece (Latvia)

Certified body worker, yoga and acroyoga teacher, workshop and social change facilitator (Latvia). For more on Ilze, see www.ecobodywork.com.


Terri McNerney (London, UK)

Executive Coach and Facilitator (London, UK)

Hi, I’m Terri McNerney, and I believe that you can lead technical change successfully when you know how to bring your people with you. When you align your leaders and teams to a common purpose and appreciate the different strengths that each person brings, then everyone understands how they can contribute and is eager to play their part.

Over the last 25 years I’ve helped business leaders to do this across a variety of sectors, including oil and gas, media, pharmaceutical, energy, telecommunications, engineering, hospitality, finance and IT. Through my specialist consultancy, Inspire the Best, I work with leaders to design change processes that deliver results, with each design tailored to meet your specific needs. I also offer workshops in Leading Successful Change and a 6 month and a 12 month programme to support senior leaders working through change. My years of practical experience are supported by an MSc in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School, where I contributed to the Ashridge analysis of leading-edge change and consulting, published in ‘Organisational Consulting @ the edges of possibility’.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, I worked on leading change in some of the world’s most complex and technologically sophisticated multinationals, such as BP/Amoco, ING and ConocoPhillips.



Maud Raber (Paris, France)

Resilient leadership coach and facilitator, Embodied Potential (Paris, France)

An executive coach and collective intelligence facilitator, Maud supports the growth of whole-person leadership and relational skills in organisations to foster management performance, effective mobilization and health & well-being at the workplace. She helps leaders stretch out to their next level of somatic, cognitive and social-emotional development to boost their potential.

Certified Embodied Facilitator, certified Leadership Embodiment Coach & Instructor, Being in Movement Somatic Education practitioner, Focusing, NVC and mindfulness practitioner. Integration Training Associate.



Alina Nosova (Ukraine)

Business Coach, Embodied Facilitator (Ukraine)

My job is to help talented people to achieve goals.



Yana Evdokimova (Russia)

Marketing Talent Learning & Development Manager (Russia)



Hanna Suvanto (London, UK)

Nia Blue Belt Teacher and Embodied Facilitator (London, UK)

I am a Finn based in London and have a background in healthcare and Educational Psychology. Ten years ago I found Nia Technique™, a holistic movement class where I felt that I, too, could dance in a way that felt good for my body. In 2008 I took the Nia teacher training. Since then I have transitioned towards embodied work through trainings in Nia, adapted dance, Embodied Facilitator Course, embodied methods for trauma and addiction and a MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy.



Daniel Kingsley (London, UK)

Trainer and director (London, UK)

Daniel’s calling is to help people to reconnect with who they really are and to step forward into the world from there, making real connections.

He worked as a barrister for 15 years and spoke regularly not only in court, but to groups large and small, including making addresses to the UN Human Rights Council.  He became very accustomed to speaking in public and speaking persuasively and became increasingly interested in different approaches to communicating effectively with audiences.

Daniel now combines the communication skills he learned as a barrister with the authentic public speaking principles of the Speaking Circles method and the principles of Embodied Leadership as taught on EFC. 



Liz Peters (Brighton, UK)

Actress and improviser (Brighton, UK)

Liz is an award-nominated British actress and improviser, with a BA (hons) in Performance from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, and has toured worldwide with numerous shows.

She uses her performance and embodiment background to coach people into being more at ease and engaging in the spotlight, and has been teaching improvisation for many years. Aside from the obvious positive effect of roaring laughter, Liz is a strong advocate for the life enhancing skills developed through improv, such as confidence, calmness under pressure, quick thinking, overcoming fear of public speaking and developing stellar interpersonal skills.

Liz is Artistic Director of The Maydays, one of the leading improvisation companies in the UK, with whom she runs courses, retreats and goes into businesses to train teams in innovation, flexibility and communication. Previous clients include IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, Morgan Stanley and Investec.



Jane Dancey (Eastbourne, UK)

Yoga teacher and coach (Eastbourne, UK)

I have over 10 years teaching experience, working with embodied, somatic and mindful practices. Areas that I specialise in are stress management, anxiety and burnout, women’s wellbeing and parenting, working with clients from all stages of life, from children to elders. My sessions are a  mix of embodied somatic yoga, natural movement, relaxation, meditation, breath work and coaching.

Qualifications and training

  • Body-work for Coaches and Therapists Intensive with Paul Linden, 2016
  • Embodied Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Walsh, 2015
  • Embodied Facilitator Course with Mark Walsh, 2015
  • Certificate in Counseling University of Brighton, 2015
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Holmes de Castro, 2015
  • Teen Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training with Charlotta Martinus, Yoga Alliance 200hrs, 2014
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga, Yoga Alliance 200hrs, 2013
  • Anusara Teacher Training with Claire Murphy and Bruce Bowditch, Yoga Alliance 200hrs, 2012
  • Yoga Therapeutics with Bruce Bowditch, 2010
  • Pregnancy Yoga with Sue Elkind, 2010
  • Children’s Yoga with Jo Manuel of The Special Yoga Centre, 2010
  • Mother and Baby Yoga for post natal recovery with Uma Dinsmore–Tulli, BWY, 2009
  • British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training, 2009
  • MA Fashion design  St Martins School of Art
  • BA Fashion design University of Westminster



Jolanda Elzinga (Netherlands)

Coach and embodied facilitator (Netherlands)



Glenn Bracey (Brighton, UK)

Trainer, coach and speaker (Brighton, UK)

Glenn Bracey has 22 years learning and personal development experience, with corporate clients around the world.

He facilitates embodied learning to improve awareness, communication, engagement and results.

Helping individuals, teams and organisations integrate the learning and insights they’ve experienced back into their daily lives, workplace and relationships.

He is co-founder of Future Vision Training Ltd and a consultant for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy and keeps an ongoing embodiment practice.



Monica Bortoluzzi (Brussels, Belgium)

Coach (Brussels, Belgium)

Monica is a sounded Faculty and Coach, with over 10 years of experience in the Leadership and Executive Development field.

Her experience ranges from designing and consulting on management development tracks and organizational change to mentoring and coaching middle and senior managers.

Monica partners with her clients to support them growing in their leadership roles or managing life changes and transitions, increasing self-awareness, stepping into a new leadership role, adapting to a new culture or simply re-discovering what their real drivers are. It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s challenging, it’s about creating what they truly want – not what they’ll settle for.

Monica is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI, London and CTI, California), accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). At the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL is ranked by the Financial Times among the top 5 worldwide executive education providers), Monica facilitates coaching courses accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

In 2014, she co-authored a chapter of the CCL “Coaching in Organizations Handbook” published by Jossey-Bass.

Monica grew up in Venice, educated in Italy, Spain and UK, she is currently based in Brussels, Belgium. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian and has a working knowledge of French.

She holds a Master’s Degree in “Human Resources Management and Organization” from ESIC (Business & Marketing School, Madrid) and an MSc in Philosophy from the University of Venice.  She is also certified to use a number of psychometric instruments and assessment tool.



Anna Price (London, UK)

Mindfulness teacher and embodied facilitator (London, UK)

I am a working mother with two children. I have been meditating for many years and have an extensive background in mind and movement disciplines, from yoga and tai chi to contemporary dance and tango. I have edited documentaries for the last 20 years and especially enjoy helping others to find more space and freedom of expression within their daily lives. I am also interested in the relationship of aesthetics and environment to Mindfulness and Embodiment, recently having run workshops with designers, architecture students and creative writers. I am fully accredited by the Mindfulness Training Institute and am a certified Embodied Facilitator.



Elena Nagorskaya (Russia)

Coach and trainer (Russia)

For more info on Elena, see https://www.linkedin.com/in/elena-nagorskaya-2596418b



Steve Savides (Surrey, UK)

Embodied facilitator (Surrey, UK)

My passion is working with people on taking tangible steps, be that performance, or uncovering their desires or inhibitors, or building toward their dreams and goals. I focus on tools using embodiment and deep listening and awareness. My core values are: openness, trust, integrity and ethical consent. The main qualification that I use in any work I do is that of an Embodied Facilitator. I also draw on several other fields and disciplines as appropriate. If I can’t directly assist I will tell you and refer. This multi-faceted approach delivers better results in a shorter time frame. When you learn to deeply listen to yourself, and your body, that trusting awareness of your own wisdom, or the wisdom in a team, brings about the ability to make better choices, faster. I only ever focus on supporting a very small number clients – individuals or teams – on their journey of leadership, personal development, and health and wellbeing.  One to one sessions can be tailored for groups, community partnerships and corporate engagements. I also have an extensive network of contacts around the globe, developed over 20 years of working in my various fields, who can support my programs anywhere.



Pierre Goirand (Paris, France)

Coach and facilitator (Paris, France)

Pierre has over 20 years of experience as an Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant and Facilitator of transformational processes for teams and international organizations. His passion is to help people work with one another in more meaningful, efficient and fulfilling ways.

Pierre has been one of the first person to develop somatic coaching and facilitation in France and Europe. He is the founder of Presence & Leadership, a training institute dedicated to somatic intelligence in the workplace, and Pierre has been training coaches and consultants for the past 8 years.

As a personal coach, Pierre adapts his style to the personality and the goal of each individual; He is both challenging and supportive. When needed, his role as a coach can range from personal trainer to thinking partner. When needed his coaching approach is not only cognitive but also uses the latest somatic techniques to help his clients develop a truly embodied leadership in stressful situations.

Pierre helps leaders transform their relationships, initiate and deepen change in their environment. His forte lies in his unique ability to create collective spaces where shared meaning, mutual respect and self-discovery can grow and from which new representations and actions can emerge.

Pierre helps teams understand the systemic nature of their business, co-create vision, lead by empowering, and develop their awareness, emotional intelligence, trust and personal mastery.

Clients express appreciation for Pierre’s, presence, creativity and integrity, his pluri-disciplinary skills as well as his wide range of professional and human experience.

Representative Client Engagements:

  • Personal Coach of Top executives (from project leaders to board level executives) facing new challenges.
  • Coached the board of directors and designed change process in order to co-evolve mindset, behaviours and structures thus helping a local leader in its market grow its operations from 4 to 16 countries over 5 years.
  • Co-created and facilitated change processes in a wide range of issues: merging, restructuring, culture change, performance programs, quality improvement, client relationship…
  • Vision seminars, team building and yearly seminars for international teams;
  • Designed and facilitated large work meetings (60 to 4000 attendees).



Fiona Buckland (London, UK)

Coach, facilitator, speaker and writer (London, UK)

Fiona is passionate about helping people take leadership of their own lives. As well as coaching one-on-one in her private practice, she counts world-leading tech and creative companies, arts and philanthropic organisations, academic institutions and brands among her corporate clients.

She is a Fulbright scholar with a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from New York University where she worked on the power of improvised dance. Before coaching and facilitating, she held key strategic roles with Amazon and Penguin, launched a respected independent publishing house along with one of the most valuable international essay competitions in the world and was a curator, producer and speaker coach for TEDx.



Arabella Smirnova-Beroskin (London, UK)

Postgraduate student (London, UK)

Arabella is a Masters student at Goldsmiths, where she studies Occupational Psychology. Having graduated from UCL with a degree in Arts and Sciences, she has a broad range of interests which often centre around people and the question of what does it mean to be connected – with ourselves, with others, with our actions, and the environment. She enjoys coaching, especially millennials who may be searching for meaning, purpose and passion, or navigating a transition in their lives. At the minute, she is focused on building communities and connection between people in London and can often be found deep in discussion or exploration of any of those themes.



Sally Kleyn (London, UK)

Group facilitator and coach (London, UK)

Sally offers practical, sustainable ways for leaders and teams to perform at their best by reducing the barriers (internal and external) that are getting in their way.   She helps leaders embody the changes they want to make so that their leadership is authentic.  Clients report that they feel more energised and can navigate the ups and downs of their work with more resilience.  Sally’s academic background includes 30 years of experiential training in psychological counselling, change management and human systems.  She is a member of the British Psychological Society and the Systems Centered Training Research Institute. She is working with a broad range of clients in diverse business sectors across Europe and in the U.S. She is part of the 2016 EFC course and is keen to bring embodied practices into organisations. 



Vidyadasa/Ady Griffiths (Brighton, UK)

Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher/ Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Web Designer (Brighton, UK)

Vidyadasa is based in Brighton, UK. He teaches Yoga with an emphasis on Embodiment and Mindfulness, exploring how Yoga can affect the whole of your life. Teaching since 2006, practicing since 1991, he teaches Retreats, workshops, courses and classes. He is also a web designer working with Individuals and Businesses to improve online presence.




Jo Heeson (Switzerland)

Coach (Switzerland)

As a coach Jo is motivating, caring, supportive and facilitates transformational and sustainable change. Her experience includes career change, relationships, health and work-related challenges, personal and inter-personal effectiveness as well as strategy implementation.

Jo started her career in business and marketing and has a diploma in marketing, and a Masters degree in Organisational Leadership. She is very interested in how we hold our stories in our body and what needs to happen for us to let go of those old stories.

Jo loves to work where there is a sense of inspirational purpose, where values are prioritized and there is nourishment for the soul. Having lived in six countries she has a natural understanding of cultural context and the stories which hold and shape us. She says “it is a privilege to work with others both in their cross-cultural as well as their personal and professional journeys.”

Jo believes passionately in the role of the voluntary sector and has done much work with Guiding and Scouting, The Dartmoor Rescue Group, and then in more recent years holding Executive roles in the Newcomers Club in Mexico, Professional Women’s Association in Chile, Zurich International Women’s Association and the PTA in Switzerland plus freelance work for Expatwomen.com.



Bibiana Badenes (Spain)

Physical therapist and Rolfer (Spain)

Bibiana is a Physical Therapist graduate of the University of Valencia, certified Advanced in the Rolfing ©Method of Structural Integration and a teacher of Rolf Movement Integration (USA). She has been educated in different psycho-somatic bodywork therapies throughout the world and is currently investigating and creating a program she calls Body Intelligence (Inteligencia Corporal) as a way to discover one’s potential through one’s body. She  has remained at the leading edge of BodyMind treatments and education in southern Europe as well as enjoying a rich family life. Her love and enthusiasm for healing work and for people is immediately evident in her whole being, in her state of the art Physiotherapy clinic and in the vast number of programs she has created to assist people to realize their potential in body, mind, heart and spirit. Bibiana has developed one of the most comprehensive residential treatment programs available in the world today for Rheumatoid Arthritis, working with more than 2000 RA patients –  adults as well as children. She is co-creator of the innovative Terapia Integral Acuatic – an exciting aquatic therapy, as well as Myofascial Release Trainings, both of which she teaches internationally. Bibiana works with a wide variety of patients and different conditions, from sports people to children and the elderly.

A pioneer in connecting and building bridges of contact among distinct therapeutic disciplines, Bibiana searches for an inter-disciplinary dialogue through health which can be accessible to everyone. She created Bodywisdom Spain to fulfill this vision.

For more than a decade Bibiana has collaborated with Spanish and Swedish businesses to offer a range of powerful rehabilitative seminars in the area of Stress Management, Burnout, and Personal Empowerment. She directs Kinesis Center for Physical Therapy and Harmony through Movement.



Avi Peled (Israel)
  • EFC – Embodiment Facilitator Certified
  • PCIL degree (Professional Coach) Member of Israeli chamber of coaching
  • Certified Supervisor
  • Certified CBC (Cognitive Behavioral Coaching)
  • Master Practitioner NLP & Time Line Therapy
  • Certified facilitator from Alfred Adler Institute
  • Senior Project Manager, System Analyst in programming & Quality Assurance.

Life coach since 2006 specializing in coaching children, adolescents and adults with ADHD, Managing and Controlling Anger, Social Qualifications, Facilitating Parenthood Group, Managing Family Budget



Stuart Harris (Wiltshire, UK)

Stuart Harris | Principle consultant and coach | Wiltshire, UK

At the age of 14 Stuart went on a French exchange stay with a family near Orléans, equipped with just the present tense and a willingness to listen and learn. Three weeks of intense immersion sharpened his listening skills and intuition, broadened his palate and established a life-long friendship. Since then he has learned several other languages and his career path has taken him through journalism, translation, market research, advertising, commissioned writing, facilitation and coaching.

His interest in personal development and change work was sparked by a series of international workshops based on the work of Carl Rogers, a major figure in Humanistic Psychology. He has since been involved in Bioenergetic Analysis (a form of body psychotherapy), Transactional Analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Embodiment.

Website: PositiveResilience



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